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Reference books on Tsuba | Sukashi Tetsu Tsuba

The website by Jim Gilbert provides a clear useful summary of sukashi and iron plate tsuba with clear images:
Tsuba, the Art of the Japanese Sword

This is a page from the website of Ginza Choshuya in Tokyo, that has a comprehensive summary of tsuba makers, schools and areas with example images. It is very informative:
Tsubakou and Kinkou

A stimulating site presenting in a wide range of valuable information and discussion about sword fittings. Hosted by Richard Turner in Perth, Australia:

Grey Doffin in the USA sells various items mainly books and tsuba. His website has many very good pics of tsuba, from his list and from the Skip Holbrook collection:

The Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University has an excellent online resource for tsuba: Sir Arthur H. Church collection which was catalogued by Albert James Koop in 1929. This shows over 1260 tsuba; can click on pic for enlarged and very clear images. Tsuba are grouped as “schools”, and there is also a useful text of general explanation.
A.H. Church collection of tsuba, Ashmolean Museum

The following are both commercial and interest websites that display many examples of tsuba with clear images:
www.Aoi Art.com (Tokyo, Japan)

www.Nihonto.com (Fred Weissburg, USA)

www.Nihonto.us (Andrew Quirt, USA)

www.Nipponto.com (Sergio Magotti, Italy)

www.Ricecracker.com (Mike Yamasaki; John Kurata, USA)

sanmei.com/en-us/enter.html (Tokugawa Art, Japan)

tsuba-no-bi.com (Marc Le Pelletier from Canada, in English and French)

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