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a collection of  The Mavericks'  live performances on television and the web


USA - NBC - Tonight with Jay Leno  -  November 2003
Song played: I Wanna Know

USA - PBS - Austin City Limits - August 2000
Songs played:
Pretend / Dance the Night Away /  Dream River /  What A Crying Shame /  There Goes My Heart /
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

The Mavericks recorded this session on 27 August 1999, complete with the Havana Horns.

UK - ITV Millenium Celebrations Telecast  -  1 January 2000
(Broadcast of the Edinburgh Hogmanay Celebrations)
Songs played:
Here Comes My Baby (edit)

Planet Earth - Webcast from House Of Blues, L.A. - 12 November 1999
(Webcast repeated on 02/02/2000)
Songs played:
Dance The Night Away / Here Comes My Baby / Tell Me Why / Pretend / I've Got This Feeling / Things You Said To Me / Missing You / Foolish Heart / Dolores / Hot Burrito #1 (Acoustic) / Mujer (Acoustic) / Dream River (Acoustic) / From Hell to Paradise - Guantanamera / Things I Cannot Change / What A Crying Shame / I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore / Swinging Safari / There Goes My Heart / Pizziricco / Think Of Me (When You're Lonely) / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / Twist & Shout / Volver, Volver /  La Mucara

The Mavericks return to The House Of Blues once again to play to a world-wide audience. Features of this performance are the first live performances of the new songs from 'The Best Of', one of Raul's new Spanish songs and a funky version of Twist and Shout.

To view the webcast, The House Of Blues has the show archived and can be enjoyed at your leisure at http://www.hob.com

USA - PBS - Sessions at West 54th Street - late 1999
Song played:
Hot Burrito#1

A special 'Sessions' show dedicated to the Gram Parsons tribute album, Return of The Grievous Angel with many of the original contributing artists performing their contributions live on 19 September 19998. The Mavericks performed their contribution as per the arrangement on the album, but with the power-house drums of Paul Deakin reaching tumultuous proportions, propelling Raul's vocal performance to greater heights of melancholic desperation. The 'grievous angel' should be very honoured.

Other performers on the night were Emmy Lou Harris, John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Victoria Williams, Mark Olson, Gillian Welch, Sheryl Crow and Whiskeytown, the majority supported by Emmy Lou's band.

USA - CBS - Later with Craig Kilborn  - November  1999
Song played:
From Hell To Paradise (acoustic)

The Mavericks remind the public of their beginnings, performing an acoustic version of their classic From Hell To Paradise as part of the promotion for their Super Collosal Smash Hits Of The 90's

USA - NBC - Tonight with Jay Leno  - 10 November  1999
Song played: Here Comes My Baby

The Mavericks promote the current double headed single with a rousing rendition of Cat Stevens', Here Comes My Baby. Paul starts up proceedings with his blitzing drum intro and immediately proceeds to break his drumstick. Raul is in fine voice, looking cool calm and collected; sans guitar, and enjoying himself all the while. Robert adds the usual pulsating bass and some backing vocals (along with Jaime Hanna) while sporting a Maynard G Krebs look! Eric Holt injects some fine organ work, while The Havana Horns pump up the volume. Another fine appearance by all concerened and designed to liven up an Xhristmas party. (even work ones! )

USA - CBS - Late Show with David Letterman  - 16 October 16 1999
Song played:
Fool #1

The Mavericks make another stirring appearance with Raul performing a heart-felt rendition of Fool #1. With Paul on marimba and the addition of double-bass (Robert plays acoustic), the performance is closer to the original album track than most recent performances. Raul hits home straight through the heart. Not to be missed.

UK - BBC2 - Later With Jools - May 1999
Songs played: Someone Should Tell Her / The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Dance The Night Away

The Mavericks make their second  appearance on the Jools show, during their 1999 sellout UK tour (over 60,000 tickets sold). With a new single to be plugged, The Mavericks play all three tracks that are to appear on it. They songs are performed as per current arrangements and, as it is in front of a small audience, the performances do not reach the fervour found at the Royal Albert Hall performances. Raul also has a brief chat with Jools.

