VK7ZL - Southern Tasmania - QE37mf

VLF Equipment used by Robert Milne, VK7ZAL / AX2TAR
in his Trans Tasman VLF experiments in about 2002.
The equipment is now residing in my shed.

350W Portable CW Transmitter.
This transmitter was powered by 4 x 12V heavy duty car batteries (48V)
and used with a long wire antenna

1_350 Watt port.jpg - 97381 Bytes

2_350 Watt Port.jpg - 137395 Bytes

1Kw SSB Transmitter.
This transmitter was used by Robert at his home. It ran from a 48V mains powered supply.

SSB Xmtr_1.jpg - 142880 Bytes

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Beacon Transmitter.

Standby Amp_1.jpg - 169316 Bytes

Standby Amp_2.jpg - 175782 Bytes

Loading Coil & Ferrite Slug.

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