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2003 and The Mavericks have reunited with Eddie Perez replacing Nick Kane on lead guitar duties. The new album, on the label that brought us Motorhead and recently signed Morrissey - UK based Sanctuary Record - is simply called 'The Mavericks' and was released in September. A USA and UK tour will see out the year's true reformation.


2002 has The Mavericks continuing their individual musical paths, Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin will be returning to sunny climes of Florida, performing with Kevin Montgomery (and Scotty Huff), with a short residency at the Hogsbreath in Key West, from 18th - 31st of March.


2001 was a very transitional year for The Mavericks, with the word from all members that at this point in time, the band ceased to exist as a recording and performing group. No new official Mavericks recordings were released, but repackaged 'best of ' selections appeared. However, there were plenty of musical outpourings as individuals, members of or contributors to developing  side-groups, or as touring and performing musicians along with fellow singer-songwriters.

Raul Malo released his solo album,  Today in October. He will undertake another UK tour sometime in 2002 to promote the album.

Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin released a self-titled EP under the band moniker of Paint, with musicians Kevin Montgomery and Doug Pettibone. A tour of the UK was also undertaken as Paint in mid year. Robert also begun earnest touring with his band SWAG and also accompanied Kevin Montgomery on his tour to Australia in November.


As the year 2000 made it's way through to 2001, the real start to the new millenium, The Mavericks continued their hibernation in terms of new 'group' outings. There were a few live shows in August, supporting The Dave Matthews Band which featured the guesting of Kenny Vaughn on lead guitar, replacing Nick Kane, who unfortunately, was found surplus to all things Maverickian, earlier in May.

And the boys were also seeking a new label, after releasing just one album - The Best Of , with Mercury-Nashville. They appear to be seeking one that can market The Mavericks music to a much broader audience. So as for new Mavericks material, that is unlikely to appear for quite awhile.

In the meantime, many side projects are being worked on including Raul Malo producing KT Oslin's new album (and co-writing with KT Oslin a song called, Maybe We Should Learn To Tango) as well as Ethan Allen's new album. He continues to write new songs with Jaime Hanna, Taboo, I See You and Everything Little Thing About You respectively. Like Robert Reynolds and Jerry Dale McFadden, Raul is also contributing more new music and vocals to childrens' animated videos.

Robert Reynolds was also very busy contributing new music to childrens' animated videos (see below), continuing his work with SWAG, who are releasing their debut album Catchall later this year. He also performed on an August tour of the UK tour with singer/songwriter Kevin Montgomery (son of Bob Montgomery - Buddy Holly's original songwriting and singing partner) and another fellow singer/songwriter Jeff Finlin. Paul Deakin also assisted on those live performances after recovering from heart surgery and the birth of his new child. Both Robert and Paul are shown below with Jeff Finlin - picture courtesy of Sylvia Howard.


2000 also saw Paul Deakin receive great acknowledgment for his drumming performances on new recording artist David Mead's album, The Luxury Of Time. Paul provided his contributions while The Maverick's toured the UK in 1998. This explains his noticeable absence from behind the kit during two TV taped performances on TOTP's (where Jaime Hanna sat in and improvised - i.e mimed). Paul has also fitted in occasional tour dates with David Mead.

Below is a brief excerpt of the review:
 *  It's obvious that Mead didn't spend all his time sitting with his producers puzzling over computer print-outs. "I actually brought all of my living room furniture into the studio," he laughs, "and we recorded around it. All the musicians were more like guests. We would do however many takes, then just sit down right there and have coffee." That explains why heavyweights like drummers Kenny
Aronoff (John Mellencamp) and Paul Deakin (The Mavericks), saxophonist Jim Horn (Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Steely Dan), 75 year old lap steel player Kayton Roberts (Hank Snow), and guitarist Rusty Anderson (Lisa Loeb, New  Radicals) turned in such stellar performances.*
 *  Check out the full review at: http://www.connect2music.com/davidmead/audioframe.html

There is supposed to be a duet between Raul Malo and the late great Roy Orbison performing Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water, gathering dust in the vaults somewhere!!
Hopefully, it will see the light of day !!

Robert Reynolds has put together the soundtrack for another children's educational video series. The project, called Antarctic Anthems, is 11 stories about penguins.(cool!) Raul Malo performs one song and also Trisha Yearwood.

One song, Antarctic Anthem, tells the children about the nature of the Antarctic, the climate that these penguins live in and so forth. As the project is for a children's series, Robert is able to indulge in some silliness (what's new?), and is very tongue in cheek.

With Antarctic Anthem, Robert has created a We Are The World style anthem, and the lyrics are apparently "So funny because they're absurd. The resounding chorus is 'Antarctica, Antarctica, where winters are so darktica. It's so silly, to sing it so seriously with big powerful voices like Raul's, it sounds so funny."
And this is just the tip of the iceberg, folks - chill out!


Raul Malo and Chet Atkins were reportedly working together on an album of old Spanish songs. At the prompting of their mutual physician, Dr. Coleman, Atkins will strum and Malo will produce the album and sing on some selections, which include "Candilejas" ("City Lights"), "Solamente Una Vez" ("Only One Time") and many others.

The Mavericks played the Doug Sahm Tribute Show on 4th December 1999,  at the Antone's  in Austin, Texas. Doug Sahm, a legend of the roots-rock genre, built his reputation in the Sir Douglas Quintet and the Texas Tornados. Other acts performing were Lucinda Williams, Joe Ely and Lee Roy Parnell. Doug Sahm suffered from heart disease and died on 19th November, 1999.

The Mavericks signed to Mercury-Nashville late 1999 (still under the mamoth Universal umbrella) and their first album release came pre-christmas 1999, and was simply called The Best Of The Mavericks in Europe/Australia, while in USA it was called Super Colossal Smash Hits Of The 90's - The Best Of The Mavericks . The European/Australian release contained 15 tracks while the USA release only 12. Two singles have been released Things I Cannot Change and Here Comes My Baby (both on the same CD single in the UK!).

Raul Malo completed his first ever solo tour of UK in October 1999, performing acoustically. Songs included Mavericks tunes, new original compositions, in English and Spansish and Raul's favourites !!

The Mavericks performed their version of Hot Burrito #1 from the Gram Parsons Tribute album during a recent recording of the Sessions at 54th Street aired during the series shown late 1999. Other performing artists were Emmy-Lou Harris, Steve Earle, Victoria Williams, Sheryl Crow and current host John Hiatt.
Raul Malo also performed an acoustic version of the song during his first UK tour in 1999, including a recorded appearance on BBC Radio2 (with Billy Bragg interviewing). He also sang the Nat King Cole standard, Answer Me (My Love) on the same show.

Since his path down a different track, piano player extraordinaire, Jerry Dale McFadden has been found writing and recording with Robert in their SWAG outfit, touring and recording with 6p None The Richer, and also contributing to projects with Trent Summar and the New Row Mob.

The songs that bounced back ! ! !