t h e   m a v e r i c k s

 c r e d i t s   a n d   t h a n k s

a great big thank you to the various 'remodeling team' and 'mavfiles' mailing lists, especially alll these folk who have helped over the years,  (in alphabetical order);
clint, eric van gorkom, carole hancock, lou (hamburg), fiona hedger, sylvia howard, johnny kihl, jacky malins, greg scearce, jack scully, carole trask, michelle and rob van vlijmen, mandy moochild, paul, carol and ian reay, selena, carolyn "silky" sears, and tricia (uk)  who all have contributed wholeheartedly their time, generousity, help, late night conversations and most of all - friendship - in this wonderfully big green world of ours

to ellen and bernie for their work on the original 'mavericks mailing list' , and sharon for her original  mavericks' home page and pointing the way to the 'mml' ...

to 'the mavericks' - for continuing to provide simple, big, fun music - with a big heart !!!!
         - a more than welcome and joyous relief  to the all too often dull and predictable airwaves....

thanks also to Maverick drummer, Paul Deakin for his appreciation and encouragement

not forgetting a maverick in his own write, Kevin Montgomery, for his faith in the wonderful human condition, and the opportunity to share in that faith

and a special thanks in particular to Maverick Mr Nice Guy, Robert Reynolds, for his generosity, goodwill, inspiration and friendship

finally to anyone who has enjoyed their journey into this maveriquian province of an everyday maniac

until we meet somewhere down the track, tara...

                                                                                                                        chris swann 2008

the author, 
with robert reynolds and musical buddy, kevin montgomery ! 

photo © 2001 lesley swann