Contact me if you require further details from any of the certificates below.  Last updated 5 Jul 2006.


ABLEY Ellen 23MAY1864 Colac VIC.  Father: Walter Abley, vine-dresser, 25, b.Bordeaux, France.
    Mother: Frances Abley nee LOUIS, 21, b.Cheltenham, England.  Married 1859 Geelong, Vic.
ADAMS Louisa Margaret 07JUN1873 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: John Adams, clerk, 33, b.Galway, Ireland.
    Mother: Anne Adams nee O’CONNOR, 25, b.Castle Connell, County Limerick, Ireland.  Married 20FEB1872 Warrnambool.
AITKEN Joan Merino 07APR1847 Mount Aitken VIC. Father: John Aitken, settler.
    Mother: Emmeline Stright Jane.
AITKEN Clara Jane 22DEC1851 Mount Aitken VIC. Father: John Aitken, settler.
    Mother: Emmeline Stright Jane.
BACKHOUSE Walter John 16APR1860 Maryborough VIC. Father: Gilbert Crackenthorp Backhouse, printer, 34, b.Liverpool, England.  
    Mother: Catherine Backhouse nee LANAGAN, 25, b.Queens county, Ireland. Married 24MAR1850 Portland, Vic.
BURNET Charles William Percival Hughes 12JAN1881 Fitzroy VIC.  Father: Not stated.  
    Mother: Jessie BURNET, gentlewoman, 22, b.Adelaide, South Australia.
BURNET Jessie 30APR1858 Walkerville, Adelaide SA.  Father: Charles Burnet, stockholder.
    Mother: Elizabeth Burnet nee DAY.
BURNET John Belcour 24FEB1862 White Hills VIC.  Father: Walter Andrew Burnet, miner, 37, b.Edinburgh.
    Mother: Marion Burnet nee DIXON, 31, b.East Linton, England.  Married 23SEP1849 Edington.
BURNETT Sarah 17MAR1850 Kangaroo Ground VIC.  Father: George Burnett, farmer.
    Mother: Isabella.
BURNETT Thomas 31AUG1851 Kangaroo Ground VIC.  Father: George Burnett, farmer.
    Mother: Isabella.
CHASE Ilean Bell 19AUG1893 Willenabrina VIC.  Father: John Chase, farmer, 28, b.One Tree Hill near Gawler, Sth Australia.  
    Mother: Annie Maria Chase nee RYLES, 22, b.Goodwood, South Australia. Married 12MAY1891Willenabrina, Vic.
CLIFTON Alice 24APR1864 Birregurra VIC.  Father: James Clifton, carpenter, 34, b.Buckinghamshire, England.
    Mother: Sarah Clifton nee ROBERTS, 20, b.Cornwall, England.  Married 1861 Birregurra, Vic.
COAD Charles 16FEB1862 White Hills VIC.  Father: Charles Coad, miner, 30, b.Cornwall.
    Mother: Eliza Coad nee EADY, 24, b.St Just, Cornwall.  Married 05JUL1855 White Hills.
COOK Henry 12MAY1864 Colac VIC.  Father: Henery Cook, shoemaker, 40, b.London, England.
    Mother: Susan Cook nee DICKMAN, 22, b.Mount Blackwood, Victoria.  Married 1859 Geelong, Vic.
COOK William Henry 23OCT1860 Fyans Ford VIC.  Father: Henry Cook, shoemaker, 35, b.England.
    Mother: Susan Cook nee BLACKWOOD, 17, b.Victoria.  Married 1859 Geelong, Victoria.
DANDRIDGE Susan Elizabeth 19FEB1862 Epsom VIC.  Father: John Dandridge, schoolmaster, 39, b.Somersetshire, England. 
    Mother: Hannah Dandridge nee TWIGG, b.Derbyshire.  Married JUL1859 White Hills.
DARCY Ellen 23MAY1864 Birregurra VIC.  Father: Anthony Darcy, laborer, 24, b.County Clare, Ireland.
    Mother: Winifred Darcy nee MEAD, 25, b. County Clare, Ireland.  Married 1860 Colac, Vic.
DARCY John 03JUN1864 Birregurra VIC.  Father: Thomas Darcy, farmer, 32, b.County Clare, Ireland.
    Mother: Ellen Darcy nee MEAD, 35, b.County Clare, Ireland.  Married 1855 Duneed?
DONOHOE Florence 09FEB1881 Fitzroy VIC.  Father: Patrick Donohoe, dealer, 53, b.Dublin, Ireland.
    Mother: Susan Donohoe nee LINTOFF, 43, b.London, England.  Married 06JUN1862 Melbourne, Victoria.
DRAPER Frederick 19MAR1847 Melbourne VIC.  Father: Alfred Frederick Draper, sea steward.
    Mother: Elizabeth.
DRAPER Adeline24NOV1851 Melbourne VIC.  Father: Alfred Frederick Draper, sea steward.
    Mother: Elizabeth.
EARLEY William 19AUG1861 New Gisborne VIC.  Father: Patrick Earley, farmer, 40, b.Connaught, Ireland.
    Mother: Margaret Earley nee CREED, 24, b.Kerry, Ireland.  Married 1860 Melbourne.
FOGERTY Daniel 10AUG1861 Riddells Creek VIC.  Father: Philip Fogerty, labourer, 35, b.Tipperary.
    Mother: Catherine Fogerty nee O’NEIL, 31, b.Templemore, Ireland.  Married 1853 Templemore, Tipperary.
FROST Ernest John Lee 14DEC1867 Sandhurst VIC. Father: Charles Lee Frost, Draper, 33, b. London, England.
    Mother: Ann Frost nee CARDEN, 24, b. Liverpool, England.  Married 18SEP1860 Sandhurst, Vic.
GILLAM Emily Josephine 18JAN1881 Fitzroy VIC.  Father: Charles Gillam, cab owner, 35, b.Madras, India.
    Mother: Hannah Mary Gillam nee HIBBERT, 22, b.Fryer’s Creek, Victoria.  Married 06?MAY1877 Fitzroy, Vic.
