LEGO NXT Underwater Vehicle

Engineering Project

The LEGO Mindstorms system is a perfect example of low-cost hardware and software that is suitable for implementing relatively complex designs. This webpage demonstrates how a low-cost Lego platform offers educational and research potential when used in an underwater environment. This is done by the development of a robust, reconfigurable and reprogrammable under water vehicle platform. The underwater vehicle designed can provide a system for undergraduate education and projects, classroom demonstrations, outreach education for primary and secondary level students and aquatic controller development and testing.

This website provides information and resources regarding the construction and operation of this vehicle in an underwater environment. Guides to construction and waterproofing are given along with a parts list with relevant links. It must be noted that this is an initial implementation of the vehicle and there are bound to be improvements and better methods of construction that can be used. This website is only provided as a guide and it is strongly recommended that anyone wishing to construct a similar vehicle take into account any safety and design considerations.