USA - TNN - Prime Time Country - 15 April 1999
Songs played:
Moon River (Raul solo) /  Palabras (Raul with house band)

Raul appears on his own again (and with his two little boys), talking about his newly commenced acting career, his Royal Albert Hall experiences and his Willie Nelson impersonation. He passionately performs his favourite Moon River once more and introduces one of his new 'Spanish' compositions Palabras (Words). The latter is stunning performance by Raul as he caresses the song slowly from a quiet introduction through to a dramatic finale. The PTC house band provides a very sympathetic and tasteful backing to this tempting treat from Raul's forthcoming (eventually) solo album.

USA - TNT - Johnny Cash Tribute  - 18 April 1999
Songs played:
The Man In Black

and the other performers - * with The Mavericks

Jackson/Orange Blossom Special (Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow*) / I Guess Things Happen That Way (Chris Isaak*) / Get Rhythm (Chris Isaak*) / I Still Miss Someone (Willie Nelson*) / Ring Of Fire (June Carter Cash and Marty Stuart) / Train of Love (Bob Dylan) / Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Kris Kristofferson*) / Sunday Morning Coming Down (Kris Kristofferson and Trisha Yearwood*) / Ghost Riders In The Sky (Brooks and Dunn*) / Tennessee Flat Top Box (Lyle Lovett*) / Give My Love To Rose (Bruce Springsteen) / Flesh And Blood (Emmy Lou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Cheryl Crow) / Delia's Gone (Wycleff Jean) / Long Black Veil ( Dave Matthews and Emmy Lou Harris*) / Built on Sand (Marty Stuart and The Fairfield Four) / Don't Take Your Guns To Town (U2) / Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) / I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash + all)

This show was taped in front of a audience on April 13th 1999 and when aired, achieved TNT's higheset ever rating. Johnny Cash is obviously still a 'wanted man'. The Mavericks appeared as the house band, backing most of the live stage performers, in a tribute to the songs written and/or sung by Johnny Cash. With the diversity shown throughout their own career, The Mavericks had little problem coping with the range of performers on this show, and seem to be enjoying themselves tremendously. Unfortunately, the sound-mix for TV does not do justice to their 'tougher' edges and sometimes prevents their enthusiasm for the songs to be fully appreciated.

Their own contribution, The Man In Black, has Raul opening up with an acoustic verse, doing his best Johnny Cash 'growl' before the band kicks in and slowly build the song, raising the tempo and reaching a fitting climax. As the song progresses Raul raises the tone of his voice, but due to his apparent reverential approach to the man and his music, does not let the vocal chords reach for the sky, as he does on his own, Save A Prayer. However The Mavericks' homage to Johnny is a spendid performance.

Chris Isaak and the boys shuffle and chug their way through two early Johhny classics, I Guess Things Just Happen That Way and Get Rhythm. Other notable performances include June Carter Cash with a folk version of Ring Of Fire, Emmy Lou Harris with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Cheryl Crow, creating yet another well matched 'trio' of voices on Flesh And Blood. Lyle Lovett saunters in with a gentle and loving gallop through Tennessee Flat Top Box, Willie Nelson contributes a heart-felt and inimitable I Still Miss Someone, while The Mavericks round-up Brooks and Dunn to ride rough-shod through Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Trisha Yearwood does a fine vocal performance on Kris Kristofferson's Sunday Morning Coming Down, althoughit is really difficult to imagine Trisha down and out as described in the storyline. Marty Stuart and The Fairfield Four combine spirits to perform a rousing gospel of Built On Sand. Surprise contributor of the night,Wycleff Jean, provides a relatively straight forward acoustic version of Delia's Gone, with a short 'rap' mid-song, to signal a tempo change.

Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and U2, all perfom their live tributes remotely, via satellite video; with Bruce providing the most inspired performance from this bunch. An acoustic reverie in the form of Give My Love To Rose. U2 do not do jsutice to the fire and spirit of Johnny Cash, with a sloppy-soppy psuedo-reggae stumble through Don't Take You Guns To Town . Bob Dylan performs Bob Dylan.

To finish the night, the man in black himself, Johnny Cash, appears with some of his original session players for a solid workout of his mythtical Folsom Prison Blues. All the nights performers walk out to assist Johnny in yet another signature tune, I Walk The Line. A great tribute to a trully great performer.

USA - CBS - Late Show with David Letterman  - 27 January 1999
Song played:
Tell Me Why

Talk about a tough and moody looking bunch of cowboys! Was there a message here to the ol' US of A? As in, Tell Me Why (you don't buy our album???). Cynicism aside, it is great to see The Mavericks choosing to play this very earthy song from Trampoline, and watch old Nick doing his best 'lead guitarist facials' while blistering his fingers on his blues-wailing solos !

