Skills 2: Street Race

Skills test using Game Maker. Develop a game with specified criteria. Students will be given a copy of the game to study at least one week before the test and then required to make the game without assistance (closed book) in a supervised setting. Students are also required to answer theoretical questions about the game they have built.

Check out the five Street Race Game Maker version 5 files (start, dead, newcars, police, petrol) which breaks Street Race into logical pieces and shows students how to build it step by step. This approach, being very explicit about how to build it, resulted in my students achieving far better results for this task in 2004.

Download: streetRace-formative-prac.doc
Download: streetRace-ac1-theory.doc
Download: street race.gmd
Download: streetRaceKerrQ1-13start.gmd
Download: streetRaceKerrQ1-14dead.gmd
Download: streetRaceKerrQ1-15newcars.gmd
Download: streetRaceKerrQ1-16police.gmd
Download: streetRaceKerrQ1-18petrol.gmd