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* introduced species

Zygomorphic [irregular or bilateral] flowers can be divided by only a single plane into two similar halves e.g. a pea flower



Alysicarpus schomburgkii (FABACEAE) herb to 0.5m FR in articles as seen in bottom of photo.

Alysicarpus schomburgkii

Banksia dentata (PROTEACEAE) Tree to 8m of seasonally wet sandy soils.

Banksia dentata

Bossiaea bossiaeoides (FABACEAE)

Bossiaea bossiaeoides

Caesalpinia bonduc

Cajanus acutifolius (FABACEAE) FL 15-25mm long, with red or brown stripes behind standard, Dec-Jul.

Cajanus acutifolius

Chamaecrista absus (CAESALPINIACEAE) LV leaflets in two pairs FL petals 5, to 9mm long.

Chamaecrista absus

Chamaecrista mimosoides (CAESALPINIACEAE) FL ca 12 across, mostly Jan-Aug.

Chamaechrista mimosoides

*Chamaecrista rotundifolia

Cleome tetrandra (CAPPARACEAE) FL petals to 15mm, stamens 4-7

Cleome tetrandra

Cleome viscosa (CAPPARACEAE)

Cleome viscosa

Crotalaria goreensis

Crotalaria medicaginea (FABACEAE)

Crotalaria medicaginea

Crotalaria novae-hollandiaea (FABACEAE)

Crotalaria novae-hollandiaea

Eriosema chinense (FABACEAE) FL to 15mm in leaf axils, Dec-May.

Eriosema chinense

Goodenia pilosa (GOODENIACEAE)

Goodenia pilosa

Goodenia armstrongiana (GOODENIACEAE) LV held erect along stem FL 5-10mm long, on long pedicel

Goodenia armstrongiana

Hakea arborescens (PROTEACEAE)

Hakea arborescens

Jacksonia dilatata (FABACEAE)

Jacksonia dilatata

Peltophorum pterocarpum (CAESALPINIACEAE)

Peltophorum pterocarpum

Persoonia falcata (PROTEACEAE) FL to 16mm long

Persoonia falcata

Rhynchosia minima (FABACEAE) ground vine FL Jun

Rhynchosia minima

Senna leptoclada (CAESALPINIACEAE)

Senna leptoclada

Sesbania cannabina (FABACEAE) tall annual shrub to 4m FL 30mm long

Sesbania cannabina

Stenocarpus acacioides (PROTEACEAE)

Stenocarpus acacioides

Daviesia reclinata

Utricularia chrysantha

Utricularia circumvoluta

Utricularia fulva (LENTIBULARIACEAE) most common sandstone species FL ca 20mm long; Apr-Oct.

Utricularia fulva

Utricularia gibba

Utricularia involvens (LENTIBULARIACEAE) Bladderwort with climbing stems; FL ca 8mm in length.

Utricularia involvens

Utricularia odorata

Mimulus uvedaliae var. lutea

Philydrum lanuginosum (PHYLIDRACEAE) FL emerge from green spathes clustered toward end of the infl. year round flowering

Philydrum lanuginosum

Vigna lanceolata var. filiformis (FABACEAE) common twining vine of woodlands/forests

Vigna lanceolata var. filiformis

Vigna radiata var. sublobata


Actinomorphic [regular or star shaped] flowers can be bisected into 3 or more identical sections e.g. a rose or tulip



Abelmoschus moschatus (MALVACEAE) FL usually white, but here yellow, also pink-red, Jan-Jul.

Abelmoschus moschatus

Acacia dimidiata

Acacia humifusa

Acacia latescens

Acacia oncinocarpa (FABACEAE)

Acacia oncinocarpa

Aponogeton vanbruggenii (APONOGETONACEAE) submerged aquatic FL spike above water surface.

Aponogeton vanbruggenii

Asteromyrtus symphyocarpa

Bidens bipinnata

Blumea diffusa (ASTERACEAE) FL  dry season

Blumea integrifolia

Cartonema parviflora COMMELINACEAE) FL arranged loosely along raceme however, individually sessile.

Cartonema parviflora

Cartonema spicatum (COMMELINACEAE) FL packed closely along the raceme; usually more yellow in colour.

Cartonema spicatum

*Citrullus lanatus

Corchorus capsularis (TILIACEAE)

Corchorus capsularis

Cochlospermum fraseri (BIXACEAE) FL ca 60-70mm across; Apr-Oct.

Cochlospermum fraseri

Cucumis maderaspatanus (CUCURBITACEAE) FL separate male and female, 10-25mm across.

Cucumis maderaspatanus

Hibbertia cistifolia (DILLENIACEAE)

Hibbertia cistifolia

Hibbertia lepidota (DILLENIACEAE)

Hibbertia lepidota

Hibbertia tasmanica (DILLENIACEAE) FL Dec-Jun.

Hibbertia tasmanica

Hibiscus tiliaceus (MALVACEAE) FL petals 80mm long, darkening before dropping to ground

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Hypoxis nervosa


Livistona humilis

Ludwigia octovalvis

Nauclea orientalis (RUBIACEAE)

Nauclea orientalis

Nymphoides aurantiaca (MENYANTHACEAE) FL to 35mm across, Mar-Nov.

Nymphoides aurantiaca

Physalis angulata (SOLANACEAE) FL 10-15mm across FR green-yellow, globular 10-15mm across.

Physalis angulata

Cartonema trigonospermum

Ptilotus fusiformis (AMARANTHACEAE) FL terminally clustered, all year round

Ptilotus fusiformis

Portulaca bicolor (PORTULACEAE) FL petals 5-6; yellow to almost orange or pink to purple.

Portulaca bicolor

Secamone elliptica (APOCYNACEAE) Vine with opposite LV; FL 5 mm across

Secamone elliptica

Stenocarpus acacioides (PROTEACEAE)

Stenocarpus acacioides

Tribulopis angustifolia

Tribulopis angustifolia

*Tribulus terrestris

Trachymene didiscoides (APIACEAE) heads 10-20mm across, mostly

Trachymene didiscoides

Triumfetta sp. (TILIACEAE) This may be onw of the introduced species T. pentandra or T. rhomboidea.

Triumfetta sp.

Waltheria indica (STERCULIACEAE)

Waltheria indica

Wrightia saligna (APOCYNACEAE) shrub to 5m with white sap LV opposite.

Wrightia saligna

Xanthostemon paradoxus (MYRTACEAE) FL showy stamens >20mm long, mostly flowers Dec-June

Xanthostemon paradoxus

Xyris cheumatophila

Xyris complanata

Ludwigia hyssopifolia

Calandrinia gracilis

Terminalia grandiflora

Nymphoides subacuta

Xyris indica

Acacia auriculiformis