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 A collection of  The Mavericks' 'live' performances on radio.

UK - BBC Radio2 -  7 December 1999
Songs played:
Hot Burrito #1 / Dance The Night Away (both songs Raul solo)

Transcript of the interview with Richard Allinson.

UK - BBC Radio2 - 30 October 1999
Songs played:
Answer Me My Love / Hot Burrito #1 (both songs Raul solo)

Raul Malo appears once again in the Maida Vale studios, with Billy Bragg at the reins. Raul performs two very beautiful songs with just acoustic guitar to accompany his clear crystal voice.
Answer Me My Love is an old 50's song from the repertoire of Nat King Cole amongst others, (even Bryan Ferry has had a go at this one too). Raul sings it to the melody as found on the Nat version, but without all the unneccessary 50's fodder attached to many recordings of that vintage, and consequently the lyrics ring loud and true. Real sweet!
Hot Burrito #1, also laid naked by Raul's solo treatment, creates an air of even more desperation than The Mavericks' own recent recording. Alone with this desperation, Raul's lonesome performance sends the shivers even further down the spine. A sparkling gem.

UK - BBC Radio2 - 15 May 1999
Songs played:
Some One Should Tell Her / Pretend / Tell Me Why / What A Crying Shame /  Dance The Night Away

The Mavericks return to the BBC Maida Vale studios in London, for a live to air performance - with suitably impressed presenter/interviewer Billy Bragg. Impressed that is, with the amazingly brilliant sound that the boys are putting out - complete with the Havana Horns. They give a snapshot of what to expect from their forthcoming 6 big nights at The Royal Albert Hall. Five smashing renditions, including their current single Some One Should Tell
Her, a tough Tell Me Why and their biggest singles to date on oposite sides of the globe, What A Crying Shame and Dance The Night Away.

However the highlight of this show is the new Horns-assisted Pretend, which really jives and swings along in an even deeper groove than the original version. Another gem for the live collection jewellery box.
Transcript of the interview with Billy Bragg.

UK - BBC Radio2 - Malo's Maverick Christmas Show - 30 December 1998
Song played:
Moon River (Raul solo)

Raul presents a selection of favourite tracks from the likes of Bert Kaempfert, Ray Conniff, Edie Gorme and several Cuban artists, for the listener's edification. during the show Raul takes another opportunity to play one of his all time favourites live in the studio, again with acoustic guitar. Find out the whole story!

Germany - NDR2 - 23 November 1998
Songs played:
Tell Me Why / I Should Know / Someone Should Tell Her / I've Got This Feeling / (Tonight) The Bottle Let Me Down / I Hope You Want Me Too / Dolores / Save A Prayer / Dream River / Moon River / I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore / Swinging Safari / The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Dance The Night Away

The Mavericks recorded live in Hamburg, 1998. The first and most obvious difference about this recording, compared to previous recent radio broadcasts, is the full-frontal mix of  Nick Kane's diverse guitar work, coming across loud, clear and confident! He has often appeared second fiddle to the more forceful Havana Horns, but tonight the German producers can be given a big pat on the back for providing us with a stunning example of Nick's contribution to the band. The overall mix  accentuates the tougher 'rock' foundation that has always been evident in the band's live performances, with deep pulsating drums, rumbling bass and swirling organ all given prominently equal attention. This band can really pump it up!

Opening up with one of Nick's show-piece blues performances, the tub-thumping of Tell Me Why kick-starts this
recording and blatantly states the intention of the producer - play it loud!!  I Should Know and Someone Should Tell Her bring the Beatle's well and trully back to Hamburg as Nick's guitar melody lines flow in and about Robert's bubbly bass lines and Paul's 'hard days night' workout on the drums.
I 've Got This Feeling is next up and powerfully transcends the original recording, with the big sound  made even bigger by the 'echo' of the auditorium and the energy generated by just playing this to an audience. Jerry Dale McFadden provides all the 'strings' plus his little piano punctuations and Paul once again punishes his drum kit. A stunning rendition.

Jerry Dale is again introduced to bring on the vim and verve that is The Maverick's 1998 version of Tonight (The Bottle Let Me Down). Like the perfomance captured on film for the Sessions at 54th Street, this is just one of the tour-de-force highlights of a band in top flight. It has a splash of everything from Jerry's piano gymnastics, Nick's rockin' rhythm and blues, Robert's jazzy jiving, Paul's blistering beats, Rauls growls and the heat (and some howls) of the Havana Horns. If you are still sitting down, you must be asleep!! I Hope you Want Me Too, is one song that doesn't quite seem to match the original album cut, losing some of the hip-jerking inspiration and the real snakey sounds of the sitar.