Raul belted out some growly vocals and then stood aside while Nick and the band, powerfully augmented by the 'Late Show' players, pumped out a gale-force wall of sound. It remains to be seen whether this will actually be released as a single - or just another demonstration of the versatility that can be found on Trampoline - for those folks in the USA who actually go out and buy it!

USA - TNN - Celebrity Homes and Hideaways - February 11th 1999
Song played:
Moon River (Raul solo)

An intimate (and abbreviated) rendition of one of Raul's all-time favourites, as he serenades Martina McBride in the luxury of his own music room - at home.

USA - TNN - Tammy Wynette Tribute - January 26th 1999
Song played:
Near You (Raul with Mandy Barnett)

Recorded November 1998,  Raul Malo performs with the wonderfully smooth and sassy Mandy Barnett. While Mandy get's the lion's share of the crooning, Raul's performance is suitably restrained. A perfect pairing - that requires further collaborations!

UK - Arena TV - The Mavericks - Raw - January 1999
Songs played:
Tell Me Why / Dance the Night Away / La Mucura / I've Got This Feeling / Dream River (Raul solo) / Fool #1 (Raul solo) / I Should Know / Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down

The Mavericks are shown here in rehearsal mode for their shows, interspersed with Raul, Paul and Robert discussing their songs and how they came about. As they are in rehearsal mode, they are a bit looser with some of the songs, throwing in comments here and there, and obviously not quite hitting the peaks of a normal 'live' performance. However, we do get a very close-up view of each member throughout the performances, allowing us a more intimate appraisal of their talents. Thrown in amongst the full performances are snatches of If I Were A Rich Man, I Wish I Was in Dixie and Robert performing a few bars of Nowhere Man.

USA - PBS - Sessions at West 54th Street - 4 October 1998
Songs played:
Dance the Night Away / Tonight (The Bottle Let Me Down) / Fool #1 (Raul solo) / Ahat A Crying Shame / Save A Prayer

This performance by The Mavericks was recorded on August 12th 1998, in front of an intimate studio audience (more crazy fans!). And whip up a musical storm they do! Especially with their ever-lengthening interpretation of Tonight (The Bottle Let Me Down). This song as it stands now, not only allows Jerry Dale to show his wonderful keyboard wizardry, but also allows Nick Kane to hog the spotlight and let it rip with some amazing rhythm play, and dynamic lead guitar work. The Havana Horns get a good look-in too, with various 'borrowed' riffs, some 'vocal' responses to Raul's calls, and some dexterous work from the trumpeter. Paul provides some rather strenuous and hefty drum-work throughout the whole proceedings, while Robert throws in plenty of jazzy bass-lines to pepper the song along. And Raul's growls and belting vocals carry the message loud and clear - this is a Mavericks' tour-de-force!

The tempo is immediately brought down, with Raul providing a solo and soulful rendition of Fool #1 - always a pleasure to hear the voice with just the guitar strumming lazily along. The jingle-jangle of the 'twelve-string' is then revived for a sparkling shake-out of the 'big country hit', What A Crying Shame. To vary the pace once more, the strains of the hammond organ introduce the born-again sounds of the raucous Save A Prayer - another highlight for all memebers of the band. The horns rise and fall as the tempo switches from the slow reverential verses to the blistering heat of the chorus, eventually winding up to the 'strip-tease' finale. Another 'Raulercoaster' vocal performance!

For the broadcasted half hour, The Mavericks again manage to introduce viewers to the diverse and dynamic musical palette that is their trademark and now, almost a tradition. For the un-initiated, it is a great opportunity to recognise the great musicianship of a real 'band', while for the avid fan it is a great celebration of all they have come to expect.

The musical proceedings are interspersed with some interview segments with the rather wobbly talking head that is known as David Byrne, together with some even more wobbly comments from Raul!
Other songs performed on the day, but unfortunately not broadcast, were Tell Me Why, I Should Know, Someone Should Tell Her,  I've Got This Feeling,  Moon River, Swinging Safari and All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down .

