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Clarion source code for C6

All examples have bugs and lack features but may be a useful starting point. Bug fixes/reports or feature additions would be greatly appreciated.

Encryption implementations by Christophe Devine

The md5, sha1, sha256, base64 and Des/3Des implementations work well. AES is causing me problems still. (updated - now create hashes on files, thanks Christophe)

Source(49797 bytes, last modified: 16/03/2004) Compiled(584164 bytes, last modified: 12/03/2004)

Image manipulation

Example of using the FreeImage DLL. This is a work in progress, please add a feature and send it back to me.

Source (35501 bytes, last modified: 27/02/2004) Compiled (848452 bytes, last modified: 15/03/2004)

Compression formats

I am not currently using any of this code in a project so treat with caution. Please email your fixes or additions.


The hello world of winsock programs, download a file from a HTTP server. Supports HTTP 1.0 ONLY.  (asynchronous) Source (33759 bytes, last modified: 24/02/2004)

Using winsock and the OpenSSL libraries to download a file from a HTTPS server. (synchronous, email me for the source) Compiled (1201146 bytes, last modified: 27/02/2004)

Useful Utilities

NSIS - Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System. Small fast and free.

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