The Aussie Dictionary

A list of Australian slang words or phrases... contribution to this page will be appreciated.

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Aggro              Aggressive
Akubra            Brand of hat
Alkie                    Alcoholic
Amber             Nectar-Beer
Ambo              Ambulance or Ambulance Officer
Anchor                Car brakes
Ankle biter       Todler, Infant
ANZAC                Australian & New Zealand Servicemen
Apples                 She's apples.... All's well
Arsy                Lucky
Arse about       Muck arourd, skylarking
Arvo                     Afternoon
'Av a go            Have a go, give it a try


Back of Burke     Far away, in the bush
Babbling brook        A crook
Bag of fruit             A suit as in garment
Bail Up                  To rob or hold up; to leave
Balls up                 Mistake, muck up
Bang on                 Right on,  pefrect
Barbie                   Barbecue, the backyard barbie, an Australian institution!
Barney                  Argument, fight
Barrack                 Cheer loudly for your favourite footy team
Bathers                 Swimsuit
Basket case         Mad, mentally ill
Bastard                 Friendly Auzzie greeting???
Battle axe         The wife, mother in law
Battler                  Someone who struggles to get by, financially
Batts                Crazy
Beak                Nose
Beanie              Woollen hat
Beaut               Beautiful, good
Beauty Newk        Well done
Berko               Furious; totally crazy
Berley              Bait scattered in the water to attract fish while fishing
Bible basher         Church goer, religious fanatic
Biff                       A fight
Big bikkies           Lots of money Big smoke 
Bikey               Motorbike rider
Bikkie                  Biscuit
Billabong              Waterhole
Billy                    Tin used to boil water for tea, in the bush
Billi-cart               A toy cart made from a wooden box with four wheels
Bingle                  Car accident
Bit of a brothel      A mess!
Bite                     Ask for a favour 
Bities                   Biting insects
Bitser                   Mongrel,  of dubious parentage
Bizzo                   Business
Black Stump         Any place in the outback
Bloody                 The great Australian adjective
Block                   Temper  (Did his block and pissed off) 
Bloke                   Man, guy
Blotto                   Drunk
Blow-in                 Newcomer , someone new, newly arrived
Blowie                  Blowfly  the great Australian curse
Bludger                Lazy person , One who's always milking somebody else
Blue                     Argument, fight
Blue arsed fly        Running around nowhere
Bluey                   A redhead,  any person with red hair
Blundstones          Heavy workman's boots
Bob Hope              No hope,  Soap
Bob's your uncle    Fine, everything OK 
Bomb                   Jalopy,  a heap an old wreck (car)
Bonzer                  Great,  good, beauty
Booze                   Drink, Alcohol ...Boozer  Drunk 
Booze up          A drinking party
Boofhead              Idiot,  stupid
Bo Peep               Sleep
Boss                    The master;  the enemy? normally used after the word Bloody
Bottler                  A beaut person,  great guy
Bottleshop            Liquor store,  Aussie watering hole
Bozo                    Idiot,  clown
Brass               Money, also Officers
Brass monkey       Very cold weather
Brand new         Unused, new
Brekkie                Breakfast normally in liquid form
Bricky                  Bricklayer
Brissie             Brisbane,Capital of Queensland (Bananaland)
Buckley's             No chance at all,  no hope
Buck's night         Stag party , Boys party
Bugger                 A nicer alternative to Bastard 
Bugger all         Nothing
Buggery (go to)     Go away, piss off
Bull                  Untrue. bullshit
Bummer          Dissappointing event
Bun in the oven    Pregnant
Bunghole          Mouth
Bunyip             Mythical Australian creature with a piercing cry
Burke and Wills   Dills, silly dills
Burl                 Attempt, try
Bush                   The countryside,  out of town
Bushed            Tired,  also   lost direction 
Bushranger         Highwayman,  thief
Bush Telegraph    Gossip, hearsay
Bush tucker         Food gathered from nature, in the outback
Bushwalking        Hiking in the bush


