Soccer tutorial


The soccer tutorial has been developed by Bill Kerr.

This game was inspired by the World Cup in 2002. I suppose it's the first real game I've built from scratch using Game Maker, so I'm proud of it. But compared to the games found on the Game Maker site it is just an introductory game.

I have plans to build a more sophisticated version, hope I can produce it before the next World Cup in 2006!

soccer game screenshot (15K)

The screen shot shows girl_plays_soccer, who plays for Brazil, about to kick towards Germany's goal. Germany is leading 3-1.


How to:

Comprehensive step by step instructions explaining how to make the soccer game

Download: soccerTutorial-feb2004.doc

Sprites, backgrounds, sounds and music that you will need to make the soccer game



Marking scheme for the soccer game

Download: soccerMarks.doc

Soccer Questions: What you should have learnt

Purpose of this sheet is to consolidate some techniques that were used to make soccer, so you can use them for yourself when you make other games

Download: soccerQuestions-feb2004.doc

Editable version

A completed editable version of the soccer game

Download: danny-World-Cup-Fever.gmd