Version 1.53 (10 August 2015)


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Thump is a dynamic image viewer which uses a browsable filer-like display with thumbnails. It can handle several common image formats, and can also display a file slideshow. It is possible to attach keywords and captions/descriptions to images and do simple searches on those attachments. Thump differs from most other thumbnail applications in that it does not build and store a special set of thumbnails, but generates them in real time as you browse the directory structure.

Thump was originally developed by Rick Hudson. After Rick released the sources under a GPL licence, David Pitt started a series of 3rd-party bug fixes and enhancements. I (Christopher Martin) am now the principal maintainer and the Thump sources are kept in an SVN repository at <>. This release of Thump was built from revision 56 of those sources. Rick and David are no longer involved in Thump's development, so please do not bother them about any problems you may have with it.



!Thump requires RISC OS 3.10 or later with the latest 32-bit Shared C Library.

To view PNG files, Thump requires either !Spr2Png or !Png2Spr to have been booted by the Filer. Thump prefers to use Spr2Png if it is available. (Note: This preference has changed from previous releases.) At time of writing, Spr2Png is available from a mirror of Darren Salt's old website.

To view Artworks files, Thump requires !AWViewer to have been booted by the Filer. At time of writing, AWViewer is available from the MW Software website.



Simply download the ZIP archive and extract the application inside to wherever you want. Please also read the file !!!ReadMe in the archive for additional installation notes before running !Thump.

For RISC OS 3.10+ systems DOWNLOAD
(293 Kbytes ZIP)
Contains the complete !Thump application.



My name is Christopher Martin. You can email me through account "belles" at internode-on-net. (Replace the dashes with dots, etc.)