Cack               A cackle,  a laugh,  humour
Cask               Boxed wine in a bladder
Captain Cook   Have a look
Cake hole        Back passage
Cark it                 To die, death
Cheap skate    Miser
Cheers            Have a drink!
Cheese & kisses  The missus, the wife
Cherry Ripe      Chocolate-coated cherry bar
Chippy             Carpenter
China               Mate
Chokkers         Filled to capacity
Chook                  A  term of affection, scare crow
Chrissy            Christmas
Choppers         Teeth
Chuck              To throw-up, or be sick
Chuck a spas   Get angry, loose temper
Chuck a Uie     Make a U-turn
Chuch a wobble   Throw a tantrum
Chuff off           Leave, depart
Chunder           Be sick, vomit
Clout                   Hit.   A clout on the ear 
Clobber            Hit, punch
Cluey              Bright, smart
Cobber                Mate,  friend,  pal
Cocky             Cockatoo,  old farmer
Cooee             An Aussie bush call
Come in spinner   Aussie two-up coin tossing game
Coot                    Silly Bugger
Collywobble     Feeling of apprehension
Cop                     A policeman 
Cop out               Give up,  pay up
Cossie            Swimming togs
Cot case         Bedridden
Cow                    A endearing adjective directed at the fairer sex,  (Silly cow) 
Crash                  Sleep, after a heavy day
Crash hot        First rate, the best
Crikey             A term of surprise
Crim                    Criminal
Crook                  Ill, sick
Crook                  Thief , not trustworthy
Cuppa             Cup of tea or coffee 
Cushy job            Easy work,  office job
Cut                      Share (Wher's my bloody cut, you thieving coot) 
Cut lunch             Sandwiches


Dad and Dave       To shave
Dag                 Idiot, or unfashionable person, '
Daggy              Sloppy
Daks                Men's trousers
Damper            Bread made on a campfire in the bush
Dead horse           Sauce, tomatoe sause
Deadset               Certain,  sure
Deadhead             Good-for-nothing person
Deadset                Fair dinkum,  sure
Defunked               Discontinued, abandoned
Dekko                  a look, a Bo-Peep 
Dero               Homeless person, derelict, hobo
Didgeridoo            Musical instrument made by the aboriginal from a hollowed log
Digger                  Australian soldier 
Dickhead              Idiot, Stupid, obnoxious person
Dill                       Idiot (not a pickle)
Dingo                   Australian native dog,  a coward 
Dinkbat            Eccentric person
Dinkie Di               Genuine, true blue  (dinkum)
Dinky dirt              Shirt
Dipstick               A crasy person
Dirt                      Unfair tactics  (Doing a dirty on someone) 
Div vy van             Police van
Dob in                  Inform on someone (normally friends)
Dodgy                  Suspicious person
Dog and bone   Telephone
Dog eyes            Meat pies
Done deal            Finished, completed
Doona                 Quilt
Dork                Fool
Dorothy Dix         Six,  Hit a six, as in cricket
Dover                  A bush knife
Down Under         Australia,  Home
Drip                    A boring person
Drizabone       Raincoat  (dry-as-a-bone)
Drongo                Simpleton,  idiot
Drop out              Leave, 
Drop a brick    Social blunder
Drop your guts     Farted,  Let out 
Drop the Bundle   Give up, not coping 
Duck's dinner       Drinking on empty stomack
Dud                     False,   Confederate money
Duff (up the)         Pregnant
Dummy (spit the)  Loose temper, get upset
Dunny                  Toilet  (bathroom) also Dyke


Eagle shit             Pay day
Eat a horse           Very hungry
Earbash                Non-stop chatter,  Earbasher
Easy                 Easy going,  no complaints
Eau de Cologne   The phone, Telephone
Elbow greese         Hard work
Elephant trunk        Drunk
Esky                  Ice box
Even Stephens        Equal, the same
Ey-you               Australia's most common name


