This page is an attempt to decipher what appear to be 3 bugs in Mozilla 1.3b events.

It is supposed to be part of an application to create a structure by dragging and dropping elements into the table. It works correctly in Mozilla 1.2.1, Netscape 7.0, Internet Explorer 6. Seems to be broken in Mozilla 1.3 alpha and beta.

  1. The target of the mouseup event seems to be same as the mousedown even if you drag the mouse to another row in some circumstances. To Test click on one of the table cells and drag it down the page

  2. The mouseover/out events are only being executed for the row where the mousedown occurred. Both of the events have the same target (hinting at the same problem as above as well.)

  3. There is a drawing error in the draggable table where the top border grows as if extra children exist. However all the children should be removed. (This is probably because the code doesn't use the tbody, just appends the row to the table.)





Debug MouseOver/Out
Debug MouseUp/Down