p a i n t


 a n o t h e r     a r t i s t i c    e n d e a v o u r

As the hiatus between Mavericks' outings becomes an ever increasing horizon, Robert Reynolds (when not Swaggering about) and Paul Deakin have employed their talents supporting the likes of Kevin Montgomery and Doug Pettibone. Particularly on several tours of the UK and Europe, and more recently, in the studio (lots of information about Kevin's UK tours, etc at www.kmband.co.uk) As a rhythm section that appears unable to keep still, Robert and Paul, together with Kevin and Doug, have actually decided to form another transient  musical alliance. This time they are going under the moniker of Paint.

As expected, other musical acquaintances have been inducted to lend a brush stroke or two, including fellow Swagmen, the ubiquitous  Jerry Dale McFadden, and the also very computer literate Doug Powell, not to mention, Trisha Yearwood and Pat Buchanan

Kevin Montgomery, a singer-songwriter gaining increasingly positive critical acclaim, is the son of Bob Montgomery. This 'Bob' being from the 'Buddy and Bob' duo arising from Lubbock, Texas in the early 50's; the Buddy being of the very well known 'Holly' variety. On the other hand, Doug Pettibone, apparently has more instruments than he knows what to do with, but knows how to play them all very well.

Their live shows have included a combination of songs written by Kevin, an odd Maverick tune - I Don't Even Know Your Name, and a rainbow of covers, such as I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James and The Shondells), She's Not There (The Zombies), I Wish I Were Blind (Bruce Springsteen), American Girl (Tom Petty), Fade Away (Buddy Holly), Ooh Las Vegas (Gram Parsons) and the Cajun Song.

Paint also appeared at the Exit/In as part of Billy Block's Western Beat Showcase on 3 July, 2001.

One half of Paint, Kevin Montgomery and Robert Reynolds toured Australia during November, 2001. This was the first time that Robert supported Kevin Montgomery as a singer/songwriter in his own right! For many pictures and my reviews of the Adelaide portion of the tour click here.

Two thirds of Paint, Kevin Montgomery, Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin toured UK during December, 2001 - January, 2002. They were joined by Edinburgh singer/songwriter Dean Owens, performing solo and with the band; the legendary slide-man Al Perkins, and a young guitarist from Denmark, Rune Kjeldsen. For many pictures and my reviews of UK tour click here.

Below is a tour poster for their show at Darlington, England.

Below is a tour poster for their show at Clare, South Australia.

Their debut recording is an independent, eponymously titled 4-track EP. Their musical style is drawn from a new wave perspective on The Flying Burrito Brothers' palette, with just a dab of tradition here and there, and highlighted by a stroke or two from the Mavericks' own colouring book.A very groovy satin finish!

d i s c o g r a p h y

e p ' s

 USA - label with no name -  P1001CD  (5/01)

Recorded and Mixed by Eli Shaw

1. Tennessee Girl* (Kevin Montgomery)
2. Bella Bina*  (Kevin Montgomery) 
3. Cajun Song ^  (J Valenzuela)
4. Melrose*  (Kevin Mongomery - L  Gottlieb)

 Personnel : 
 Kevin Montgomery -  6/12 str guitars, vocals (lead *) 
 Doug Pettibone - assorted guitars, vocals 
 Robert Reynolds - bass, vocals (lead ^) 
 Paul Deakin - drums, vibes 
   ( & Bruce Bouton, Pat Buchanan, Robin Eaton, Jerry Dale McFadden, Doug Powell, Eli Shaw, Trisha Yearwood and Baja Burrito) 

w e b c a s t s

Planet Earth - Western Beat from the Exit/In  Nashville - 3 July  2001
Songs played:
Melrose / I Don't Even Know Your Name / Your Kind Of Love / I Wish I Were Blind / Tennessee Girl / Cajun Song / Ooh Las Vegas

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