t h e   m a v e r i c k s
h o n o u r   r o l l

n i c k    k a n e   -   g u i t a r i s t

d i s c o g r a p h y

l o n g    p l a y e r s  -  s o l o

Songs In The Key Of E
USA - (distributed by) HepCat LList Records LLR 089 (8/99)
UK -  Demon Records Fiend CD 944 (9/99)

Produced by Nick Kane
 1.   Dog Eat Dog  (Nick Kane - E Angel)
 2.   Dog Fight  (Nick Kane)
 3.   Guitars, Guitars, Guitars (Lee Hazelwood)
 4.   Doggish  (Nick Kane)
 5.   Into The Fire (Richie Blackmore-Jon Lord
                                                 - RogerGlover- Ian Paice-Ian Gillan)
 6.   Panatella (Re-recorded solo version)  (Nick Kane)
 7.   Beach Party  (Humphrey-Sundquist)
 8.   Joggin' Along  (James Brown)
 9.   The Lonely Puppy Blues  (Nick Kane)
 10. Tornado Stomp  (Nick Kane- B Vickers)
 11. The Dawg  (Nick Kane-Scotty Huff)
 12.  Hush Puppy  (Nick Kane)
l o n g    p l a y e r s  -  p r e - m a v e r i c k s
IKO-IKO   Riding On The Rims 
USA - (92)
  Recorded live at
Tobacco Road, Miami, Florida
 it also includes Sting and Don Henley
IKO-IKO   Snow Storm In The Jungle
USA - Kingsnake Records (88)
Snowstorm In The Jungle
(G Drout - Nick Kane)
Donít Mess With The Voodoo
(G Drout - R Hemphill - J Smith - Nick Kane)
g u e s t    a p p e a r a n c e s
Holiday Romance
Nick Kane Producer, Guitar and Spoken Word
Holiday Romance
by Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra
Universal Canada M126265 (10/98)
s o n g w r i t e r
(Written prior to his involvement with The Mavericks)

Nicholas James Kane
(BMI Songwriter No 196117947)

Belt The Welt (Nick Kane)
Burning Down (Graham Drout - Nick Kane)
Do Sumpin (Do Something) (Frances Baytos - Joseph Modeliste - Nick Kane)
Late Hours (Graham Drout - Robert Hemphill - Nick Kane)
Los Dos Ikos (Graham Drout - Robert Hemphill - Joseph Smith - Nick Kane)
Too High To Drive (Graham Drout - Nick Kane)
Walking Through The Swamp (Steven Mahoney - Nick Kane)