Australia - TNT - Live at The Hard Rock Cafe - 3 October 1998 (repeats in 1999)
USA - VH-1  - 9 October 1998  (repeats in 1999)
Songs played:
Dance the Night Away /  Someone Should Tell Her  / I've Got This Feeling / Dream River  (Raul solo) /All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

This stage performance by The Mavericks was recorded on June 18th, 1998 at Sony Music Studios in New York in front of a small audience of crazy fans. After touring Trampoline for 5 months The Mavericks are really rocking along with the new songs. Very tight and powerful performances from all concerned.  Highlights of these performances are again Raul with the magnificent Dream River and the crazy dancing of white-suited Jerry Dale McFadden during All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down. The poppier side of Trampoline is represented on this broadcast with the catchy tunes of  Someone Should Tell Her,  I've Got This Feeling and the huge 'UK hit / USA non-hit', Dance The Night Away.

UK - BBC2 - Live At The Royal Albert Hall - 26 September 1998
Songs played:
Someone Should Tell Her / Tell Me Why / I've Got This Feeling / I Should Have Been True / Dream River / What A Crying Shame / The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Dance The Night Away / La Mucara / A Man Without Love / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

The Mavericks recorded at the famous Royal Albert Hall, 18th September, toward the end of their second European tour of 1998. The program begins jumping with a lively Someone Should Tell Her (although someone should tell Raul to let Nick handle the guitar solo). Nick’s ‘blues boy’ inspired wailing guitar prowess is again highlighted on a punchy Tell Me Why followed by the full power of the whole ensemble on the sixties inspired I’ve Got This Feeling. The mood is then mellowed and the tempo changes gear for the absolute classic I Should Have Been True, here given a very soulful ‘stax’ treatment, with some gentle caressing from the Havana Horns. Raul’s voice during this show is in top form and with the added acoustic power of the RAH it is lifted to the ethereal; no more so than on the solo performance of the haunting and beautiful ballad Dream River. The solo spotlight simply enhances the songs feeling of  distance and longing.

The band returns for a standard run through of What A Crying Shame, before breaking into the fun-time that is The Lion Sleeps Tonight, with Raul pulling up tight his trousers, to hit some very high notes. This is briskly followed by their big and bouncy UK hit, Dance The Night Away, completed with a second start at the end, as Raul keeps the momentum in full flight. With the mood now definitely accentuated toward the positive, the band then shake their full set of maracas as Raul instructs everyone to “get up and mambo” for the joyous La Mucara. Raul certainly enjoys singing in Spanish, as does the audience, and it is a stunning performance. The ever rock solid rhythm, provided by Paul and Robert which is the heart of any Mavericks’ performance, comes to the fore on this audience favourite. And you cannot ignore the wiley Jerry Dale McFadden on wild piano.

With another dip into the music box that The Mavericks are so want to do, they pull out an old Englebert Humperdink classic, A Man Without Love. This is both a somewhat risky and inspired choice for the UK audience, as it could come across as too schmaltzy, even though the old Englebert is still well revered by many. However, as always, Raul and the band manage to remain sincere to the cause, and they belt this out with all their heart, and without getting run over in the middle of the road. Nick Kane especially provides some delicious guitar licks throughout.

To complete the program there is the now 9 minute finale of All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down. The Havana Horns are really cooking and it comes complete with Jerry Dale McFadden 'limboing' under Robert's bass and pulling half the audience onto the stage to dance among the band - much to Raul's and Nick's (I have no idea what he's doing comment to the camera) amusement. Mighty terrific stuff to watch and enjoy!!
The Mavericks have come along way, and to see this little 'country' band from Miami, swooning, mamboing, thumping and generally having a rollicking time in a full the splendour of the RAH in little old London town, is quite an achievement. For a more complete listing of the show, check out the video pages.

UK - BBC2 - Top Of The Pops 2 - September 1998
Song played:
I've Got This Feeling

The Mavericks mime their way again through their new single, having found Paul and unfortunately, the colour control panel. This single did not manage to dance the night away up the charts, and dropped out of site faster than you can say Gene Pitney.

UK - BBC2 - Top Of The Pops 2 - September 1998
Song played:
I've Got This Feeling

The Mavericks mime their way through their new single again, with Paul gone AWOL(actually putting down some great drumming for new artist David Mead and his forthcoming album The Luxury of Time), and Jamie Hanna filling in on the drum stool. This performance was also aired in glorious black and white!!

UK - Lottery Show - 11 July 1998
Songs played:
I've Got This Feeling / Dance The Night Away (edit)

The Mavericks mime their way through their new single plus their BIG hit, Dance The Night Away, as this programme comes to an end.

