t h e   m a v e r i c k s

 r a u l   m a l o

the  singer, songwriter, whistler and producer

Picture Copyright 1999 (Randy Piland / The Tennessean Staff)

During breaks from Mavericks' duties, Raul Malo has in recent years, been developing a parallel solo career with live performances, initially in and about Nashville. Playing a mixture of classic standards, old and new Spanish songs; and the occasional Mavericks' tune he was often accompanied by the Dennis Burnside Orchestra. He also completed his first full solo tour in the UK, during October 1999.
The year 2000 Raul also took up the role of Producer, with K.T. Oslin and Ethan Allen, as well as continuing to write new songs with these artists and other collaborators. He also became a member of the current incarnation of Los Lobos' side-project, Los Super Seven, contributing lead vocals to  two songs, and writer of one of those songs. He has also worked in the studios with Cuban Eliades Ochoa, latin-singer Rick Trevino, actor and  singer-of-sorts Dominic Chianese providing a range of vocal and muisical duties.

The first actual recording accredited to Raul Malo as a solo artist,  is the self penned Spanish song Bailare (El Merecumbe), from the soundtrack album The End Of Violence. Another solo recording is his version of the Bruce Springsteen song, Downbound Train (originally recorded by Bruce for his Nebraska album - but not included at the time). There is also another self-penned Spanish composition Porque, from the movie All The Pretty Horses (in which Raul makes a cameo!!).
There was also a sneak preview of his solo album with another self-penned composition, Since When, recorded in 2000 and available as an mp3 download from www.raulmalo.com .

Recording of his first solo album has been a long time in the pipeline, but it has finally been recorded under the production auspices of Steve Berlin from Los Lobos, resulting from their work together on the Los Super Seven and Rick Trevino projects. The album, simply titled - Today, will be released in October 2001, on the eclectic Virgin Records subsidiary Higher Octave label.

d i s c o g r a p h y

l o n g    p l a y e r s

 Raul Malo
  You're Only Lonely

  USA  Sanctuary CD 84752 (07/06) 

Produced by Pete Asher


1.  You're Only The Lonely
(J.D. Souther)
  2.  Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
(Willie Nelson)
  3.  Feels Like Home
(Randy Newman)
  4.  So Sad
(Don Everly)
  5.  At Last
(Warren Gordon)
  6.  Games That Lovers Play

Larry Kusik - Hans Last - Gunter Loose - Eddie Snyder)
  7.  For You (Raul Malo - Alan Miller)
  8.  Secret Heart
(Ron Sexsmith)
  9.  Run To Me
(Barry Robin & Maurice Gibb)
  10.  Tomorrow Night
(Sam Coslow - Will Grosz)
  11.  Remember
(Harry Nilsson)
  12.  Feels Like Home
(duet with Martina McBride) (Randy Newman)


 Raul Malo, Pat Flynn, Rob Ickes, Dave Pomeroy
 Nashville Acoustic Sessions (USA)
  USA  CD CMH 0008(03/04) 

Produced by John Wooler

  1.   Blue Bayou (Melson - Roy Orbison
  2.   Early Morning Rain (Gordon Lightfoot)
  3.   The Great Atomic Power (Bain - Louvin - Louvin)
  4.   Weary Blues From Waiting (Hank Williams)
  5.   You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Bob Dylan)
  6.   Waiting for a Train (Jimmie Rodgers)
  7.   When I Stop Dreaming (Louvin - Louvin)
  8.   Moon River (Henry Mancini - Mercer)
  9.   Hot Burrito #1 (Chris Etheridge - Gram Parsons)
  10.  Bright Side of the Road (Van Morrison)
  11.  (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (Best - Watson)



 Raul Malo 
 Today (USA & UK)
  USA  Higher Octave 11136 (10/01)
   ^additional tracks  (bonus singles through Borders and Tower Records)

Produced by Steve Berlin

  1.  Today (Raul Malo-Alan Miller- Dennis Britt- Jaime Hanna)
  2.  I See You (Raul Malo-Alan Miller- Dennis Britt-Jaime Hanna)
  3.   Every Little Thing (Raul Malo-Alan Miller- Jaime Hanna)
  4.   Ya Tu Veras (Raul Malo-Dennis Britt)
  5.   Are We Almost There (Raul Malo)
  6.   No Me Preguntes Tanto (Raul Malo-Dennis Britt)
  7.   It Takes Two To Tango - Duet with Shelby Lynne ()
  8.   De Ti Me Olividaré (Raul Malo-Dennis Britt)
  9.   Ocho Versos (Raul Malo)
 10.  I Said I LoveYou (Raul Malo - Jaime Hanna)
 11.  Let's Not Say Goodbye (Raul Malo - Wally Wilson)
 12.  Since When (2001 recording) (Raul Malo-Alan Miller) 

  a.  Each Other^ (Raul Malo-Alan Miller)
  b.  By The Time You Said Goodbye^ (Raul Malo-J Hanna-Alan Miller)

  c.  Ya Tu Veras (English Version)^ (Raul Malo)
  d.  De Ti Me Olividaré (English Version)^  (Raul Malo-Dennis Britt)


 s i n g l e s

1. Today 
2. New York, New York *

also includes the video of
3. I Said I Love You

UK Gravity 74321952572

1. I Said I Love You 
2. Each Other *
3. Ya Tu Veras

also includes the video of
4. I Said I Love You

UK BMG Gravity 

1. I Said I Love You 
2. Each Other *
3. Ya Tu Veras

UK Gravity  74321923082


Since When *
mp3 file
www.raulmalo.com  (03/01)

i n   t h e   p i p e l i n e

original songs that have yet to be commercially released
Raul Malo performed these live in 1999

The ^ indicates that a version of the song has been recorded for either radio, TV or web broadcasts.

