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* introduced species



Alternanthera denticulata (AMARANTHACEAE)

Alternanthera denticulata

Ampelocissus frutescens (VITACEAE)

Ampelocissus frutescens

Antidesma ghaesambilla (EUPHORBIACEAE)

Antidesma ghesaembilla

Aristolochia holtzei

Cayratia trifolia

VITACEAE: FL calyx cup shaped, very small green or cream petals ca 1mm; Jan-Apr

Cissus adnata

Croton arnhemicus (EUPHORBIACEAE) FL Sep-Dec, inflorescence 50-270mm long.

Croton arnhemicus

Euphorbia schultzii (EUPHORBIACEAE) FL

Euphorbia schultzii

Haemodorum ensifolium (HAEMODORACEAE)

Haemodorum ensifolium

Lomandra tropica (XANTHORRHOEACEAE)

Lomandra tropica


Lophostemon lactifluus

Marsdenia trinervis (APOCYNACEAE) FL creamy yellow, ca 4mm across.

Marsdenia trinervis

Petalostigma quadriloculare (EUPHORBIACEAE)

Petalostigma quadriloculare

Phyllanthus exilis

Poranthera coerulea (PHYLLANTHACEAE)FL 3 mm across; LV alternate, discolorous

Poranthera coerulea

Sauropus dissatoides (EUPHORBIACEAE)

Sauropus dissatoides

Phyllanthus flagellaris (EUPHORBIACEAE)

Phyllanthus flagellaris

Sauropus paucifolius (EUPHORBIACEAE) FL 5-6mm across,

Sauropus paucifolius

Sebastiana chamaelea (EUPHORBIACEAE) FL usually dioecious - male flower spike 30mm long shown; each fl <1mm across, 3 tepals.

Sebastiana chamaelea

Stackhousia intermedia (CELESTRACEAE) common, fine herb to 0.5m tall; FL yellow/brown/greenish, in clusters, numerous along spike-like infl; petals to 3mm long.

Stackhousia intermedia

Tacca leontopetaloides (TACCACEAE) LV irregularly lobed, appearing during the wet season

Tacca leontopetaloides

Terminalia ferdinandiana (COMBRETACEAE) FL straw coloured, 6mm long, on raceme

Terminalia ferdinandiana

Triglochin dubium (JUNCAGINACEAE) Aquatic herb FL sepals 6, whitish.

Triglochin dubium

Ziziphus oenpolia (RHAMNACEAE)

Ziziphus oenpolia

Mollugo pentaphylla (MOLLUGINACEAE) small erect herb to 0.3m FL c. 5mm across.

*Mollugo pentaphylla

Breynia cernua (EUPHORBIACEAE)

Breynia cernua

Rotala mexicana (LYTHRACEAE)

Rotala mexicana

Trema tomentosa (CANNABACEAE)

Trema tomentosa

Gonocarpus leptothecus (HALORAGACEAE) LV toothed FL petals 2-3mm long

Gonocarpus leptothecus

Ptilotus distans (AMARANTHACEAE)

Ptilotus distans

Polycarpaea corymbosa (CARYOPHYLLACEAE)

Polycarpaea corymbosa

Cassytha filiformis (LAURACEAE) stems often bright orange with age and/or more sunlight

Cassytha filiformis

Centrolepis exserta (CENTROLEPIDACEAE) FL heads c. 2-3mm in length

Centrolepis exserta

Alphitonia excelsa (RHAMNACEAE) LV strongly discolorous, white underneath

Alphitonia excelsa

Buchanania obovata (ANACARDIACEAE) Common woodland tree to 10m; leaves alternate, to 30cm long with prominent veins, petiole less than 2cm; fruit an edible green drupe, 10-12mm in length

Buchanania obovata

Achyranthes aspera (AMARANTHACEAE) Annual, untidy herb with opposite leaves; to 1m tall; flowers on a long terminal spike

Achyranthes aspera

Brachychiton diversifolius (STERCULIACEAE) woodland tree, juv. plant leaves can be extremely variable in shape, but have distinctive swelling at petiole ends

Brachychiton diversifolius

Colubrina asiatica

Tinospora smilacina

Pouteria arnhemica

Utricularia capilliflora

Empusa habenarina

Centrolepis banksii

Phyllanthus minutiflora

Ficus scobina

Selaginella ciliaris

Selaginella pygmaea

Typhonium taylori

Utricularia dunstaniae

Myriophyllum trachycarpum