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Little Bison Lake

Little Bison Lake

Sister Sharon is a middle-aged widow, who has sunk into depression. Her children are left to run the household on their own. Her sons Zedekiah (20) and Nicodemus (18) are average young men. Her daughter Miriam (16) has run a little wild. Her youngest daughter Hannah (13) is the opposite - very proper.

Brother Jaspar & Sister Lavina are pious & well to-do. They have 3 sons: Cornelius(22), Tabor(18) & Simon(15). Tabor, in particular, is full of himself and his family's place in society.

Brother Silas, the town Steward, is deferential to Brother Jaspar's family, but doesn't want to get involved with Sister Sharon's family.

In the day prior to the Dogs arriving, the problems in Little Bison Lake have come to the boil. There has been a rape and a murder, and now Tabor's family are laying siege to Miriam's family's house.


Brother Tabor suspects that Sister Miriam, an attractive and flirtacious young woman, has been sleeping with Brother Luke. Coming from a wealthy family, Tabor feels that she should sleep with him too.


Rejected & ridiculed by Miriam, Tabor forces himself on her.


Tabor rapes Miriam.

More Injustice and Sin

Miriam tells Brother Silas (the town Steward) what happened, but Silas (advised by his wife Carmen) doesn't believe her - he thinks that she is trying to force Tabor to marry her by lying.

Even more Injustive & Sin

Brother Zedekiah (Miriam's oldest brother) takes matters into his own hand - he shoots Tabor dead in cold blood.

Demonic Attacks

The demons find that most of the work is being done for them. They stoke the anger in the men, and coldness in the women.

False Doctrine

Miriam's family believe that it isn't a crime to murder someone who has committed a deadly sin.

Townspeople & what they want

What do the demons want?

They want the townspeople to keep fighting until there are two un-reconcilable factions. They want each side to promulgate false doctrines.

What do the demons want the Dogs to do?

They want the Dogs to leave the two factions un-reconciled, so that they can create some more tension later.

What would happen if the Dogs didn't come?

Jaspar & Zedekiah end up dead in the gun fight. Hannah is badly wounded. Miriam and her family become pariahs, while Jaspar's family come to believe that even if Tabor did rape Miriam, that was alright because she was a fallen woman, leading from False Doctrine all the way to Sorcery, Hate & Murder - they frighten Hannah into testifying against her sister, and ritually kill Miriam & Luke.