Dolores restores the big-band fun-time of days gone by and swings along with a meatier sound than on previous outings and leads us out of temptation into the fire and brimstone that is Save A Prayer. Much of the fire is generated by the devlish hands of Nick on guitar, while the brimstone is fueled by the two headed beast of Paul and Robert. Raul's menacing vocals direct the whole proceedings.

The ghost-like Dream River needs no further introduction as it leads us into Raul's haunting solo rendition of the much used (and often abused) Moon River. Raul once again displays with ease, how he can make a song his own, and at the same time send another shiver down one's spine. Simple beauty!
Another song captured live on this tour is the rockin' version of I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore, sounding more like the Chuck Berry riff that most probably inspired the song in the fisrt place.(And just for a tease, Raul closes the song with a line from the Bee Gees 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart'). The mighty jungle drums and organ set the mood for the Swingin Safari that eventually takes us into The Lion Sleeps Tonight, a fun, ska-driven romp that helps set the tempo for the finale. The big-hearted European hit of Dance The Night Away, allows the audience to dance their way through the exit signs and out into the sparkling night.

This is a Mavericks sound that should be heard and preserved. This is The Mavericks having moved another step further away from what was once loosely (and lazily) described as 'alternative country'. Far from it! This is a band that knows how to play hard, sing a damn fine tune, have a good ol' time - and all the while honouring 'rock and roll' in it's most true and honest glory.

USA - Public Radio Stations - Cafe on Public Radio Stations - November 1998
Songs played:

UK - BBC Radio2 - Johnnie Walker Country Show - September 1998
Song played:
Fool #1 (Raul solo)

DJ Johnnie Walker talks briefly with Robert, Paul and Raul, who are in a studio in Cardiff, Wales. Raul drags out his guitar and performs a lazy hazy radio-days version of Fool #1; it could have been the forties.

Holland - KRO Country - 31 May 1998
Songs played:
Someone Should Tell Her /  I Should Know / (Tonight) The Bottle Let Me Down / To Be With You / I've Got This Feeling /  It's Not Unusual / Dream River / Blue Moon / I Hope You Want Me Too / Dolores / Save A Prayer / What A Crying Shame / There Goes My Heart / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

The Mavericks recorded at The Paradiso in Amsterdam. An excellently performed and recorded concert, with a very enthusiastic audience. The Mavericks are well and truly into the new songbook, and back into full 'swing'. The band is ultra tight and Raul is really belting out the lyrics with growls, slurs, playful accentuation and just downright fun.

The broadcast opens with a ginger and brassy Someone Should Tell Her, with lashings of twangy guitar and boppin' piano. I Should Know continues in the same vein, while (Tonight) The Bottle Let Me Down is extended with additional instrumental breaks from Jerry Dale McFadden's 'pianner' and the Havana Horns jiving all over the place. Paul and Robert kick ass while Nick' licks are sizzling!

To Be With You, complete with synthesised strings, allows time for a breather and a close cuddle. I've Got This Feeling appears to be just a little too fast to really allow the power of the song to grow to it's magnificent height. Maybe it was speeded up in anticipation for the brisk It's Not Unusual, with Nick throwing out some spiralling guitar around the  sassy horns. The solo Dream River is as haunting as ever as the ghost of eternal lamentation is summoned once more. The ghost lingers on as the band then glide in sublimely behind Raul as he howls under the Blue Moon. Also partly accompanied by the audience, Blue Moon is spine-tingling stuff ! The world stops turning for just a brief  moment.

The incredible and irresistable I Hope You Want Me Too is Paul's favourite - and the infectious and pulsating beat explains why. The 'sitar soaked guitar' and the solo blasts from the Havana Horns snake around Paul and Robert's hypnotic rhythms with punctuation from the organ and percussion. And then there is Dolores - she is really hot tonight! Save A Prayer pumps along so fast you think that the devil is really out there chasing the band.

The regular heartbeat of What A Crying Shame is left untouched, but There Goes My Heart, now with added horn power comes alive once again, and really starts to swing.  The now horn-filled favourite, All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down, closes the show on a fast and furious note. The Mavericks are back - From Hell to Paradiso !!!!

