An Identification Aid to Top End Flora Using Flower Colour Galleries

Welcome to the Wildflowers of the Darwin Region website, transitioning to the custodianship of the Top End
Native Plant Society (TENPS). Over the coming months, changes will occur to the site to align with the TENPS website. An increase in the number of species photographed and included is anticipated, particularly those common to sandsheet habitats close to Darwin.

Species in the weeds gallery are now being incorporated into the other galleries, since the reason many people may wish to identify a plant is to find out if it is a weed. Keep in mind that this is only a small selection of well over a 1000 plant species found in the Darwin region. The key aim of this site really is to give the observer a good introduction to Genera rather than every species that you might encounter. List of species can be found here.

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The Howard Sand Plains are a very significant but undervalued wildlife habitat within Darwin's rural area. Plant species recognised as somewhat ubiquitous - though not necessarily restricted - to these and other seasonally wet, sandy areas (sandsheets) have been labelled accordingly in the colour galleries.

Photos are placed on the site under creative common licences. Click on the link below to learn more about what this means. This website does not replace informed botanical expertise! see References. Have fun exploring the botanical jewels of the Top End - whatever their colour!

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