GRAVEUR Matilda 23NOV1851 Melbourne VIC.  Father: David Graveur, musician.
    Mother: Charlotte.
GRAY Robert 09FEB1860 Maryborough VIC.  Father: Douglas Gray, dairyman, 29, b. Ayrshire, Scotland.
    Mother: Emma Gray nee PIKE, 19, b. Adelaide, South Australia. Married 27OCT1857 Carisbrook, Victoria.
HAMILTON Jane Elizabeth 03JAN1868 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: Andrew Hamilton, miner, 51, b.Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.
    Mother: Jane Hay Hamilton nee BROWN, 40, b.Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.  Married JUN1860 Bendigo, Vic.
HOCKADAY Lavinia 04FEB1852 Melbourne, VIC. Father: Thomas Hockaday, general dealer.
    Mother: Joanna Christina SCHULTON.
HOLLAND Sarah Ann 14MAY1893 Willenabrina VIC.  Father: Benjamin Holland, farmer, 26, b.Ballarat, Victoria.
    Mother: Sarah Holland nee JOHNS, 28, b.Bochara, Victoria.  Married 18NOV1890 Dimboola, Victoria.
JEWELL Adelaide 13JUN1870 White Hills VIC.  Father: William Jewell, miner, 45, b. Wendron, Cornwall.
    Mother: Jane Jewell nee CROUGHEY, 43, b. Wendron, Cornwall.  Married 28MAY1848 Wendron, Cornwall.
JOSE Anne Maria 05APR1860 Alma VIC. Father: Manuel Jose, miner, 27, b. ?
    Mother: Elizabeth Jose nee HECKLEY, 19, b. Melbourne, Vic.  Married 26OCT1858? Maryborough, Victoria.
LEWISLouisa 31JAN1852 Melbourne VIC.  Father: James Lewis, boarding house keeper.
    Mother: Catherine.
LUGTON Percy Fitzroy 31DEC1880 Fitzroy VIC.  Father: Alexander Joseph Lugton, engineer, 25, b. Collingwood, Vic.
    Mother: Emily Victoria Lugton nee MORCOMBE, 24, b.Collingwood, Vic. Married 23AUG1877 Fitzroy Vic.
MACK Susan 31JAN1868 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: James Mack, miner, 47, b. Sheffield, England.
    Mother: Honora Mack nee DWYRE, 28, b. C. Tipperary, Ireland.  Married May 1853 Melbourne, Vic.
MARSHALL Isabella 11FEB1862 Yankee Creek VIC.  Father: Alexander Marshall, sawyer, 40, b.Sterling, Scotland.
    Mother: Anne Marshall nee MARSHALL, 30, b.Sterling, Scotland.  Married 03FEB1849 Scotland.
MARTIN Christine Murray 07JUL1848 Woodstock? VIC.  Father: John Martin, farmer.
    Mother: Anne.
McCORMACK Cornelius 13OCT1861 Gisborne VIC.  Father: Patrick McCormack, farmer, 30, b.Clare, Ireland.
    Mother: Mary McCormack nee ROACH, 26, b.Clare, Ireland.  Married 1856 Clare, Ireland.
McCORMACK Margaret 07MAY1873 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: Patrick McCormack, laborer, 44, b.County Clare, Ireland.  
    Mother: Mary McCormack nee ROACH, 30, b.County Clare, Ireland.  Married 16JUL1858 County Clare, Ireland.
McCORMICK Michael 09NOV1868 Sandhurst, VIC.  Father: Patrick McCormick, miner, 36, b.County Clare, Ireland.
    Mother: Mary McCormick nee ROCHE,30, b. County Clare, Ireland.  Married JUN1855 Co. Clare, Ireland.
McINTOSH Margaret Jane 19JUL1873 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: Archibald McIntosh, woodcarter, 30, b.Inverness, Scotland. 
    Mother: Matilda McIntosh nee NOAKES, 28, b.Campbelltown, Tasmania. Married 12FEB1865 Pleasant Creek.
McMAN Catherine 26OCT1861 Epsom VIC.  Father: Anthony McMan, miner, 31, b.County Clare, Ireland.
    Mother: Margaret McMan nee MORAN, 29, b.County Clare, Ireland.  Married 13JAN1855 Bendigo.
McMILLIN Sarah Jane 25MAY1873 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: Andrew McMillin, cab proprieter, 33, b.County Antrim, Ireland.  
    Mother: Mary McMillin nee McDONNELL, 33, b. Kings County, Ireland. Married 31MAY1865 Sandhurst.
MEDLEND John Thomas 16JAN1868 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: Thomas Medlend, tailor, 32, b. Cornwall, England.
    Mother: Jane Medlend nee FIZELLE, 31, b. Limerick, Ireland.  Married 23SEP1861 Sandhurst, Vic.
PARISH Henry James 27SEP1893 Willenabrina VIC.  Father: John Parish, farmer, 24, b.Fullerton, South Australia.
    Mother: Adelaide Parish nee TIZARD, 23, b.Adelaide, South Australia.  Married 24DEC1887 Willenabrina, Vic.
PAYNTER George 26AUG1851 Bacchus Marsh VIC.  Father: Lawrence Paynter, labourer.
    Mother: Elizabeth.
PRYOR George Badcock 28APR1860 McCullums Creek VIC. Father: Thomas Pryor, bootmaker, 29, b. Cornwall, England.  
    Mother: Angelina Pryor, nee BADCOCK, 31, b. Cornwall, England. Married 06OCT1850 Cornwall, England.
REILLY Mary Jane 07NOV1851 Richmond Punt? VIC. Father: James Reilly, labourer.
    Mother: Marianne.
ROBERTS James 21NOV1851 Melbourne VIC.  Father: William Roberts, mariner.
    Mother: Eliza.
ROWE Ambros Barrett 23MAR1860 Adelaide Lead VIC. Father: Thomas Rowe, dairyman, 45?, b. Cornwall, England.
