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23rd Dec 2007    New file added, Petrol Engines.
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24th Jun 2005    A new Alfa 75 Twin Spark Start Sequence information Page has been added.
3rd Jun 2005    A new ARC information Page has been added.
20th Apr 2005    New file added, ECU diagnostics (Italian).
24th Mar 2005    A new Page showing a wiring modification to RHD Twin Spark's.
14th Mar 2005    A new Tools Page has been added with drawings of some Alfa special tools.
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Alfa 75 / Milano Workshop Manuals
Group 00, Complete Car      6.7 Mb 16-Jan-04 (Pages Missing)    Click Here
Group 01, Engine    21.2 Mb 16-Jan-04 (Pages Missing)    Click Here
Group 04, Fuel System    12.1 Mb 16-Jan-04 (Pages Missing)    Click Here
Group 05, Ignition, Starting and Charging      4.0 Mb 16-Jan-04 (Pages Missing)    Click Here
Group 07, Engine Cooling System      2.7 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 12, Clutch      4.7 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 13, Gearbox      6.6 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 15, Transmission/Tail Shaft      1.2 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 17, Differential And Axles      5.5 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 21, Front Suspension      3.0 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 22, Brakes      9.5 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 23, Steering      3.8 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 25, Rear Suspension      1.7 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 40, Electrical    13.2 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 43, Cluster and Electronic Instruments      2.8 Mb 16-Jan-04 (Needs also Alfa 90 below)    Click Here
Group 49, Body      7.7 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 55, Doors      1.6 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 56, Bonnet and Boot Lid      1.1 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 66, Internal Trimming      2.4 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 75, External Trimming      1.6 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 80, Heater and Aircon      2.0 Mb 16-Jan-04 (Pages Missing)    Click Here
Alfa 75, Workshop Manual Temp Edition      4.9 Mb 16-Jan-04    Click Here
Alfa 75, Twin Spark 'S' Version with Catalytic Convertor    17.5 Mb 08-Mar-04    Click Here
Alfa 75, Electrical & Electronic Diagnosis Thanks to Jon Everett
              Section A (Motronic 2)      3.6 Mb 27-Jan-04    Click Here
              Section B (LE2 Jetronic & EZ 201K Turbo)      2.6 Mb 27-Jan-04    Click Here
              Section C (Motronic 4.1)      4.2 Mb 27-Jan-04    Click Here
              Section D (L-Jetronic)      3.3 Mb 27-Jan-04    Click Here
              Section E (Electrical Diagrams)    19.5 Mb 28-Jan-04    Click Here

Alfa 90 Workshop Manuals (Extra details on the ARC and Heater + some four cylinder stuff)
Group 00, Complete Car      5.1 Mb 25-Jan-04 (Pages Missing)                          Click Here
Group 43, Cluster and Electronic Instruments Thanks to Tony Lupton
     5.7 Mb 25-Jan-04    Click Here
Group 80, Heater and Aircon      7.5 Mb 25-Jan-04 (Pages Missing)    Click Here

Other Manuals
ECU info and diagnostics (Italian)      1.0 Mb 20-Apr-05                           Click Here
Petrol Engines 1.6, 1.8, 1.8Turbo, 2.0, 2.0TwinSpark    25.7 Mb 23-Dec-07                           Click Here

Modifacations Pages:

     Rear electric windows
     Electric window switches
     RHD power lead

Information Pages:

     Fuel quality plug
     Alfa Romeo Control (ARC) panel
     75 TS Start Sequence
     Heater/Radio Console Removal

Tools Page

My Links Page