How I made this webpage.


To make this webpage, I had to do a lot of planning.

·     In step One, I planned what I was going to have on my site on a sheet of paper.

·     Secondly, I opened Microsoft Word (2003), went into File and clicked on New.

·     For my third step, I used the New Document window to make my file a webpage instead of a document.

·     Fourthly, I saved the main page as index.html so that it would be opened if I specified the folder but not the file.

·     In step five, to make other secondary pages, I repeated steps 1-3 and saved the secondary pages in the same folder (as .html files) under different names. A “How I made this page” site is an example of a secondary page.

·     Sixthly, I created links to secondary pages by typing the text I wanted to be a link, selecting it, and clicking on Hyperlink. The folder that you saved the webpage in will appear. Click on the page you want to make a link to or, to make a link to a place on the web, type in the internet address in the empty bar.

·     For my seventh step, to change the webpage title (that’s the writing on the bar on top of the window) I went into File, and click on Properties. In the Summary tab, there will be a box called title. This contains the webpage title.

·     Eighthly, I went into FileZilla (any FTP transfer program will do) and uploaded my pages to the web.


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