Face fungus            Man's beard
Fag                       A sigarrette
Fair dinkum      Good, honest, truthful
Fair go              Fair chance
Fair enough       That' will do, good enough
Fangs                   Finger nails
Fanny                   Vagina
Fart arse               Much arourd
Fat chance           No chance at all
Fella                 Fellow
Fiddley Dee           A quid,  Dollar
Flake out               Collapse, exhausted
Flaming shit          Alternative to Fuc@`$@# shit
Flasher                 Pervert,   Person who expose in public
Flicks                   Movies also to throw away
Flog                  Sell
Flutter                  A small bet, wager
Flophouse             Cheap boarding house 
Fly                       Zipper or buttons on men's trousers 
Fossick                 Seek, looking for things
Footy               Australian Rules Football, or Rugby League 
Four-Eyes             Person with glasses
Fred's nerk           Something imaginary
Freddo Frog          Slang for Alfred or Freddie
Freshy                 Fresh water crocodile
Frisky              Fresh as in human
Frocks                 Dresses, cloths
Fruit cake            Mentally unstable
Fruiterer               Greegrocer,  Fruit seller
Full                      Full as a boot... Drunk...under the weather
Full as shit           One who speaks absolute rubbish
Full of it               One who loves himself
Funny farm      Mental institution
Furpy                    Lie, unfounded rumour


Game (to be)         Brave 
Gooday            Greeting,  could be morning, evening or night
Galah              Noisy, rude, silly
Gander (have a)    Have a look
Gang Bang           Sexy Orgy
Garbo                   Garbage man, rubbish remover also Garbologist 
G'Day                   Good day  Most used Aussie expression
Gerrie             Geriatric, old person
Goat                     Muck about, Goat about 
Goanna                Australian native lizard, also piano
Gob                      Mouth
God botherer        Door-to-door  Bible basher
Goodonyer           (translation) Good on you, well done  (not in cooking)
Good nick            Good condition
Goer (its a)          Definetly to happen
Good as gold       Perfect
Good or yer         Another common Aussie expression
Goog               Egg, boiled egg
Goose                 Idiot, Silly goose
Greasy mop    A cop, policeman
Greenie            Environmentalist
Gregory Peck       Neck
Grog                Alcohol, beer
Grotty             Dirty
Grub                    Food
Grizzle                Complain
Grouse                Very good, cool!
Gurgler                Plughole


Haggle                 To argue about a price
Hapy as Larry       Very happy
Half your luck   Congratulations
Hang on               Wait a minute, wait a tick
Hard case            Someone with closed mind
Hard yakka      Hard work,  manual work
Hit the hay           Go to sleep
Holy-dooly            Suprise, surprise
Hooly dooly          Expression of surprise
Hoo-roo                See you later,  goodbye, also 'Ooroo 
Hotel                    Pub, as long as the beer is flowing
Howzat                 How's that, a cricket term
Humdinger            Excellent 
Humpy                 Bush dwelling, a shack


I be blowed           Expression of amazement
In good nick          Healthy,  in good working condition
In the nick        In jail
Icypole                 Frozen lolly water
Idiot box               Television set 
I-Tai                     Italian
Ivories                  Teeth
Ivories (tickle the)  Play the piano


Jackaroo          Sheep or Cattle Station hand  (cowboy)
Jack and Jill         Bill, normally money
Jack of it              Sick of it
Jack shit              Nothing
Jaffle                Camping toaster to  toast sandwiches
Jerry                    Petrol can, also a German
Jiffy                      A short time, quickly
Jillaroo                 Female jackaroo
Jimmy Brit            Shit
Jocks                   Men's underpants
Joe Blake             Snake
Joe Blow              Any person also Joe bloggs 
Joey                     Baby Kangaroo
John (the)             Toilet
Jumbuck          Young sheep


Kark it               To die,  end of the line
Kicks                    Entertainment,  pastime 
Kindie               Kindergarten
Kip                       Piece of wood used during Two-up games 
Knickers               Female underwear
Knock               Criticize
Knokkers               Lady's breast, Tits
Knock shop            House of prostitution, brothel
Knuckle sandwich   Punch with fist
Kitty                       Place for money Petty cask


Lair                   A lout,  a nuisance
Lav                         Outside toilet
Leak                       Urinate
Lash out                Spend.  Generous
Lead-footed    drag the feet
Lead-footed            also one who drives too fast
Lemon                    Useless, bad
Limo                       Limousine
Lingo                      Language
Lippie                    Lipstick
Liquid amber          Beer
Little boys              Cocktail sausages
Loaf                       Bludge,   loafer 
Lolly                       Sweets, candy
Lolly water             Soft drink
Lousy                    People with dead adders in their kicks.. (feeling lousy)   sick 
Lugs                      Ears
Lurk                 acket  as in racketeer
Lurk                      Successful as in   "Good lurk"


Magpie           Collingwood supporter  (Aussie rules football)
Mangy                  Lousy 
Manchester    Bedroom Linen
Mate              Another very common Australian name
Metho drinker       Plonko,  drunk 
Middie            10 oz, Glass of beer
Mingy                   Lousy, mean
Mo                      Mustache
Mob                    Croud,  Mob of Galah,  Weird Mob
Moolah               Food, tucker  (sometimes  money)
Mozzie           Mosquito
Mud cake      Chocolate  cake
Mud pies       The eyes
Mug                   One that hasn't got a clue 
Mutt                    Mongrel, dog 
Mulga (the)         The Bush, the ouitback


Nana (do your)     Temper, to loose your temper
Nap                 A short sleep
Nappy                  American Diaper
Narky                   Short tempered
Neddie                  A horse
Ned Kelly              Belly, stomack
Never Never           The outback, the bush
New Australian      Migrant   (normally Southern European)
Nick off !               Go away!
Niggly                   Irritable  bad-tempered 
Ning Nong             Idiot
Nipper                   Small child
Nit                        Nut,  Ning-nong 
Noggin                  Head
No worries             It's OK,   it's fine!
Norks                Breasts
Not much chop   Not very good
Nuggets                Man's testicles
Nude nut               Bald head, or very short haircut
Nuddy               In the nude
Nulla Nulla             Wooden club used by the Australian Aborigines
Nut                   Brainless


Ocker               Working class, common
Off                        Gone "That beer is off head on it"
Offsider                  Mate, best friend
Old cheese       Mum, the missus
Oldies              Parents
On the blink          Out of order, damaged
On the nose     Smelly, bad odour
On Ya                   Statement of encouragement 
Oodles                 Plenty (Oddles of Moolah)  Plenty of food 
Ooroo                    Goodbye
Outback          Remote bush location
Oy                        Hello,   hey you
Ozzie                   Australian, also spelt Aussie


Paddock              Field,   Grazing ground
Party pooper        Spoil sport
Pat Malone           Alone
Pav                      Pavlova,  Australian sweet, desert
Pavement pizza     Vomit
Pav                       Pavlova, an Australian desrt, sweet
Perk                     Trick ...  to learn the perks 
Perver               Lustful gazer
Pester               Annoy 
Pig's bum              No way,  Wrong
Piddle dee             Urinate
Piss pot            Drunk, alcoholic
Play possum         Play death,   ignore
Play silly buggers Waste time, mess around
Plonk                     Cheap grog,  home-made wine
Pokies                   Poker machines, slot or fruit machines
Pom                  Short for pomegranate,  Anglo Saxon
Pooped                 Tired....Had it
Possie                  Good position
Postie                   Postman
Pot                       10 oz  Glass of beer
Pozzie                  Seat,  place
Prang                A car smash
Pub                       Any Hotel  that sell beer ...   Auz. definition of Heaven
Punt                      To have a go
Pussy                    Vagina 
Pussyfoot              Slow, taking things easy


Quack                   Doctor
Quackers               Ducks
Queen                    A queer
Quickie                  Quick drink normally beer ,  also refers to sex
Quid                   Pound  (money)


R.S.L.                      Sunday's drinking hole
Rage                       To party on
Rapt                        Pleased, happy
Ratbag                    Anyone who behaves foolishly
Rats                        Tobruk soldiers
Reg Grundy              Undies, underwear
Rellies                     Relatives
Ridgy-didge               Genuine,  good guy
Ring-ins                   To deceive by substitution.   Relatives  Of the same kind
Ringer                      A sheep shearer 
Ripper                      Great,  fantastic
Ripped off                  Been cheated
Rip snorter                 Great,  Beauty
Roger                       OK,  fine
Roo                          Kangaroo
Rooted                      Tired
RS                            Lousy. unworkable
Rubber cheque          Cheque that bounces back
Rugged up                Well covered ,  overdressed
Run amuck                Go mad,also run foolishly


Sack               To terminate employment
Sack (hit the)        Go to sleep 
Salvo                    Salvation Army worker
Sandgrorper           A Western Australian
Schooner              Glass of beer
Screw                   Make love???
Screw-up                Err,  mistake
Scrub                    The Bush
S.F.A                    SWEET F@#@ All
Shades                 Glasses ... prescription or sun glasses
Sheila                   A young lady,  Girl friend
Shirty                    Offended .. Took it as an offence 
Shonky                  Suspect as in shonky deal
Shoot through        Leave  depart
Shout                   Turn to by drinks :  Your shout...your turn to get the drinks
Shut eye                Sleep
Sickie                   Day off work,  Sick pay,  Australia's most common ailment
Silver spoon          The Moon
Singlet                  Vest
Six-pack                Half a dozen beer cans
Slab                      2 dozen beer cans/stubies pack
Sleep-out               Bungalow
Smackers              Money, dollars 
Smoko                  To have a quick break from work  ( about a dozen a day)
Snake gully           Deserted outpost
Snag                     Sausage
Sook                     Spoiled child  (also grown-up)
Spag                     Spaghetti,also native of Italy
Sparky                    Electrician
Spit the dummy      Loose temper
Spew                     to get mad,  upset, vomit
Sport                     Stranger,   Good Sport  good guy 
Spout (up the)        Pregnant
Spud                      Potatoe
Sprung                   Caught in the act
Spunky                  Sexy
Square off               Appologise  "squared of with the missus" 
Squiz                    Having a good look at  something
Starkers                 Naked
Strewth                 Exclamation of surprice "Strewth that was a great mark!) 
Stickybeak            Nosey person, busybody
Strides                   Pair of trousers
Strife                    Trouble, problem
Stubbies                Beer bottles , a handy size to fit in pocket
Stuffed                   Very tired, exhausted
Sucked in             Conned in, tricked
Sunnies                 Sunglasses
Suss                     Suspicious


T.A.B.                  Popular place for betting on dogs and horses
Tassie                  Tasmania
Tea                      Afternoon/Evening mealtime
Tee-up                   Organise.  make arrangement
Tied-up                  Busy, unavailable
Thingo                  Anything
Tiddle wink           A drink
Tiff                       Fight, argument
Thongs                  Flip-flops , sand shoes
Tinnie                   Can of beer,  lucky  ie "he's a bit tinnie"
Togs                    Clothing
Toey                    Nervous , fidgety
Tomatoe sauce     A horse
True blue               Genuinely Australian,  Aussie
Treeless                Bald, desert-head
Tub                      Bath
Tucker                  Food,
Tucker chute        Human mouth
Two-up                 Traditional Australian Game using two coins


Uncle Ned          The bread 
Undies                Underwear
Unreal                  Excellent, great,. very real
Up the duff           Pregnant
Ute                      Utility car,  commercial van


Vegemite         Traditional Aussie sandwich spread   (similar to Marmite)
Vegemite kid   Aussie child
Veggies           Vegetables


Walkabout             Disappeared,  left, went missing
Wharfie                  Dock-worker  alao spelt "Warfy"
Willie wag              A swag
Windies                West Indian Cricket Team
Wino                      Alcoholic, drunk
Whinger                 Moaner,  as in bloody whinger
Witchetty grub       Bush tucker,  Aboriginal food
Within cooee         Close by,  near
Wog                     Wealthy Oriental gentleman???
Wowser                 Gambler


X                    Excellent
X-rated                 Adult material


Yabber               Chat, sensless talk
Yabbie               Fresh water Cray
Yahoo                Noisy, rowdy person, similar to Galah
Yakker                Work,  Hard yakker 
Yobbo                Loudmouth
You beaut          You're great


Zac               A small coin  used to be the old sixpence
Ziff                Beard
Zip-up               Shut-up
Zonked         Exhausted

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