Ben Kelley's Fridge Magnet Collection


Ever had the joy of collecting fridge magnets?? It seems really strange to me now to go to a friend's house, and to see that they have a bare fridge. Mine is adorned by at least 20 fridge magnets. Most of them contain advertising material of some kind, although some have been purchased as souvenirs. (The "Seattle" magnet for example.)

In case you're wondering, YES, I am interested in exchanging fridge magnets with other people. Send me some e-mail to bkelley at ozemail dot com dot au. Sorry to all those people who have sent me magnets that I haven't scanned in yet.

I Crave Leadership The Brow.This is the first fridge magnet I ever collected. I got this at the 7-11 in King St, Newtown.

Healthy Food Lowers Heart Risk - AMRAD. I'm not sure what AMRAD stands for, but I'm sure that it's important. A friend gave me this magnet.

SBC Dominguez Barry Futures Limited. A subsidiary of Swiss Bank Corporation. SYCOM NIGHTDESK (61-2) 258 2180. This is the phone number for our futures night desk. Our company used to be called "SBC Dominguez Barry" before it was called "Swiss Bank Corporation". I stole this magnet from Matt, who was given a roll of them when the company's name changed.

Grace Bros Home Improvements. 369 1929. Grace Bros is a department store change owned by Coles/Myer. A friend gave me this magnet.

CASA CORDOBES RESTAURANT. FREE HOMEDELIVERY. PIZZAS & ITALIAN CUISINE. PH 331 3830. OPEN 7 DAYS. Casa Cordobes is a pizza delivery place near our office. If you have to stay back late to work on something, you'll probably give them a call. Kritika says that they are the only people who deliver pizza to offices in the city at night. Jang confirms that.

JIM & PETER REA BUTCHERY. 6 Sager Place, East Ryde. 878 4531. Also at 656 Mobray Rd, Lane Cove. 427 5168. Specialists in Spit Hire, Catering, Quality Meats & Ham. A friend gave me this magnet.

For fast answers to your banking enquiries, call the Commonwealth Bank Customer Service Line. 13 2221. Sorry, this one should be rotated by 45 degrees. This one got scanned in a hurry it seems! A friend gave me this magnet.

MG's HAIR STUDIO 634 3359. I don't know where this magnet came from. I probably stole it off someone else's fridge. I sure don't know where MG's is, but you can ring them up if you like.

CHASE MEDICAL CLINIC. 7AM-10POM 7 DAYS. BULK BILLING (NO CHARGE TO PATIENTS) 7DAY X-RAY 139 MAQUARIE STREET SYDNEY 247 1555. Many people who have worked in Sydney's CBD have seen this magnet at some time or other. I have about 5 of them. I probably stole this one off the fridge in our office.

MORMEAT MARKET PTY. LTD. WESTLEIGH SHOPPING CENTRE WESTLEIGH 481 9350. I suspect that Jen brought this one over for me when I was living in Chatswood. Thanks Jen.

A.S.A.P. PLUMBING. 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS EMERGENCY SERVICE NORTH SHORE. 418 6249. Blocked Drains. Hot Water Service. Gas Fitting. General Plumbing Repairs. I received this one in the mail box at Chatswood.

ABC TAXIS. THE FRIENDLY NETWORK... ABC 132 522 Cabcharge ... WHERE THE CUSTOMER IS NUMBER ONE. I grabbed this one when I had the air conditioning fixed in my car. The repairs cost me a packet, so I reckon I deserved a fridge magnet or two.

THE FLOWER SHOP VAUCLUSE ... Ben Wu had this one stuck on some metal near his desk. I figured he didn't really want it, if you know what I mean. Even with colour palette editing, it's still hard to make out the text.

SEATTLE One of my ex-flatmates - Murray Dean - sent me this one from Seattle where he lives. The outline of the Space Needle is evident.

Rose Bay - Vaucluse Uniting Church. your local community church 371 9974 A friend gave me this one. Can't remember who. Oddly, this magnet is not related to the previous one, except that they're both from the same suburb.

Nothing on TV Video 56 2261262 This one is from a video shop in Yass, NSW, which has now closed down. For a while, it was the only video shop in town. It gets its name from the fact that it is at 56 Comur St, Yass.

BIKE BARN and TRIATHOLONWARE OPEN 7 DAYS FOR BICYCLES, RUNNING SHOES SWIM GEAR and SERVICE 683 5969 683 2422 7 Victoria Rd, PARRAMATTA I got this one from the place I bough my bike (a Shogun hybrid) from. If you live in the area, I highly recommend them if you are after a bike.

LONGUEVILLE ROAD FAMILY + SPORTS MEDICAL CENTRE 427 2222 BULK BILLING X-RAY 7 DAYS - 7am TO 10pm I must have got this one through my letter box at home.

PIZZERIA TORINO Specialising In Gourmet Pizzas Free Home Delivery Limited Area PH: 5573956 5574949 If you live in the Enmore/Newtown area, this is a great place to get pizza from. Try the Zorba Special.

FRANKLINS Big Fresh MARRICKVILLE METRO SHOPPING CENTRE Cnr Smidmore & Murray Sts MARRICKVILLE 2204 565 1029 Big Fresh is kind of a Super-Super Market. They have everything from fresh fruit and veg. to a fresh bakery, heaps of groceries, a cow that Moos when you press the button, and of course, millions of people at any hour of the day or night.

Ben Kelley