Version 1.73 release 2 (10 Jun 2012)

This release updates the SharedSound driver to version 1.11 (5 Jun 2012)

PlayIt is a disc-based engine for playing sound samples. It is used as a resource by several audio players including DigitalCD. It was originally written by Rick Hudson.

Thanks to Rick making the sources available through Andrew Rawnsley, this new release supercedes all previous incarnations. This release can recognise more Replay/ARMovie files containing supported audio formats. It also includes a RISC OS 4 fast service handler and a slight improvement in overall performance.

Prior releases contained no new functionality but several significant bugfixes and increased 26/32bit neutrality. ARMv7 compatibility, though not yet known to be complete, was substantially increased. Thanks to Willi Theiß for identifying an ARMv7 compatibility problem. Thanks also to Jeffrey Lee for including his SharedSound driver in the package below.

For all RISC OS systems DOWNLOAD
(260 Kbyte ZIP)
This archive contains the !PlayIt 1.73 resource application.

Also available for download is a snapshot of the PlayIt module and drivers' sourcecode. This is not required to run !PlayIt; it is only for programmers who may wish to add functionality. If you wish to contribute to a new version of PlayIt, please contact me. Send feedback on this release to <belles AT internode on net>.

Please do not attempt to contact Rick and bother him with questions about PlayIt; he left the RISC OS scene many years ago.

PlayIt is FreeWare but it and its associated drivers have copyrights belonging to their respective authors. Read the !PlayIt !Help for licence details.