USA - ABC - In Concert -  3 July 1998
(from the VH-1 Live and Uncut Show - recorded in London, January 1998)
Songs played:
Dance the Night Away /  All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (edit)

UK - The Chart Show - 1998
Song played:
Dance The Night Away

Another mimed performance for another UK TV show.

UK - BBC2 - Top Of The Pops - 1 May 1998 (repeated several times over the following weeks)
Song played:
Dance The Night Away

It seems that all of the other early '98 TV appearances and radio shows appear to have payed off. The Mavericks make it miming? on Britain's long-running and very often crass expose of the supposedly 'top' tunes of the week. Complete with the frilly attired Havana Horns, the boys looked very bemused as a nubile audience looks on - similarly bemused. They appear a little out of place amongst the parade of other top ten artists(?) and manufactured dancing pulp!

The song however, eventually settles at #4, before becoming a regular pre-match 'crowd warm-up' anthem for a variety of major football (soccer to the un-initiated) stadia.

UK - BBC - Ozone - 1998
Song played:

UK - ITV - GMTV - 23 April 1998
Song played:
Dance The Night Away

UK - Lottery Show - 15 April 1998
Song played:
Dance The Night Away (edit)

With the mass exposure afforded by Britain's weekly lottery show, The Mavericks mime and grin their way through most of the song , but are 'cut-short' by a sudden fade out of the song. Still, it provided the winning numbers for The Mavericks as it provided a springboard for the song to rise dramatically up the UK pop charts!

Holland - De 5 Uur Show - 14 April 1998
Song played:
Dance The Night Away

USA - NBC - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - 31 March 1998
Song played:
Dance The Night Away

The Mavericks choose this song again for late night television (the next USA single) and this time they appear a lot more sedately dressed (except for Jerry D M's painted nails). Raul plays most of the little 'lead' guitar break alone, and the boys are still full of smiles throughout.

USA - TNN - Prime Time Country - 26 March 1998
Songs played:
Dance the Night Away / I've Got This Feeling

With Trampoline now in the shops, and the single To Be With You, being ingnored by just about everyone, The Mavericks front up for the 'country' market to display more of their new wares. So as not to frighten them any further, a 'remixed' version of the samba that is Dance The Night Away, has been channelled through the speakers! What they get to hear (or not!) is the 'signature' intro and chorus blasts of the Havana Horns buried way down deep, while the normally homogeneous ryhthm guitar work of Nick Kane is brought very much to the fore.

After becoming very familiar with the recorded version, it makes for a rather disoriented experience. Unfortunately, the 'country' market was not fooled by this hokey-pokey, and consequently stayed away from the single (and eventually, the album) in droves. I've Got This Feeling, however, was performed very faithfully to that on the album, a powerhouse pop-single if there ever was one!

The boys are then interviewed by the host of the show, promoting Trampoline!  It may appear that the sun may has set on one horizon, but The Mavericks have ridden off to find a new one - across the Atlantic!

Europe - VH-1 - Live and Uncut - 15 March 1998
Songs played:
Dance the Night Away / Tell Me Why / I Should Know / Someone Should Tell Her  / Save A Prayer / Dream River  (Raul solo) /  Dolores / To Be With You / What a Crying Shame /  All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

This performance by The Mavericks in front of a British TV audience, was actually recorded in late January 1998, just after their first couple of live shows of the new year at Foxwoods.

The set opened with the first four tracks of Trampoline - Dance The Night Away, Tell Me Why, I Should Know and Someone Should Tell Her. All of these were fairly faithful to the recorded versions, with no additional surprises. These were followed  by a very energetic workout of Save A Prayer, in some ways the most ‘typical Mavericks’ sounding song off Trampoline - even if it is a so-called ‘gospel’ tune. Raul is starting to sweat and Nick Kane is working at 100 mph on lead/rhythm guitar - an excellent performance.

The middle of the show, introduced by a very nervous Robert Reynolds, featured another fine performance by Raul with an impassioned Dream River - you can see he really feels for this song. Pure joy! The band then fires up with the megaphonic Dolores, with smiles all around - the band really seemed to enjoy doing this number. Next up is To Be With You in all it’s glorious melody and was the last of the new material for the night. A straight forward run through of What A Crying Shame and a new horn-filled All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down close the show.

Overall the band appear to be still warming up to the new songs and were not encouraged too much by the reserved and polite audience.

