Release 1.00 (1 June 2012) of RTMPDump 2.3
(incorporating OpenSSL 1.0.0d)

RTMPDump is a command-line fetcher of RTMP streams (like Wget does for HTTP). This can be used to download some videos accessed by Flash players on other platforms. It nicely complements FFmpeg and FFplay. For more information, download the archive below and read the documentation or visit the project's webpage. (But please note that this RISC OS port is not known to the project's developers.)

This is the first release of RTMPDump version 2.3 for RISC OS platforms with a StrongARM or newer CPU. It includes documentation and the rtmpdump executable, but no front-end application launcher or resource folder. (It may do what you want on older CPUs, but don't be surprised it it faults.)

To run the rtmpdump program, you will need a wimpslot of at least 1672K. You will also need to have installed the SharedUnixLibrary module, version 1.07 or greater.

You may also benefit from having !UnixHome installed and Filer-booted. RTMPDump uses it to cache authentication information about Flash players, thereby saving unnecessary downloads.

For StrongARM or newer RISC OS systems DOWNLOAD
(759 Kbyte ZIP)
This archive contains the rtmpdump program and documentation.

RTMPDump is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). See the Licences folder inside the archive for details. You can contact me via the email address given in the file !!ReadMe inside the archive.