    Mother: Elizabeth Rowe nee BARRETT, 42, b. Devonshire, England. Married 12?JAN1834? Devonshire, England.
SANDERS Malcolm Gordon 10SEP1893 Willenabrina VIC.  Father: James Williams Sanders, farmer, 37, b.Creswick, Victoria.  
    Mother: Mary Ann Sanders nee DELLOW, 34, b.Gawler River, South Australia. Married 19MAR1885 Adelaide, South Australia.
SHARP John Hutchison 01JUL1873 Sandhurst VIC.  Father: John Hutchison Sharp, butcher, 35, b.Leeds, England.
    Mother: Mary Anne Sharp nee MURRAY, 35, b.Parramatta, NSW.  Married 29DEC1860 Melbourne.
SMALL Millicent Blanche 19FEB1907 Brownlow Hill NSW.  Father: Albert Small, butcher, 35, b.Bobs Range, NSW.
    Mother: Augusta Fredericka Small nee TISCHLER, 36, b.Germany.  Married 03APR1898 Menzies, W.A.
SMALL Thelma Augusta 26MAR1903 Hunters Hill NSW.  Father: Albert Small, butcher, 31, b.Camden, NSW.
    Mother: Augusta Fredericke Small nee TISCHLER, 33, b.Nekla, Germany.  Married 03APR1898 Menzies, W.A.
SUDDEN Janet 05AUG1861 Gisborne VIC.  Father: James Sudden, blacksmith, 30, b.Berwick, Scotland.
    Mother: Mary Sudden formerly RIDDLE nee HOGG, 31, b.Berwick.  Married 1859 Melbourne.
TISCHLER Theodore Wilhelm 13SEP1893 Willenabrina VIC.  Father: Gustav Tischler, farmer, 33, b.Nekla, Germany.
    Mother: Mary Tischler nee UBERGANG, 24, b.Croxton East, Victoria.  Married 10NOV1892 Croxton East, Vic.
WATSON Harriet 11FEB1881 Fitzroy VIC.  Father: William Watson, bootmaker, 35, b.Manchester, England.
    Mother: Harriet Watson nee WOOD, 24, b.Fitzroy, Victoria.  Married 20MAR1875 Fitzroy, Victoria.
WATSON Herbert Canard 26MAY1862 Macedon VIC.  Father: William Watson, carpenter, 37, b. Newcastle, Northumberland.  
    Mother: Henrietta Watson nee GREENBANK, 34, b.Derby, England. Married 1848 Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland.
WILBY Emma 05FEB1852 Melbourne VIC.  Father: George Wilby, wool sorter.
    Mother: Hannah.
WILLIAMS Emily 16OCT1851 Sandridge VIC.  Father: Fredeick Williams, waterman.
    Mother: Caroline.


ADAMSON John 22JAN1895 Melbourne VIC. 24. Father: Henry Adamson. Mother: Agnes Esther HUTCHINSON.
Richard Henry 06MAR1927 Long Gully VIC. 66. Father: William Allen. Mother: Jane LANCE. Spouse: Jane ADAMSON.
ANDREWS James 07MAY1888 Sandhurst VIC. 62. Father and Mother unknown.
ASHSON Rosalind Isabella 13NOV1927 Northcote VIC. 26. Father: Richard ATKINSON. Mother: Amelia EMERY. Spouse: Richard Ashson.
BERRYMAN William Henry 04JAN1916 Long Gully VIC. 65. Father: William Berryman. Mother: Johannah FRENCH. Spouse: Elizabeth ALLEN.
BETTRIDGE John 07DEC1894 Bolwarrah VIC. 78. Father & Mother: unknown. Spouse: Anne FOOT.
BLANN Benjamin 09NOV1927 Northcote VIC. 77. Father: Charles Blann. Mother: unknown. Spouse: Mary TILSON.
BOTTOMLEY Samuel 24JUL1915 Richmond VIC. 65. Father: Joseph Bottomley. Mother: Elizabeth MITCHELL. Spouse: Rose GROVES.
BOYCE Henry Joseph 02DEC1890 Bacchus Marsh VIC. 27. Father: Joseph Boyce. Mother: Catherine FORAN. Spouse: Sarah WORTHY.
BRASSER Albert Edward 26DEC1918 Bendigo VIC. 44. Father: William Brasser. Mother: Susan COPELAND. Spouse: Janet THOMAS.
BROWN Isabella 09JAN1916 Long Gully VIC. 73. Father: William WAUGH. Mother: Jane LINSAY. Spouse: Charles Brown.
BURNET James Thompson 08OCT1927 East Malvern VIC. 70. Father: George Burnet. Mother: Euphemia HENRY. Spouse: Elizabeth WHITE.
BURNET John Neilson 30NOV1908 Newtown NSW. 75. Father: Andrew Burnet. Mother: Jane HAMILTON. Spouse: Margaret AFFLECK.
BURNET Margaret Elphinston 03AUG1920 Marrickville NSW. 79. Father: John AFFLECK. Mother: Mary COLQUHOUN. Spouse: John Burnet.
BURNET Marion 06MAY1888 Sandhurst VIC. 56. Father: John DIXON. Mother: Martha unknown. Spouse: Walter Burnet.
BURNET Walter 28DEC1890 Epsom VIC. 68. Father Andrew Burnet. Mother unknown. Spouse Marion DIXON.
BURNET Winifred Steel 24APR1939 Mosman NSW. 57. Father: Naasson DAWES. Mother: Harriet TYE. Spouse: Joseph Burnet.
BURNETT Andrew  23OCT1863 Bega NSW. 76. Father: John Burnett. Mother: Ann WILSON. Spouse: Jane HAMILTON.
BURNETT Henry 16SEP1888 Sandhurst VIC.  62. Father: Andrew Burnett. Mother: Jean HAMILTON.
BURNETT Robert 22OCT1860 Bega NSW. 26. Father: Andrew Burnett. Mother: Jane HAMILTON. Spouse: Mary SPENCE.
