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The website is to share our interests in Japanese swords tsuba and related. An early interest has been swords from the central area of Japan, in particular Mino Province (Mino no Kuni: Noshu), and the neighbouring province of Kaga no Kuni (Kashu). Also included are new swords (Shinsakuto) from Kumamoto on Kyushu, notably the Kimura family (Kimura Token).

Tsuba interests are tetsu sukashi, Echizen Kinai school and the Yamashiro Tenpo group. We also list various reference books on all these topics. On trips to Japan we have visited various museums and exhibitions, and here share some of the interesting displays.

Mal and Sueko Cox, Brisbane, Australia.

Mal has been interested in Japanese swords and associated arts since his teens. Originally from Sydney, he graduated in geology and worked around much of Australia and the Pacific Basin, before further studies in Hawaii and New Zealand. He is a Professor in Hydrogeology at QUT, Brisbane, Queensland.

Sueko is from Hyogo Prefecture, and lived in Sasayama and the port city of Kobe, before moving to Australia. She has an interest in the cultural traditions and history of Japan, as well as the history and designs of sukashi tsuba.

Mal has written several books one jointly with Sueko, plus a number of articles for the Japanese Sword Society of the US, and the Token Society of Great Britain. Mal and Sueko continue to share their interest and collection of sukashi Tsuba and designs.

We hope you enjoy the website and find it useful.

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