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This website will examine the career of the most distinguished pop group to arise
from the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region (Queensland, Australia) - CHAPTER III.

This band has to its credit a record, legendary in the New Zealand rock music Hall of Fame,
and sought after by music collectors world-wide.

Another recording is listed at number eighteen in the all-time Top 30 of Australian psychedelic
rock records.

And they were the only regionally-based band ever to contest the Melbourne grand final of
the historically significant Hoadleys National Battle Of The Sounds.  In fact they were finalists
on two occasions.

We join this fascinating story in the spring of 1975 as a group of young fans pull up
outside Zacks – Toowoomba’s premier nightclub. The entourage heads in the door to the
nightclub just as the stage emcee is announcing the band:

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, movers and groovers,  Zacks nightclub – the grooviest
hotspot in the city of Toowoomba  welcomes onto stage – and for your listening pleasure,
the guys from Chapter III.  Give a big Zacks welcome for the fabulous – Chapter III.
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