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Computer Game Design, Programming, Multimedia and Mathematics cluster of the Australian Schools Innovation in Science, Technology and Mathematics Project (ASISTM)

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Game Maker National Forum


Games in Learning (Queensland)

Betts Computers

Betts computers runs free interactive courses on a number of topic including Game Maker


Haileybury Computer Club (Tony Forster)

The Haileybury College site features games made by year 1-8 students at a Computer Club organised by Tony Forster

Tony Forster's soapbox

Tony Forster's soapbox, mainly, but not only, about education and games

Rupert Russell (Ballarat)

Rupert Russell, who is a Lecturer in Information and Communication Technologies at the University of Ballarat has published some great Game Maker tutorials at his site. Follow the links to Game Maker 5 and Game Maker 6


New Town High School (Margaret Meijers)

New Town High School, a Tasmanian Government secondary school for boys, hosts Game Maker pages setup by Margaret Meijers. New Town High has received funding as part of the Federal Boys' Education Lighthouse Project. As part of their project Margaret is using game programming as a tool to help develop thinking skills in boys.

Western Australia

numbat conspiracy (Mark Weber)

South Australia

Bill Kerr

For the sake of completeness, donít forget the South Australian site developed by Bill Kerr, that's where you are now.


Jacob Habgood

Jacob Habgood's site ... devoted to providing free information and resources for teaching children how to make computer games in clubs and schools

Game Maker Forum (Mark Overmars)