Space Invaders tutorial


The Space Invaders tutorial has been developed by Bill Kerr.

Do you want your first game to be a shooter. More fun? Well, here it is.

There are three versions, beginner, intermediate and advanced. So you can learn a lot if you make all three.

siv2 (20K)

Version 2: Clowns become more menacing as they advance

serriedEnemies400px (27K)

Version 3: Serried ranks, lives, powerups


How to:

The word document contains instructions for making all three versions

Download: invaders103.doc

Sample games

Download: invadersVersion1.gm6 (124K)

Download: invadersVersion2.gm6 (524K)

Download: invadersVersion3.gm6 (1,249K)

Sprites, backgrounds, sounds and music that will help you make the space invaders game