BURTON John William 19FEB1921 Cohuna VIC. 36 hours. Father: Arthur Burton. Mother: Mabel BURNET.
CALHOUN Amelia 03AUG1915 Richmond VIC. 81. Father: William HORROK. Mother: Harriet HOWARTH. Spouse: John Calhoun.
CAMERON Donald 03DEC1873 South Yarra VIC. 47. Father: Donald Cameron. Mother: unknown. Spouse: Jane MORGAN.
CARROLL Sarah Elizabeth 02OCT1927 East Malvern VIC. 80. Father: John Carroll. Mother: Dora WORRALL.
CLARKSON Mary 04FEB1870 Majorca VIC. 15 mnths. Father: John Clarkson. Mother: Lydia THOMAS
CLASSON Mary Ann 06NOV1927 Northcote VIC. 64. Father: John DEVEREAUX. Mother: Mary OSBORNE. Spouse: Alfred Classon.
COLLARD Moysey John 05OCT1927 East Malvern VIC. 67. Father: Phillip Collard. Mother: Eliza WOODMAN. Spouse: Susan BOWDEN.
COLLINS Jack 03FEB1910 Long Gully VIC. 3 hours. Father: William Collins. Mother: Jane WARREN.
COLLINS John 25JAN1873 Kilmore VIC. 65. Father and Mother unknown. Not married.
COWLING Lily Louisa 01APR1904 American Gully VIC. 7 months. Father: Benjamin Cowling. Mother: Olga BERNICKER.
CRISP Honora Caroline 05NOV1890 Bacchus Marsh VIC. 66. Father: John ROSE. Mother: Harriet unknown. Spouse: Samuel Crisp.
CROWTHER Joseph 04JAN1916 Long Gully VIC. 73. Father: John Crowther. Mother: Betty OXLEY.
CUNNING Violet May 13AUG1906 Creswick VIC. 2 months. Father: James Cunning. Mother: Edith MITCHELL.
DRILLER Agnes Leontine 03JUL1978 Murtoa VIC. 81. Father: Wilhelm TISCHLER. Mother: Pauline NUSKE. Spouse: Ernst Driller.
DRILLER Ernst Heinrich 15NOV1971 Murtoa VIC. 78. Father: Joseph Driller. Mother: Hannah KOSCHITZKE. Spouse: Agnes TISCHLER.
DUNN Edward 15APR1885 Melbourne VIC. 22. Father and Mother unknown.
DUNN Kate 16JAN1919 Bendigo VIC. 80. Father and Mother unknown.
FEIDLER Robert Henry 22AUG1911 Long Gully VIC. 52. Father: Johann Feidler. Mother: Johanna KNORR. Spouse: Sarah LENNON.
FELDMAN Janet 07NOV1927 Northcote VIC. 90. Father: John HENDERSON. Mother: Isabella ALLEN. Spouse: Gefert Feldman.
FERGUSON Catherine 11DEC1873 South Yarra VIC. 38. Father: John JORDAN. Mother: Catherine HAYES. Spouse: Henry Ferguson.
FINCHER Francis 06FEB1891 Footscray VIC. 63. Father: Francis Fincher. Mother: Mary ROSSITER. Spouse: Eliza CATTLE.
FIRTH William Hartley 04FEB1891 Footscray VIC. 71. Father: Zechariah Firth. Mother: unknown. Spouse: Harriet BLACK.
FLEMING Robert 31DEC1872 Kilmore VIC. 60. Father and Mother unknown.Not married.
GAWTHORNE Jane 20MAR1862 North Melbourne VIC. 19 months. Father: William Gawthorne. Mother: Ann GLENNON.
GINBEY Florence 04FEB1891 Footscray VIC. 13 months. Father: Edgar Ginbey. Mother: Catherine McDONALD.
GIST George 03FEB1910 Long Gully VIC. 1. Father: George Gist. Mother: Elizabeth BURTT.
GRAHAM Alexander 05MAY1902 Glenrowan VIC. 59. Father: William Graham. Mother: Sarah JARDINE. Spouse: Martha KERSHAW.
Amelia 15AUG1906 Creswick VIC. Father: William HUGHES. Mother: unknown. Spouse: (1) John WALLIS. Spouse (2) John Greaves.
GREEN William 20MAR1862 Melbourne VIC. 51. Father & Mother: unknown. Spouse: Mary CLARK.
HANCOCK John George 20FEB1921 Gunbower VIC. 52. Father: William Hancock. Mother: Nancy FIRTH. Spouse Gertrude TIPPETT.
HARRIS Margaret 01AUG1906 Creswick VIC. 67. Father and Mother unknown. Spouse: Robert Harris.
HART Robert Cecil 14AUG1911 Long Gully VIC. 6. Father: Henry Hart. Mother: Helena PEARCE.
HENDERSON Elizabeth Day 19OCT1886 Melbourne VIC. 38. Father: Henry PRYOR. Mother: DAY. Spouse: William Henderson.
HILDEBRAND Phillip 28FEB1921 Cohuna VIC. 77. Father: John Hildebrand. Mother: Annie MASS. Spouse: Margaret FANNING.
HILLS Hannah 29NOV1892 Brunswick VIC. 26. Father: William BOOTHROYD. Mother: Ellen CLAYTON. Spouse: Thomas Hills.
HODGSON Sarah 30NOV1892 Brunswick VIC. 65. Father and Mother Unknown. Spouse: George John Hodgson.
HODKINSON Randolph 02DEC1892 Brunswick VIC. 9 months.  Father: Frederick Hodkinson.  Mother: Clara VICKERS.
HOGAN John Antony 31DEC1920 Cohuna VIC. 2. Father: Patrick Hogan. Mother: Mary BRENNAN.
HOGAN Martin 01MAR1870 Majorca VIC. 4 mnths. Father: Martin Hogan. Mother: Ellen LYNCH.
HUNTER Elizabeth 09MAY1888 Sandhurst VIC. 68. Father: John SMITH. Mother: Elizabeth EWING. Spouse: Joseph Hunter.
