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Australian Skateboard Racing Association, ASRA

Australian Skateboard Racing Association

The home of slalom skateboarding in Australia

ASRA exists to organise and promote skateboard racing in all its forms throughout Australia.

Skateboard racing takes many forms; slaloming down a hill, high-speed downhill, racing through skate parks, and even long distance push races. The basic concept is always the same—be the fastest.

Outrageous coneRace reports and photos

If you're in Sydney, we race on the first Sunday of every month. Check the charliedontskate coneheads forum for details of the next race.

Check out the photos and the times from our recent races.

Headless Daniel at AllawahSlalom skateboarding videos

Feel the flow, feel the speed.

Local videos

International videos

Abec11 Zig ZagsSlalom equipment

You can ride any skateboard you want, but turny trucks and grippy wheels'll make a world of difference.


The wheels are the single biggest difference between a "regular" skateboard and a slalom skateboard. Slalom wheels are taller (for speed) and wider and softer (for grip). Popular slalom wheels include Seismic Hotspots, Abec11 ZigZags and Manx. In Australia, Zig Zags and Manx can be bought at Charliedontskate.

Radikal rear truckTrucks

The main criteria for slalom trucks is how they turn, and how they affect grip. The standard entry-level truck is the Tracker RTX/RTS 106 combination. More exotic slalom trucks include Seismic, Splitfires and Radikals.

The bushings/rubbers used in slalom trucks are typically much softer than those used in "regular" trucks. Khiro and Radikal both make softer after-market bushings.


Decks range in length—longer decks are for bigger turns and higher speeds. Popular US-built slalom decks include Sk8kings, Skaterbuilt, and Pocket Pistols, while the Euros might be riding Pavel, Kebbek and Wefunk.

Or you can always make your own.

Paul Carey at AllawahSlalom skateboarding discussion sites

Talk, talk, and more talk about slalom.

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