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Historic Markers 2011 Stage I

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History's Highways

The Lead Up to the event!

The History's Highways project was a photographic representation of the relationship between people's lives and various modes of transport. The project looked at all forms of transport ranging from the earliest explorers who walked or used camels or horses, to horse-drawn vehicles and bullock wagons, bicycles, cars, trains, trucks, agricultural vehicles and planes.The project will divide the past 175 years into 30 year blocks with about five photographs allocated to each block. All photographs were identified and some included accompanying text to highlight the role transport has played in the development of the region - thus providing a human face to transport.

40 photographic panels were produced by Stanley Studios and are on display in the History Collection,

The official launch of the project was held in the Clare Town Hall on Thursday 24th November. The display was open to the public, particularly school students during the day, with a reception in the early evening. Historic Vehicles were also on display. The event was a great success

Historic Vehicles were also on display.

Vintage Car E.K. Dunstan Motorcycle

This project would not have been possible without 
the huge support from our community. We are 
pleased to acknowledge their financial contribution 
and ask our members, in turn, to support them. 

WWI Soldiers

Our Curator was approached to help with research into the background of local World War I soldiers for a DVD to be displayed at the Clare Anzac service. Forty soldiers are remembered on the Memorial Arch at the Clare Oval, and it proved a challenge to trace the identity of them all. This research has now been communicated in three ways: the Anzac Day DVD,  and  in our newsletter, and in a large display at the History Room, where one A4 page was devoted to each man.

History Month 2011

Our first event was the opening of Wolta Wolta to the public on Sunday 1 May, in cooperation with the owner, Robert Parker, and the Clare National Trust Museum. 77 people visited the historic home and grounds, enjoying afternoon tea provided by hardworking History Group members and friends. In addition to this event, we promoted access to the Collection in our usual hours on Thursdays in May, and the unveiling of the Historic Markers.