This Should Be The Home Page of Con Kolivas

Men at WorkLet's pretend that one day it will be constructed


Kernel patches

Kernel patches contains my custom kernel patches which combine some real cool performance patches


Interbench is a linux interactivity benchmark.


lrzip is a very high compression ratio and speed large file compression program.


Contest is a linux kernel system responsiveness benchmark.


KernBench is a linux kernel throughput benchmark for high end hardware.


Idlerun is my defunct program for running tasks when a machine is idle. Use a kernel with a batch scheduler as in the -ck patchset instead now.

Anaesthesia Information Page

My formal project is a page of information about anaesthesia for the general public. It can always be found at:

Instant Messaging - All currently unused! Too busy!

jabber: con at kolivas dot org (preferred)

ICQ: 66495128

yahoo messenger: ckolivas

AOL instant messenger: savilok

Until further notice email me at: conman at kolivas dot org

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