Planet Earth -  Webcast from House Of Blues, L.A. - 13/14 March 1998
(at www.liveconcerts.com - rewebcast 29th March 1998)

Songs played:
Dance the Night Away / Tell Me Why / I Should Know / Someone Should Tell Her / It's Not Unusual / To Be With You / I've Got This Feeling / Dream River (Raul solo) / I Don't Even Know Your Name / I Hope You Want Me Too  Dolores / Save A Prayer / Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down / Volver, Volver / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down  What a Crying Shame / Solitary Man / La Mucura / A Man Without Love / Jambalaya (with Stir It Up)

To promote the new album 'Trampoline, The Mavericks present their new live show complete with Jamie Hanna on guitar/percussion and the 'Havana Horns' . The show started with the bouncing Trampoline opener - Dance The Night Away, which was appropriate for what was to follow. Other starter tracks of  Trampoline were played next, together with the 'horny'  Tom Jones standard, It's Not Unusual, specifically designed to raise the fun factor.

A short pause for the Raul to perform his solo, Dream River, then blasting strait back into most of the rest of the stunning Trampoline tracks, including the jangly I Don't Even Know Your Name, the funked up, I Hope You Want Me Too and delightful Dolores.

A short break and then the crazy part of the show begins with a rousing rendition of (Tonight) The Bottle Let Me Down before a swaggering bold as brass version of Volver Volver. This is followed by a blasting rock'n'roll trampling of All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (complete with Jerry Dale McFadden's (the green machine) dancing act on centre stage).

Another pause will the crowd is wipping itself into a frenzy, before the musical juggling act continues! The Mavericks break into the roasting chestnut of What A Crying Shame followed by a pumping version of Neil Diamond's Solitary Man before the
trumpet and Jerry Dale McFadden's piano battle it out in an extended Latin romp of La Mercura?
    ...seemingly the night's festivities ended ....but wait, there was still more...

They return again, and with a bit of feigned fumbliing, stumble into a totally lambastic and 'vegastic' singalong version of Englebert Humperdink's, A Man Without Love (joy to the mothers of the world), before closing with an astounding Jerry (Lee Lewis) McFadden rocking mix of Hank William's Jambalaya and Bob Marley's Stir It Up. Exit stage left.

USA - TNN - Roger Miller Tribute on TNN - 10 March 1998
Songs played:
Invitation To The Blues / Invitation To The Blues (refrain with Ray Price) / Muddy Waters

The Mavericks' show their respect for the music of Roger (King Of The Road) Miller with a couple of Roger's major song-writing successes. First up - Raul attaches himself to a double-bass as the boys shuffle their way through this obviously bluesy number. This obviously rests very easy with Nick, who provides a tasteful little guitar solo, while Jamie Hanna assists on vocals and a solo trumpet add a  touch more colour to this delightful rendition.

Ray Price then joins the band, together with a fiddle player, to provide a more traditional refrain of the song.
Later in the show, Raul and the boys sit around the imaginary campfire, sans instruments, to sing this fine tune from Roger's successful stage-show, Big River. Raul provides another smooth vocal performance, as he powers this some-what subdued gospel song effortlessly along - the others join in for a smiling chorus or two.

The complete tribute show to Roger Miller provides many other wonderful musical performances and memories, highlighting Roger's songwriting skills and his ever-present sense of humour. Other performers showing their respect with great Roger Miller songs include Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett, Trish Yearwood, Reba McEntire, Kathy Mattea, Willie Nelson, K T Oslin and the great John Goodman reprising his stage performances of the Big River, including his interpretation of Muddy Waters.
A trully enjoyable musical journey!

USA - NBC - Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 10 March 1998
Song played:
Dance the Night Away

The Australian / European single is aired live for the first time on televison, complete with the permanent grin of Raul Malo, the greening of Jerry Dale McFadden and the loud shirts of the 'Havana Horns'.

USA - TNN - Prime Time Country - February 1998
Song played:
Dream River (Raul solo)

Raul dons his PR hat to provide a sneak preview of the new album Trampoline. Performing Dream River for the first time on television, Raul wears his heart (and soul) well and trully on his sleeve. With this intimate studio setting, we get to witness a very emotional and melancholic performance, almost as if we have accidentally stumbled upon the man in his reverie. The raw emotion captured here both visually and aurally, exceeds the performance on the album itself  (and his later televised performances, including the Royal Albert Hall.) A moving moment, captured in time!
The song is followed by an interview with the shows host.

