Demonstrations GM5


The idea is to check out the demonstrations and then use them in your games if they suit. They have been developed by Tony Forster and Bill Kerr.

The downloadable, editable files run in version 5.3A of Game Maker.

Mouse Coordinate Display

mouseCoord (1K)

Displays the mouse x,y co-ordinates in the room caption

Download: mouseCoords_Display.gmd

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Letter by letter

letterByLetter (1K)

Shows a sentence being typed onto the page while you watch

Download: letterByLetter.gmd

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Count up, count down

countUpDown (3K)

Displays both a countup and a countdown in seconds

Download: countUp_countDown.gmd

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Follow the leader

followLeader (4K)

Sometimes you want one object to follow another. The ball follows the mouse cursor. The ghosts follow the ball if it gets too close.

Download: followTheLeader.gmd

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Shoot left, shoot right

shootLeft (1K) shootRight (1K)

Demonstration of shooting, either left or right. Use left and right cursor keys to face dog left and right. Use spacebar to fire bullets.

Download: shootBothSides.gmd

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Face the enemy

rotate (4K)

Demonstrates how to use the current direction (angle) of a sprite to select the correct image from a multi-image sprite GIF. There are 36 images of the same sprite, positioned 10 degrees apart successively.

Download: rotate.gmd

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Build a wall

wallBuild (3K)

Passing the mouse over a special wall object will quickly create a whole wall using a for loop

Download: wallBuild.gmd

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Level password

levelPW (8K)

Demonstrates a level password. If you close the game before finishing then it will prompt you for a level password. Then, if you re-open the game it will prompt you to recall your password. If you type in the correct password then your game will be restored at the same level and score at which you left it. If you type in a wrong password then the game starts at the beginning.

Download: Level_Password.gmd

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configure (18K)

The player is given the option at the start of choosing character name, music, background colour or background image, difficulty level of the game. A number of functions in Game Maker provide pop up messages, a menu with choices, or a dialogue in which the player can enter a number, a string or indicate a colour. These functions are demonstrated.

Download: clickBallConfigure.gmd

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Analogue clock

clock (9K)

Demonstration of trigonometric functions to draw an analogue clock

Download: clock.gmd

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