Supplementary Material for U3A Course: "Dealing with Climate Change"

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Day 2:


Climate Interactive

En-ROADS Simulator Click on the right hand box "Go to the EN-ROADS Simuator" 
En-ROADS on-line help
After starting En-ROADS, click on "Help" sub-menu
En-ROADS User Guide
En-ROADS User Guide
En-ROADS Reference Guide
400 page Reference Guide   (pdf file, version 92 ) 

General Refs

Wikipedia : Climate Change
Good overview
Climate Action Tracker
Country by country assessment of climate mitigation
Methane:  recent Guardian article NASA paper on surging methane
IPCC Reports
e.g. statements from the previous report  2018 action call
Huge resource for climate info, mainly oriented to US
Earth Inst,  Columbia Univ
Led by James Hansen
CarbonFootprint   CarbonIndependent
Some Carbon footprint calculators

Australian Refs and Organisations

Australian 2021 Climate Report Australian Academy of Science:  "Risks of a 3 degree warmer world"
National Center for Climate Restoration Reports on the Climate Change risks to Australia
The Australia Institute
Carries on work of the Climate Institute of Australia, with many CC reports 
Renew Economy
News and Analysis on Clean Energy, with daily newsletter
Climate Council
Many excellent reports, news etc. Team includes Will SteffenTim Flannery

Local Refs

Blog on En-ROADS by Bill Cowley
Comments on Carbon Sequestration by Jock

Dr Bill Cowley,