HUTCHINS Alfred Thomas 03FEB1911 Coleraine VIC. 16. Father: George Hutchins. Mother: Mary Ann PETERS.
HUTCHINS Hannah 11JAN1921 Cohuna VIC. 84. Father: Patrick HOGAN. Mother: Mary unknown. Spouse: Thomas Hutchins.
IRVINE William 14APR1885 Melbourne VIC. 47. Father and Mother unknown.
JAMES Rebecca 23JAN1895 Melbourne VIC. 30. Father: John WATTS. Mother: Jane MILLER. Spuse: Ernest Arthur James
JAMES Thomas 09APR1885 Melbourne VIC. 20. Father: Henry James. Mother: Mary HONAN.
JOHNSTONE Gladys Ethel 15DEC1890 Maddingly VIC. 4 months. Father: John Johnstone. Mother: Lizzie PARKER.
JONES Ellen 04FEB1891 Footscray VIC. 70. Father: unknown HOUSTON. Mother: Ellen CHAPMAN. Spouse: Robert Jones.
JORDAN Edith Annie 22OCT1886 Melbourne VIC. 2. Father: Richard Jordan. Mother: Jessie FRASER.
JORDAN John 20MAR1862 Melbourne VIC. 24. Father: John Jordan. Mother Catherine HAYES. Spouse: Margaret CONLON.
JORDAN John 08OCT1870 Melbourne VIC. 62. Father: John Jordan. Mother: Bridget unknown.
KELLY Edward 31DEC1890 White Hills VIC. 70. Father: Michael Kelly. Mother: Margaret LOUGHY.
KEMP Richard 02MAY1925 Dimboola VIC. 57. Father: Thomas Kemp. Mother: Esther CREEK. Spouse: Harriet BOND.
KINAVAN Patrick 19NOV1894 Bolwarrah VIC. 85. Father: Michael Kinavan. Mother: Margaret STEVENS. Spouse: Ann OHEHIR.
LACY Bridget 09MAY1888 Sandhurst VIC. 85. Father: Patrick FRAWLEY. Mother: Margaret GUILLIAN. Spouse: Thomas Lacy.
LANGDON Elizabeth 10AUG1911 Long Gully VIC. 79. Father: unknown MELLIN. Mother: Fanny PHILLIPS. Spouse: William Langdon.
LEAHY Elizabeth 28JAN1873 Bylands VIC. 63. Father: Thomas DWYER. Mother: Mary DWYER. Spouse: Thomas Leahy.
LEE Joseph 06AUG1915 Richmond VIC. 10 hours. Father: Sydney Lee. Mother: Florence SALTER.
LEE William 06AUG1915 Richmond VIC. 30 minutes. Father: Sydney Lee. Mother: Florence SALTER.
LUMGAIR John 06OCT1876 Melbourne VIC. 35. Father and Mother unknown.
MALONE Ellen 24JAN1900 Deniliquin NSW. 68. Father: Edward LALOR. Mother: Ellen FITZGERALD. Spouse: James Malone.
MALONE Ellen 22 AUG1923 Paddington NSW. 79. Father: Daniel HICKEY. Mother: Margaret MURPHY. Spouse: Edward Malone.
MALONE Thomas 08OCT1876 Emerald Hill VIC. 68. Father and Mother unknown.
MARKS Leila 21APR1925 Antwerp VIC. 32 hours. Father: William Marks. Mother: Rosa KENNEDY.
MARTIN Roy Leeson 09APR1904 Long Gully VIC. 6. Father: Frederick Martin. Mother: Mary ALLEN.
MASON Elizabeth 19MAR1855 Inverquharity VIC. 45. Father: Thomas AUSTIN. Mother: Elizabeth AUSTIN. Spouse: James Mason.
MCCORMACK John 30NOV1892 Brunswick VIC. 49. Father: Cornelius McCormack. Mother: Susannah O'SHAUGHNESSY. Spouse: Susan CASEY.
MCCORMACK Mary 15APR1885 Melbourne VIC. 25. Father: John McCormack. Mother: Susan CASEY.
MCCORMACK Susan 01NOV1927 Northcote VIC. 87. Father: John CASEY. Mother: unknown. Spouse: John McCormack.
MCCORMACK Thomas 06AUG1915 Richmond VIC. 46. Father: Patrick McCormack. Mother: Mary ROCHE. Spouse: Ellen EDWARDS.
MCCORMICK James 02FEB1910 Long Gully VIC. 44. Father: Patrick McCormick. Mother: Mary ROACH. Spouse: Margaret GUEST.
MCCORMICK John 06SEP1911 Long Gully VIC. 48. Father: Patrick McCormick. Mother: Mary ROACH. Spouse: (1) Catherine McINTOSH. Spouse (2) Mary O'BRIEN.
MCCORMICK Mary Ann 11MAR1927 Long Gully VIC. 96. Father: John ROACH. Mother: Mary FITZPATRICK. Spouse: Patrick McCormick.
MCCORMICK Michael 21JAN1919 Bendigo VIC. 41. Father: Patrick McCormick. Mother: Mary ROACHE. Spouse: Elizabeth WEBSTER.
MCCORMICK Patrick 08JAN1916 Long Gully VIC. 58. Father: Patrick McCormick. Mother: Mary ROACH. Spouse: Mary EDWARDS.
MCCORMICK Patrick 11APR1904 Long Gully VIC. 82. Father: Cornelius McCormick. Mother: Honora O'SHANNESSEY. Spouse: Mary ROCHE.
MCDONNELL Patrick 10MAY1902 Glenrowan VIC. 70. Father: James McDonnell. Mother: Bridget LACEY. Spouse: Honora HYNES.
MCKENZIE Jessie 15APR1885 Melbourne VIC. 24. Father and Mother unknown.
MILLAR Angelina Mary 05AUG1965 Balaclava VIC. 80. Father: George PRYOR. Mother: Bridget McCORMACK. Spouse: George Millar.