^ Palabras (Words) (Raul Malo - Al Anderson - Dennis Britt)
As My Boy (Raul Malo)

 t r i b u t e s    a n d   c o n t r i b u t i o n s

Lets Not Say Goodbye Anymore * (Raul Malo)
Let It Be Me (edit) *
     (Gilbert Bécaud - Mann Curtis - Pierre Delanoé)
Raul Malo (with String Section)*
Soundstage Presents
Chris Issak
  - Live in Concert
Koch Entertainment (USA 08/03)
Warners Home Video (UK & AUS 11/05)

I Guess Things Happen That Way *  (Jack Clement)
Raul Malo lead vocals
Dressed In Black
A Tribute To Johnny Cash
Dualtone (Red) (USA 09/02)

Yiddish Song * 
Raul Malo lead vocals 
Joseph Had A Little Overcoat
Scholastic Video MPV571VCC (USA 02)

 Includes music written and performed
by Raul Malo (no vocal) *

I, Crocodile
Scholastic Video MPV571VCC (USA 02)

Tonight (The Bottle Let Me Down) *
(Merle Haggard)

Raul Malo lead vocals
I-10 Chronicles Volume 2 -
One More For The Road
byVarious Artists
BackPorch Records 50716 (10/01)

Thanks A Lot *(Raffi) 
Raul Malo lead vocals
Country Goes Raffi byVarious Artists
Rounder 8090 (10/01)

Black Is Black *
(Michelle Grainger - Tony Hayes - Steve Wadey)

Raul Malo lead vocals
Sing Along With Los Straitjackets
by Los Straitjackets 
Yep Roc 2028 (09/01)

Siboney * (Ernesto Lecuona arr Raul Malo)
Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo *
(Raul Malo - Merceditas Valdés)
Raul Malo lead vocals
Various tracks
Raul Malo vocals (backing)
No Borders - Canto by Los Super Seven
Image Entertainment 14381102239
DVD  (01/02)
Recording of the Canto album gets the DVD treatment.

Siboney*(Ernesto Lecuona arr Raul Malo)
Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo
* (Raul Malo - Merceditas Valdés)
Raul Malo lead vocals
Various tracks
Raul Malo vocals (backing)
Canto by Los Super Seven
Columbia CK 61429  (03/01)

   Includes music written and
performed by Raul Malo (no vocal) *
Pete's A Pizza
 Scholastic Video MPV394V (USA 01)

Porque (R Malo - D Britt - Daniel Lanois)
Raul Malo lead vocals*
All The Pretty Horses Soundtrack
by Various Artists
Sony Classics 89465 (01/01)

Be My Penguin  (Scotty Huff - Robert Reynolds )
Raul Malo lead vocals*
 Antarctic Antics
USA Weston Woods (Scholastic)
CD391 (10/01)
 USA Scholastic Video MPV391V (USA 00)

Downbound Train * (Bruce Springsteen)
Raul Malo lead vocals
Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska  by Various Artists
Sub Pop 70525 (11/00)

Bridge Over Trouble Waters * (Paul Simon)
Raul Malo joint lead vocals
duet with Roy Orbison
unreleased track 

Bailare (El Merecumbe) * (Raul Malo)
Raul Malo lead vocals
The End Of Violence Soundtrack 
by Various Artsists
Outpost OPRD-30008  (10/97)

* Not available on any Mavericks or Raul solo albums


g u e s t    a p p e a r a n c e s

r a d i o ,   r a d i o
(post 2000 appearances)

Planet Earth - Webcast from Lightning 1000 Club Nashville - 20th Oct 2001
Songs played: (Raul solo and accompanied by Jaime Hanna)
New York, New York  / Are We Almost There / Since When (stuffed) / Loving You /
Since When / Siboney / Every Little Thing About You / Pretend / Hot Burrito#1 (stuffed) /
Blame It On The Bossa Nova / Hot Burrito #1 / De Me Time Olvidare / No Me Preguntes Tanto (Don't Ask Me Questions) / I Said I Love You / Dance The Night Away

USA - Radio WFUV Fordam University, New York -  18 March 2001
Songs played:
(Raul performing as part of Los Super Seven)

USA - Radio KGSR 107.1 Austin, Texas -  16 March 2001
Song played:
Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo (Raul solo - promoting Los Super Seven's Canto album)

t v   a n d   w e b c a s t s
(post 2000 appearances)
USA - CMT - 100 Greatest Love Songs - 2005
Songs played:
Make The World Go Away - For The Good Times - Crying  Medley (with Orchestra & Band)

USA - ABC - Peter Jennings - 31 December 2001
Song played:
New York, New York (Raul solo)

UK - BBC - Parkinson - 2001
Song played:
I Said I Love You (with band)

USA - NBC - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - 27th December 2001
Song played:
Every Little Thing (with band)

USA - NBC - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - 21 March 2001
Song played:
Teresa (Raul backing vocals with Los Super Seven)

USA - NBC - Tonight With Jay Leno - 13 March 2001
Song played:
Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo (Raul lead vocals with Los Super Seven)