Links to Japanese sword sites of interest


General Links

The Japanese Sword Guide
by Dr Richard Stein in the USA, is probably the most comprehensive website in English on all aspects of Japanese swords and related items. This site contains many useful links.

The Token Society of Great Britain
largely maintained by Clive Sinclaire in the UK and contains a wide range of useful and interesting material on swords, items and craftsmen, and links. Has a good sword gallery.

The Northern Token Society (UK)
based in northwest England, has some interesting articles and other useful material and links. Can register as a member for discussions.

Northern California Japanese Sword Club
club website with some very useful information on swords, kodogu and history, a range of other Japan information, plus updates on happenings.

The Japanese Sword
by Paul Martin from UK, now living in Japan, this site provides good information on manufacture of swords and related items. The site includes an oshigata gallery, links to traditional martial arts, and interesting video clips. Especially useful is a click-on map of Japan listing current swordsmiths by prefecture.

Japanese Art Swords
by Kenji Mishina, recognised Mukansa sword polisher. The site has quality information, articles and figures. Helpful in understanding the features of Nihonto is the “diagrammatic oshigata” page following the Kokan Nagayama sensei text translated by Mishina sensei.

Soul Smithing
by Canadian apprentice tosho Pierre Nadeau. He is apprentice to tosho Kiyota Jirokunietsu of Shimizu in Wakayama southern Honshu. An interesting site with great pictures and very informative about sword manufacture and materials.

Nihonto Kanji Pages
by Richard Turner, Perth, Australia, this is a very useful site about kanji and their sword-related and historical use. Also has some valuable articles and information, and a comprehensive list of good links.

Japanese Sword Collector
by Louis Skebo, in Canada, has useful pages on different types of swords and interesting discussion and many excellent photos of examples of his polishing. Also swords and other items for sale.

Ginza Choshuya
This is a comprehensive site with sales information, but a good range of support and reference material on all aspects of Nihonto. There is information on dates and eras, maps of old provinces, plus a very useful page showing examples of tsuba from different areas. There is an excellent page with names of parts for both koshirae and blades.

site of Robert (Bob) Benson, Hawaii, USA. Mostly a commercial site with a range of sword-related material, including articles. Good images of swords and tsuba. A trained polisher with deshi, plus information on shinsa.

Nihonto Antiques
Moses Becerra has a gallery with numerous excellent photos of blades in polish which show good detail of hamon, and in particular the metal grain and folding (kitae). Sales and polishing.
website by Danny Massey in Kentucky, USA, which is very well presented and provides some very useful educational as well as explanatory material on many aspects of Nihonto. There is a gallery and a sales section.

website of Robert Cole has lots of useful material, especially on history of tosho, and a folder of “Schools”.

website of Mike Yamasaki and John Kurata, has an item on Mino-to (Noshu Kanesaki) under Articles, also other oshigata.

Japanese Sword Index
has some good photos and information, one a selection of swords.

The School of Hizen Tadayoshi
site of Roger Robertshaw with much information and pictures of the Tadayoshi group of Hizen, individual tosho and other info of the area.
Also oshigata and history of main smiths, and can also buy a CD of his book on Hizen.

The Military Swords of the Japanese Empire (Gunto)
Text is both in Japanese and English but the site is well constructed and easy to follow. There is much detail and excellent photographs in particular of different types of gunto koshirae. This site by Mr Ohmura, Japan, is very interesting and will answer many questions about various gunto.

Nihonto Calender
This is sword-related activity diary by, more directed to North America,but with some very useful international material. It is linked to Google international news headlines.

Mr Kazushige Tsuruta of Aoi (Tokyo, Japan) is gratefully acknowledged for permission to use oshigata from the Aoi Art website for purposes of study. The descriptions on this website may add to those of the Aoi Art website.


Some Iaido Sites of Interest

Bayside Budokai
a dojo for aikido, iaido and jodo at Wynnum, in Brisbane, Queensland, with sensei David Kolb, who retains close links with his Japanese teachers

Ken Shin Kai
a website for an iaido and kendo dojo in Brisbane, Queensland, sensei John Isaacs and John Nicolas

Sei Do Kai
a website for iaido and kendo in Guelph, Canada, sensei Kim Taylor

International Shinkendo Federation
website of sword techniques and much on tameshigiri with dynamic sensei Toshihiro Obata, some great videos


Some Interesting Regions of Japan

Sasayama City
The official page of the City of Sasayama with good summary of interesting features and history.


Kobe City
Official page of Kobe City with a wide range of information about this international port city.


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