Juliet Mayhew

About Deus Virtus

Deus Virtus is the creation of young London-based fashion designer Juliet Mayhew. With a background in the vibrant world of the professional London theatre scene, Juliet now travels the globe seeking inspiration for her innovative and original designs.

In her range of luxury leather handbags, Juliet presents a unique and different sense of style that is all her own. The Deus Virtus Collection uses a special selection of beautiful and diverse materials, combined in funky new ways to create a fresh and sexy look. From regal extravagance and opulent luxury to classy sophistication and elegant simplicity, and always with a cheeky, fun twist - a Deus Virtus handbag is sure to put you in the limelight!

“You have been created beautifully and wonderfully to live life bursting to capacity, with the knowledge and confidence to fulfil your destiny, with the purpose to achieve all you dream of.

We hope that our creations inspire you to sparkle, and are an irreplaceable reminder that you too are valued and uniquely created by God with the ability to shine! Go on - change history! Enjoy the fabulous adventures life brings each day! Live life passionately, grasp each moment with great courage and embellish each obstacle with exaggerated victory, for you were born for such a time as this!”
- Juliet Mayhew

Bespoke Creations

Here at Deus Virtus we also specialise in bespoke designs. We can create a unique handbag just for you, encapsulating your personality and individual flair. Or maybe you want us to create a one-off design as a spectacular gift for a special someone - contact us for more details.

Charity Works

Our Vision and Commitment

We want to impact the global marketplace with refreshing new products that appeal to a range of women, young and old. We seek to create a platform for our products to be appreciated and to inject rainbows of colour, sparkles of light, pleasure and inspiration for everyone who wears one!

Every individual - of every colour, race and creed - is 'fearfully and wonderfully made' for a purpose, with the capacity to live a life full of vision, feeling valued, blessed and confident. We want our products to create a level of stimulated fun and sensual gratification.

A portion of the profits on sales of our handbags and accessories will be donated to charitable causes. These include Mercy Ministries, working to help young women in difficult situations, for whom we have created the signature Bethia handbag.

We are also committed to helping the children of the slum-areas of Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand, through financial aid and the establishment of training-programs at our factory in South-East Asia.

Deus Virtus is a company that evokes a luxuriously cosmopolitan, jet-set lifestyle, with a wonderful sensitivity to cross-cultural understanding and generous undertones of unconventional influences. We offer the refreshing lift of something individual, unique and atypical with a rare aptitude to attract not only the luxury lifestyle of Hollywood, but also the capacity to carve out a competitive niche in the vacillating world of fashion.

Our company's brand is redolent of heraldry, aristocracy and tradition but also humble in its approach, and inspires even the most timid of individuals to take a leap of faith and bring a little sparkle to their world!