MILLER George 26MAR1911 Coleraine VIC. 66. Father: William Miller. Mother: Mary ROBINSON. Spouse: Margaret McSHEEHY.
MINIHAN Michael 14DEC 1906 Mooroopna VIC. 64. Father and Mother unknown.
MITCHELL John 16APR1904 Long Gully VIC. 17. Father: William Mitchell. Mother: Elizabeth GILBART.
MORGAN Henry Bridmead 07FEB1891 Footscray VIC. 13 days. Father: Charles Morgan. Mother: Mary Ann BEST.
MUNRO Vera Jane Johanna 06FEB1910 Long Gully VIC. 5 days. Father: Alexander Munro. Mother: Alice O'NEIL.
MURPHY John 12MAR1904 Clyde VIC. 89. Father: James Murphy. Mother: Jane SHEEDY. Spouse: Elizabeth O'LOUGHLIN.
MURRAY Edith 26DEC 1906 Mooroopna VIC. 4. Father: Henry Murray. Mother: Eliza JONES.
MURTAGH Leo. 12MAR1911 Hilgay? VIC. 1 month. Mother: Mary Murtagh.
MYERS Francis Octavious 03MAR1870 Majorca VIC. 10 mnths. Father: Henry Myers. Mother: Jane AUSTIN.
MYERS Samuel 28NOV1890 Epsom VIC. 63. Father and Mother unknown. Spouse: Mary Jane SULLIVAN.
NEAL Adelaide Victoria 13NOV1967 Coburg VIC. 77. Father: George PRYOR. Mother: Bridget McCORMACK. Spouse: (1) William THOMAS. Spouse (2) Albert NEAL.
NICOL Mary 08OCT1876 Melbourne VIC. 41. Father: Alexander Nicol. Mother: Isabella MINCHIN.
O’DWYER Richard 25NOV1872 Bylands VIC. 3 hrs. Father: Richard O’Dwyer. Mother: Bridget LEAHY.
OKANE Francis 22JAN1895 Melbourne VIC. 25. Father and Mother unknown.
Ellen 23JAN1895 Melbourne VIC. 28. Father and Mother unknown. Spouse: unknown.
Robert 06OCT1870 Carlton VIC. 51. Father and Mother unknown.
OTTREY Elizabeth Grace 16MAR1927 Long Gully VIC. 66. Father: Joseph HILL. Mother: Grace STEVENS. Spouse: John Ottrey.
PENDER Mary 20MAR1862 Melbourne VIC. 30. Father: Rody RYAN. Mother: Mary FITZPATRICK. Spouse: Michael Pender.
PROUT Alice 28NOV1892 Brunswick VIC. 5 months. Father: Albert Prout. Mother: Maria RIDDLE.
PRYOR Angelina 03FEB1870 McCullums Creek VIC. 40. Father: George BADCOCK. Mother: unknown.
PRYOR Bridget 19DEC1921 Long Gully VIC. 64. Father: Patrick McCORMICK. Mother: Mary ROCHE. Spouse: George Pryor.
PRYOR George Badcock 28APR1923 Long Gully VIC. 63. Father: Thomas Pryor. Mother: Angelina BADCOCK. Spouse: Bridget McCORMICK.
PYE Helen 05OCT1927 East Malvern VIC. 73. Father: John Pye. Mother: Margaret HEGGIE.
REARDON James 09MAY1902 Glenrowan VIC. 68. Father: Michael Reardon. Mother: Ann DESMOND. Spouse: Margaret LEAHY.
REGAN Dennis 30NOV1906 Mooroopna VIC. 75. Father and Mother unknown.
REID Jessie 04OCT1890 Bacchus Marsh VIC. 56. Father: Charles CUMMING. Mother: Jane FLEMING. Spouse: Alexander Reid.
REID Margaret Ellen 23MAY1950 Melbourne VIC. 62. Father: Denis REGAN. Mother: unknown MALONE. Spouse: Alexander Reid.
SALLMANN Kenneth 05JUN1925 Dimboola VIC. 12 days. Father: Walter Sallmann. Mother: May DAHLENBURG.
SAWYER Susannah 05OCT1870 Hotham VIC. 3 weeks. Father: James Sawyer. Mother: Eliza SMITH.
SEVENSON Bernard 05OCT1886 Melbourne VIC. 28. Father and Mother unknown.
SEYMOUR Frederick Charles 24JAN1919 Bendigo VIC. 65. Father: Charles Seymour. Mother: Annie CHAMBERLAIN. Spouse: Annie HANNAN.
SICKOLD Leslie 08MAY1888 Sandhurst VIC. 14 mnths. Father: Peter Sickold. Mother: Bridget CONDON.
SIMMONS Bertha 24NOV1873 South Yarra VIC. 5 weeks. Father: Thomas Simmons. Mother: Josephine DODD.
SIMPSON James 29NOV1906 Mooroopna VIC. 80. Father and Mother unknown.
SMITH Cedric Ivan 24APR1925 Dimboola VIC. 11. Father: Fred Smith. Mother: Jane THOMPSON.
SMITH Sarah 21MAR1862 North Melbourne VIC. 14 weeks. Father: David Smith. Mother: Mary Smith.
SNODGRASS Thomas Barton 07OCT1870 Melbourne VIC. 69. Father: Thomas Snodgrass. Mother: Jane unknown.
SPELLACY Thomas 28DEC1890 White Hills VIC. 84. Father: Donald Spellacy. Mother: Betty DALY. Spouse: Mary THOMAS.
SPONG John 19JAN1911 Coleraine VIC. 88. Father: Thomas Spong. Mother: Elizabeth KEAL. Spouse: Sarah BOXSHALL.
STEWART Adelaide Gow 07OCT1870 Hotham VIC. 1. Father: John Stewart. Mother: Hannah SIMMONDS.
SUDWEEKS Henry George 30APR1946 Sunshine VIC. 58. Father: Joseph Sudweeks. Mother: unknown. Spouse: (1) Annie REEVES. Spouse (2) Sarah COLLARD.
SUDWEEKS Mary Ann 12AUG1906 Creswick VIC. 80.  Father: BALDWIN. Mother: unknown. Spouse: Henry Sudweeks.
SULLIVAN Mary Ann 03NOV1906 Mooroopna VIC. 64. Father: Hugh LOURIMER. Mother: unknown. Spouse: William Sullivan.
SWANSON Grace 22JAN1895 Melbourne VIC. 25. Father and Mother unknown.
John 04DEC1872 Kilmore VIC. 53. Father and Mother unknown. Spouse unknown.
THOMPSON Walker 15OCT1886 Melbourne VIC. 54. Father: George Thompson. Spouse: Marie TIDYMAN.
THOMPSON William 16OCT1886 Melbourne VIC. 51. Father and Mother unknown.
TISCHLER Wilhelm Edward 11JUN1925 Dimboola VIC. 68. Father: Johann Tischler. Mother: Louise LIDTHE. Spouse: Pauline NUSKE.
TRANTER Selina 14MAR1870 Majorca VIC. 11 mnths. Father: James Tranter. Mother: Emma TIPPER.
TREZISE Esther 25DEC1921 Long Gully VIC. 52. Father: Richard Trezise. Mother: Elizabeth ROSEWALL.
TROCKS Harriet 07OCT1876 Melbourne VIC. 48. Father: Christopher NICOLS. Mother: Elizabeth CROSK. Spouse: David Trocks.
TUCKER William 10OCT1876 Melbourne VIC. 2 months. Mother: Jane Tucker.
TYDEMAN Emma 29NOV1873 South Yarra VIC. 72. Father: unknown BIRD. Mother: Emma unknown. Spouse: James Tydeman.
VARKER Albert James 14JAN1916 Long Gully VIC. 4 months. Father: Albert Varker. Mother: Alvina SANDES.
WADE Ernest Thomas S. 24NOV1873 South Yarra VIC. 7. Father: Thomas Wade. Mother: Elizabeth YOUNG.
WARD Ellen 30NOV1890 Maddingly VIC. 72. Father: Daniel CORRY. Mother: Norah LOGAN. Spouse: John Ward.
WARREN Henry 13SEP1911 Long Gully VIC. 38. Father: John Warren. Mother: Margaret SPIERS. Spouse: Mary TAYLOR.
WHELAN William 20AUG1906 Creswick VIC. 11 months. Father: William Whelan. Mother: Bridget RUSHAN.
WHITE William 01APR1904 Long Gully VIC. 72. Father: Richard White. Mother: Mary SEMMENS. Spouse: Mary THOMAS.
WILLIAMS Marion 29SEP1927 East Malvern VIC. 86. Father: James WILSON. Mother: Marion unknown. Spouse: John Williams.
WILSON Benjamin 03FEB1910 Long Gully VIC. 43. Father: John Wilson. Mother: Mary Ann SMITH.
WILSON William 20JAN1919 Bendigo VIC. 64. Father: Henry Wilson. Mother: Eliza unknown. Spouse: Maria BLUMNER.


ANDERSON Alexander (21, b. Sandridge, Vic) BOULTER Ann (21, b. Fitzroy, Vic) 27OCT1885 Fitzroy VIC
AH IN Won (25, b. Canton,China) ARMSTRONG Rosanna (22, b. Dublin) 15JAN1857 Melbourne VIC
BARRY John (29, b.Ireland) READY Johanna (26, b.Ireland) 30OCT1883 Melbourne VIC
BAXTER John (30, b.Gottland,Sweden) MCNEE Sarah (28, b.Perthshire,Sct.) 14JAN1874 Ballarat VIC
BEK Erick Bendixen (28, b.Denmark) SUDWEEKS Agnes Wiblin (20, b.Kent,Eng.) 15JAN1874 Ballarat VIC
BLAKE Thomas (22, b.Dublin) CARROLL Margaret (19, b.Kings County) 30AUG1856 Tower Hill VIC
BOHAN John (39, b.Tipperary,Ire.)MCCORMICK Bridget (22, b.Roscommon,Ire.) 06FEB1883 Woolahra NSW
BRODIE William (25, b.Co.Cavan,Ire.) GAVIN Mary (22, b.Kings Co.,Ire.) 11SEP1856 Belfast VIC
BURNET Robert SPENCE Mary 21SEP1853 Taylor’s Flat NSW
BURNETT George (30, b.Aberdeenshire,Sct) HAYES Johanna (20, b.Carrick on Suir?,Ire) 03FEB1856 Hamilton VIC
BURTON Arthur Leslie (22, b.Charlton,Vic) BURNET Mabel Myra (25,b.White Hills,Vic) 30NOV1920 Bendigo VIC
CAREY James (23, b. Berkshire,Eng.) GRIBBLE Alice (19, b. Redruth,Cornwall) 24DEC1864 Ballarat East VIC
DAVENPORT Henry (34, b.Lancashire) COOP Elizabeth (28, b.Lancashire) 15JAN1857 Melbourne VIC
DEMPSEY James HAYS Johanna 16FEB1853 Melbourne VIC
DOYLE Bernard (27, b.Co.Westmeath,Ire.) FENNERTY Anne (27, b.Co.Westmeath,Ire.) 12SEP1860 Kilmore VIC
DREW Francis (24, b. Hobart Town, Tas.) HARRISON Charlotte (17, b. London) 20OCT1864 Ballarat VIC
DRILLER Joseph (27, b.Paderborn,Ger.) KOSCHITZKI Johanna (29, b.Lyndoch,S.A) 16OCT1890 Murtoa VIC
DRILLER Joseph (49, b.Paderborn,Ger.) SCHULZ Anna (34, b.Vectis,Vic) 16OCT1912 Vectis VIC
DWYER John (25, b.Tipperary,Ire.) HILL Ellen (20, b.Tipperary,Ire.) 06SEP1862 Kyneton VIC
FERGUSON Henry (42, b.Co.Clare,Ire.) JORDON Catherine (22, b.Co.Limerick,Ire.) 13JAN1857 Melbourne VIC
FIRTH William BLACK Harriet 10MAR1851 Lake Bolac VIC
GREEN George (18, b. Brunswick, Vic) CLARK Charlotte Maria (18, b. Campbellfield, Vic) 28OCT1885 Fitzroy VIC
HANSER Conrad (28, b.Germany) MCDONNELL Mary Anne (24, b.Co.Antrim,Ire.) 25MAY1865 Ballarat VIC
HEALY Thomas (25, b.Clare,Ire.) KINAVAN Margaret (21, b.Clare,Ire.) 24AUG1862 Kyneton VIC
HENNESSY Maurice HENNESSY Sarah 10FEB1853 Melbourne VIC
HILL John Whitcombe HICKEY Maria 10FEB1853 Melbourne VIC
HYNAM Charles (41, b. Bristol,Eng)SUDWEEKS Augusta (33, b. Frindsbury, Kent, Eng.) 05NOV1864 Ballarat East VIC
IRELAND William Charles(25, b.Mickleham) WAUD Ruby Isabella (25, b.Bendigo,Vic) 27NOV1920 Bendigo VIC
JOHNSTONE John WALL Mary 10MAR1851 Fiery Creek VIC
JOWERS Frederic Henry (25, b.Brighton,Eng) MOYLAN Margaret Mary (23, b.Melbourne,Vic) 29OCT1885 Fitzroy VIC
KINIVIN Michael (24, b.Co.Clare,Ire.) KEAN Margaret (23, b.Co.Clare,Ire.)23MAY1865 Ballarat VIC
KIRBY John (29, b.Ireland) RYAN Mary (26, b.Ireland) 26OCT1883 Melbourne VIC
LEA Joseph Anthony (24, b. Wilcania, NSW) TURNER Agnes McGibbon (27, b. Nering, VIC) 23DEC1908 Bendigo VIC
MADDEN Dennis (24, b.Tipperary,Ire.) CONDON Margaret (21, b.Tipperary,Ire.) 08JUN1862 Melbourne VIC
MALONE Edward Ernest (24, b.Armagh,Ire.) HICKEY Ellen (21, b.Co.Tipperary,Ire.) 08JUN1862 Melbourne VIC
MCDONOUGH  Wentworth John Patrick (22, b. Wentworth, NSW) WRIGHT Alice (21, b. Bendigo, VIC) 23DEC1908  Bendigo VIC
MCINTOSH Alexander (26, b.Glasgow) MCLEAN Mary (22, b.Isle of Mull) 24JUN1854 Sth Geelong VIC
MOLONEY Edward (21, b.Co.Clare,Ire.) DWYER Catherine (27, b.Kings County,Ire.) 17SEP1860 Kilmore VIC
MOLONEY William James (22, b.Windsor,Vic) BROWN Jane (22, b.Collingwood,Vic) 04JUL1881 Prahran VIC
MOLONY Patrick (25, b.Co.Clare,Ire.) MCMAHON Margaret (17, b.Co.Clare, Ire.) 31MAY1865 Ballarat VIC
OLEARY Arthur (25,.Cork,Ire.) DONOVAN Mary (21, b.Cork) 08JUN1862 Melbourne VIC
PORTINGALE Walter (26, b.Romsey) YOUNG Ethel Maudie (26, b.Adelaide,S.A) 14OCT1908 Albert Park VIC
PRIESTLY Joseph (49, b.Lews,Eng.) MCGILL Jane Alexander (35, b.Co.Donegal,Ire.) 09JAN1874 Ballarat VIC
PRYOR George MCCORMACK Bridget 31JAN1883 Balranald NSW
PRYOR George (42, b.Bendigo,Vic) BURTON Mabel Myra (33, b.Bendigo,Vic) 18AUG1928 Prahran VIC
QUIN Henry (23, b.Co.Down,Ire.) PATON Elizabeth (21, b.Falkirk) 11JAN1867 Coleraine VIC
REARDON James (26, b.Co.Cork,Ire.) LEAHY Margaret (20, b.Co.Tipperary,Ire.) 19SEP1860 Kilmore VIC
REGAN Andrew CUMMINS Margaret 17FEB1853 Melbourne VIC
REGAN Denis (22, b.Collingwood,Vic) MALONE Ellen (16, b.Sydney,NSW) 27OCT1883 Melbourne VIC
REID Alexander (32, b.Peterhead,Sct.) CUMMINGS Jessie (21, b.Ballitar,Sct.) 29JUN1854 Geelong VIC
REID Alexander (21, b.Sandridge,Vic) FERGUSON Jane (21, b.West Melbourne,Vic) 23JUL1881 Prahran VIC
REID Alexander (22, b.Northcote,Vic) REGAN Margaret (21, b.Collingwood,Vic) 12OCT1908 Melbourne VIC
RIGHT Joseph (26, b.England) OBRIEN Margaret (21, b.Killaloe,Ire.) 24JUN1854 Geelong VIC
SCOTT William (25, b.Williamstown,Vic) BOOTH Maude Phoebe Lawrence (24, b.Dunedin,N.Z) 14OCT1908 Melbourne VIC
SMALL Albert (26,) TISCHLER Friedericke (28) 03APR1898 Menzies WA
SPENCER George (29, b.Suffolk,Eng.) GRACE Mary (22, b.Clare,Ire.) 24AUG1862 Kyneton VIC
STOREY Alfred Michael (24, b.Bendigo,Vic) PRATT Iris Evelyn (21, b.Bendigo,Vic) 06NOV1920 Bendigo VIC
TISCHLER Wilhelm (26) NUSKE Pauline (22) 20OCT1884 Springton SA
THOMAS William Henry (23, b. Clunes, VIC) PRYOR Adelaide Victoria (19, b. Long Gully, VIC) 23DEC1908 Bendigo VIC
WILSON John (21, b.Armagh) BERGIN Margaret (21, b.Tipperary) 03AUG1856 Tower Hill VIC


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