Assessment Plan

Assessment plan provides the overview of the Critiquing (two tasks), Design & Communication, Product Realisation & Evaluation and the Specialised skills tasks.

Game Maker software is being used for making games. Word and Blogger software is used for communication. Inspiration or CMAP are used for devising.

Download: dats-ap-gamemaker.doc

AC 1: Critiquing: Product Design and Market influence 5%

Critique an existing editable Game Maker game from the point of view of game design and user satisfaction. Discuss the issues of violence and / or addiction in computer games. Communicate your findings using Word.

AC 1: Critiquing: Technological Issues 5%

Write a critical review of some of the features of the Game Maker forum, including discussion of either the issue of online learning (asking questions, getting answers) or online resources (is it convenient and useful?) of this community. Communicate your findings through a blog kept over a number of weeks.

AC 2: Design and Communication 20%

Students design their own game using a process of investigations, evaluation of those investigations, devising a design solution and communicating their findings. Students use these design tools:

Download: student guide (137 KB)
Download: marking scheme, SSABSA (57 KB)
Download: idea feature proforma (25 KB)
Download: evaluation proforma (28 KB)
Download: problem solution proforma (27 KB)

AC 3: Product Realisation and Evaluation 50%

Students make a game prototype using Game Maker, based on their design in AC2. Students then organise for others to critically evaluate their game using structured interviews, as part of completing their own evaluation against the design criteria in AC2. Students will then present their game to the class using the data show and oral.

AC 4: Specialised skills 20%

One or more of: