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The oldest record of the Belli Family is an article found in the Encyclopedia Britannica about Pierino Belli born. March 20, 1502, Alba, Montferrat [Italy] and died on December 31, 1575, Turin, Savoy

1. Pierino was a Piedmontese soldier, jurist, and an authority on the law of war and who is considered to be the founders of modern international law. After serving as commander in chief of the army of the Holy Roman Empire in Piedmont, [Turin, Italy].    Pierino Belli was appointed (1560) a councilor of state by Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy. His book De re militari et de bello (1563) [Treatise on Military Matters & Warfare] was for its time an unusually thorough treatment of military law and the rules for conducting war.

2. According to the research and study by Dr. Giovanni Bonello LLD, ANDREA BELLI was Malta's most prominent Baroque Architect, Industrialist, Traveler, Impresario and also Slave Dealer. He was regularly been commissioned by the Knights of Malta to build palaces, churches and other buildings. He was credited to own the first sawmill in Msida, Malta. On March 26, 1760 the almighty Uditore (right-hand man) of Grand Master Pinto, who happen to be his own brother Gabrielle Belli, granted Andrea the export monopoly. He started to export the Maltese building stone and other stone products to other European countries. He is credited to be the architect of many fine buildings in Valletta and other towns.

Andrea was the son of the surgeon Dr.Giuseppe Batta Belli and Francesca Romano. He was born in Valletta, Malta on October 13,1703, died on October 19, 1772 and buried in the Carmelite Church, Valletta.  After WW1 a number of the Belli families from Malta have migrated to England, the US, Canada and Australia. All of these including those living in Malta seem to be direct descendants to Andrea Belli or to his father Giuseppe Batta Belli.

3. The surname BELLI is presently found extensively throughout all of Italy, Germany, the United States while the family has also settled in Britain, Canada, Australia and South America.


Authentic information extracted from the
Belli Family Name Archives.

The Belli history has been located in the archives of the International Historical Research Center, Inc. and this renowned resource has authenticated the following information:

The Centers' historians discover details relating to the roots of its clients, those of the name Belli being among them, which date back to the 10th century and, at times, even earlier.

Belli is a surname which is found primarily in Italy. It should be noted that Belli family members have migrated through history thereby carrying the name to many areas.

The Belli surname is of nickname origin and derived from a characteristic of the original bearer. In studying our archives we found that in the year 1532 there are references to the surname Belli, namely of Pierino Belli born (Italy) in 1502.

The colour Argent (Silver) of the EAGLE in the coat of arms of the family Belli symbolizes Peace and Sincerity. While the burning URN also reflects the passion, ambitions and aspirations of its original bearer.

Information derived from the I. H. R. C. Archives.

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