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Links to useful websites:

NT Field Naturalists - interest group for local naturalists

Kakadu National Park website & visitor guide

Top End Native Plant Society - local interest group for the growing of native species

Guided By Nature Tours - local tour company for specialised, nature-based tours

Threatened Species Lists Northern Territory

The Pea Key


APC - Australian Plant Census - Use this site to find out if a name is the currently accepted name in Australian herbaria. For information on all names used in taxonomic literature, use the APNI (Australian Plant Name Index) site which works in the same way. The link can be found on this site.

The Australian National Botanical Gardens image database - Has photos of many NT genera which may not otherwise be found.

http://www.efloras.org/index.aspx- A collective of efloras from various countries. Many species from the NT are found throughout Asia or are pantropical and may turn up on these sites if searched. Can yield good photos, botanical keys and illustrations but remember some taxa are variable across their distribution.

Florabase - Well known eflora for WA. The NT of course shares many species with the Kimberley region in particular.

PlantNet - Another eflora for NSW. Worth a try unless you’re sure that your species is only found in northern Australia.