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This page will cover adding extra ground wires for the Alfa 75 rear windows
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Additional rear window ground wires

The rear (electric) windows in the Alfa 75 can sometimes be really slow.

I put this down to four possible causes:
1/ Old motors
2/ Sticking mechanism
3/ Power wires too long
4/ Ground wires too long

This modification will address problem No. 4 and should give an improvement in window speed.

It is an fairly easy mod. and can be undone if desired.

Step 1:   Open the lid of the console box, lift up the carpet on the bottom and undo the screw.
          (Note the cloth tab I have glued to the bottom of the carpet to make this easier in the future)


Step 2:   Remove the rear ash tray, undo the screws and remove the lighter panel.
Step 3:   Reach through the lighter panel and push up the window switches. Un plug the connectors.


Step 4:   Lift the rear section of the console. Reach behind the mirror switch panel and push it out.
          Turn the mirror switch panel 180 and work it back through the holes to remove it.


Step 5:   Use a small screw driver to remove the ground (black wire) spade connectors from the window switch connectors.


Step 6:   Solder new wires (the same size as the black wires and about 400mm long) to the spade connectors.


Step 7:   Bend out the retaining tab on the spade connectors and refit them to the window switch connectors.


Step 8:   Solder screw terminals to the other ends of the wires and fit them under a hand brake mounting bolt.


Step 9:   Reassemble everything in reverse order.

That's all, easy wasn't it :-)

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