t h e   m a v e r i c k s

 p a u l    d e a k i n

the drummer extraordinaire (and occasional songwriter)

Paul Deakin, one half of The Mavericks dynamic 'rhythm' duo. Along with bassist Robert Reynolds , they formed the backbeat of the group - an integral and unique component that help make the 'sound' that is The Maverick's very own.

In recent times Paul has been involved with the studioand live work of singer/songwriter David Mead.  He has even made the casual studio appearance with Roberts's beat combo SWAG.
Most recently, he has also teamed up with his syncopated partner in rhythm, Robert Reynolds, the sensitive singer/songwriter Kevin Montgomery, and guitarist Doug Pettibone, to form the oh-so colourful four-some, known as PAINT.

Since The Mavericks seem to have currently hung up their boots, Paul has also played many shows in and around Nashville, as Paint and also backing one of Scotlands finest hidden treasures, singer/songwriter Dean Owens. He has also undertaken extensive tours of the UK and Europe with Kevin Montgomery, together with Robert Reynolds and a veritable host of fellow songwriters and musicians under the temporary collective names of the Renegades and  The Road Trippers.

If the past records Paul has been involved in are to be the yardstick by which we can draw any expectations, then Paul Deakin will continue to provide any combo he hits the 'sticks' with - a solid foundation on which rock and roll of the Maverick variety, is laid!

d i s c o g r a p h y

 g u e s t    a p p e a r a n c e s
various songs
Paul Deakin - drums
Dean Owens - live 
Webcast from Western Beat , Nashville
(20th March 2001)
Various Tracks - Paul Deakin drums
The Luxury Of Time by David Mead
RCA (BMG) 67721 (9/99)
Various tracks - Paul Deakin drums
Desire Road  by Bob Woodruff
Imprint 10008 (3/97)
Various Tracks - Paul Deakin drums
Mary Karlzen by Mary Karlzen
Y&T 2   (1/92)
t h e    s o n g w r i t e r
At selecetd times during The Mavericks' musical adventures, Paul has taken time to collaborating with other songwriters, building up a small body (or maybe skeletons!) of songs not currently available in The Mavericks' or any of their side-projects recorded catalogue of works.
These songs can be found registered with BMI (a major music publisher). Most of these have yet to be commercially released by any of the The Mavericks themselves, or through some other outlet.
Paul Wylie Deakin
(BMI Songwriter No 336357751)

Out Of This World (Jerry Dale McFadden - Paul Deakin)
Anyway She Gives It Away (Shawn Martin - Paul Deakin - Chip Nietfield - Tres Sasser)
Big Protect (Paul Deakin - Robert Bradley)
Go Away (Steve Woods - Paul Deakin - James Digirolamo)
Grounded (Shawn Martin - Paul Deakin)
Holiday (David Mead Jr - Paul Deakin)
King Of My Drama Queen (Shawn Martin - William Sasser III - Paul Deakin - Chip Nietfeld)
Life Worth Leaving (David Mead Jr - Paul Deakin)
Love Like This (Steve Woods - Paul Deakin)
My Casa Su Casa (Paul Deakin - Jaime Hanna)
Teardrops (Steve Woods - Paul Deakin)
Way Back Home (Paul Deakin - Robert Bradley - Matt Ewing)