UK - BBC Radio2 - 11 April 1998
Songs played:
Dance The Night Away / I Should Know / Someone Should Tell Her / Tell Me Why / I've Got This Feeling / I Hope You Want Me Too / Dolores / Save A Prayer / Dream River / What A Crying Shame / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down /  Melboune Mambo -La Mucara

This performance by The Mavericks in front of a small select British TV audience, was recorded in late January at the BBC Maida Vale studios in London.
As per the current shows, the set opened with the first four tracks of Trampoline - Dance The Night Away,  I Should Know, Someone Should Tell Her and Tell Me Why. Again, all of these were fairly faithful to the recorded versions, except Tell Me Why which was slightly speeded up. Next up was the power pop of I've Got This Feeling, which loses none of the power of the album version, followed by the funky wah-wah of the hip-shaking I Hope You Want Me Too. Paul then goes into 'energiser bunny' mode as the band break into the delightful Dolores - complete with an extended campy 'drum-solo' and a brief  snippet of 'The Muppets' theme by the Havana Horns. The Mavericks are starting to have fun with the new material!

This was followed  by another energetic workout of Save A Prayer, (dedicated to the ghost of Bing Crosby - who had also played in the same studio) and featuring a new 'strip-tease' ending. The middle of the show, as regularly introduced by the clowning Robert Reynolds, featured Raul solo on the sublime Dream River. A stock standard What A Crying Shame and All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down closed the show, with the latter punctuated through-out by the Havan Horns, and with each horn member given a bit of a solo break in the middle of the song.

USA - Radio WXTU Philadelphia  - Morning Show - 18 November 1996
Songs played:
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / Dream Baby / What A Crying Shame / La Mucara / I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore / From Hell To Paradise  / Memories Are Mad Of This / That's Alright, Mama / Santa Claus Is Back In Town

As penance for an earlier 'walk-off' show, The Mavericks returned to Philadelphia to play a live-on-air acoustic set. With Jerry Dale McFadden in very fine form on accordian The Mavericks grab their acoustic guitars and brushes and in a playful mood provide a colourful snapshot of their diverse range of musical styles and influences. Throughout the performances Raul Malo voice is crystal clear an the band is tight (almost all of the time).

Highlights of the set include the low-key version of What A Crying Shame, which fills the song with an air of melancholy not found on their regular versions, and the more Latin flavoured From Hell To Paradise which gave birth to the version found on 'It's now It's live'. Both essential listening! Delving deeper into Raul's background there is the spanish La Mucara (later to appear on Trampoline) and a few covers from the songbooks of  Roy Orbison (very true to the original), Dean Martin (very tongue in cheek) and Elvis (a la '56 period).

The show also closes with an Elvis seasonal chestnut, a boisterous rendition of Santa Claus Is Back In Town, complete with a forgotten ending, santa's elves and old St. Nick himself.
A great performance by all, and an excellent recording. Essential Mavericks!

USA - On The Road - 1996
Songs played:
There Goes My Heart / I Should Have Been True - #1 and #2 / Here Comes The Rain / Missing You / What A Crying Shame / O What A Thrill / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

Taken from a show at the Fox Theatre, Bakersfield for the On The Road radio show, The Mavericks prove once again, that live, they can not only recreate the excellence of the studio, but can have a great ball of fun doing it . And that nothing is sacred, least of all their own songs. With somewhat faithful, but energetic renditions of  most of the songs, the set will best be remembered  for the 'pepped' up version of  I Should Have Been True (#2), where the sleepy ballad becomes a ferocious, honky-tonking super-jiving rock'n'roller.

With a growling vocal from Raul Malo, the deft hands of Nick Kane on speed guitar,  the pumping bass and drums of Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin working overtime, and the piano gymnastics of Jerry Dale McFadden, The Mavericks re-write their own catalog. Also, What a Crying Shame is intro'd with a few bars of Alan Jackson's, She's Gone Country while the set closing All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down is battered down with the Batman theme.

A must for all Maverick's fans, just to hear I Should Have Been True #2!!!

USA - Valentine's Day Special - 14 February - 1996
Song played:
For The Good Times (Raul duets with Trisha Yearwood)

A treat for both The Mavericks and Trisha Yearwood fans, as they croon and swoon together on this Perry Como standard, accompanied by Raul's solo acoustic guitar. Another joyous collaboration.