USA - Orange Bowl - 31 December 1996
Song played (mimed?):
I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore (edit)

Aloft on centre-stage at half-time of the super-bowl, and surrounde by hordes of sparkling cowgirls,  The Mavericks happily perform (mime) their current single. Unfortunately they were cut short by those who also didn't care anymore - the advertisers!

USA - NBC - Tonight with Jay Leno - 1996
Song played:
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (with Flaco Jimenez)

Flaco Jimenez teams up again with The Mavericks on another 'late-night'  show to announce their latest single from Music For All Occasions. Flaco seems to have forgotten his solo and improvises from another song!!

USA - NBC - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - 1996
Song played:
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (with Flaco Jimenez)

Flaco Jimenez teams up with The Mavericks to re-create the magic of his performance on the latest single from Music For All Occasions. An excellent performance by all.

USA - CMA Awards - 1995
Song played:
Here Comes The Rain

The band give a lively performance in front of a not-so-static recreation of the cover of Music For All Occasions, prior to receiving their award for 'Best Vocal Group'.

USA - CBS - Late Show with David Letterman - 1995
Song played:
Here Comes The Rain

A rather serious looking group for this occasion with some excellent guitar from Nick Kane and a very enjoyable performance of a very enjoyable song.

UK - BBC2 - Later With Jools - 1995
Songs played:
What A Crying Shame / I Should Have Been True

The Mavericks make their first appearance on Jools Holland's (ex- Squeeze pianist) excellent live music show.  On I Should Have Been True, the band is accompanied by the resident 'Electric Strings', creating the very beautiful and dreamy backdrop for Raul to paint this dreamy ballad with a powerfully evoctaive vocal performance.

USA - On The Road - 1994
Songs played:
The Losing Side Of Me / What A Crying Shame / Cold Cold Heart

Recorded in Mobile, On The Road captures The Mavericks whipping their audience into a frenzy, with their biggest hit to-date, a rousing album track, and an absolutely wicked version of Hank Williams', Cold Cold Heart. The latter is given a similar treatment as their version of JJ Cales's Call Me The Breeze, combining the fast and furious cha-cha beat unique to The Mavericks with Raul Malo's equally unique and dynamic vocals. As with most their live performances, Jerry Dale McFadden provides the final dash of colour (in more ways than just musical) to the brilliance of The Mavericks.

USA - TNN - Music City Tonight - 1994
Song played:
O What A Thrill

Raul dons his bright red jacket as they highlight the latest single of of What A Crying Shame.

USA - PBS - Austin City Limits - recorded 18 October 1994
Songs played:
There Goes My Heart / The Things You Said To Me I Should Have Been True / Pretend / All That Heaven Will Allow / What A Crying Shame

The Mavericks perform live to a studio audience and serve up a solid set covering half of the What A Crying Shame album , the big breakthrough album as far as the American country market was concerned. Highlighting the clear and versatile vocals of Raul Malo, The Mavericks show all the confidence of a group riding the crest of both artistic and popular success. Jerry Dale McFadden sprinkles his keyboards throughout to fill those 'studio' embellishments.

USA - TNN - Legends - October 1994
Songs played:
There Goes My Heart / O What A Thrill / All That Heaven Will Allow

The Mavericks perform live in the studio (without an audience?) in what appears to be a 'living-room' setting.

USA - ABC - Good Morning America - 4 September 1994
Songs played:
One Step Away / Memories Are Made Of This (fade-out and over credits)

The Mavericks, complete with rough looks and the obligatory 'star' sunglasses, provide a sneak preview of one of their new songs from the forthcoming album, One Step Away. Not performed with quite the same smoothness found on Music For All Occasions, it saunters along with some rather cheesy organ work from Jerry Dale McFadden. To close the show they perform a some-what tongue-in-cheek performance of Dean Martin's, Memories Are Made Of This

USA - TNN - Music City Tonight - September 1994
Songs played:
There Goes My Heart / I Should Have Been True

The Mavericks play faultlessly, especially with another sublime version of  I Should Have Been True.

USA - CBS - Late Show With David Letterman - August 1994
Song played:
There Goes My Heart

The current single gets another airing, with no additional surprises.

USA - Day One - 1994
Songs played: (all short edits from live performances at The Talkhouse)
O What A Thrill  / Pretend / I Got You / Jambalaya / What A Crying Shame / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / The Things You Said To Me

The Mavericks are featured in this mini-documentary performing excerpts from the above songs, interspersed with interviews and comments from band members; and Mr and Mrs Malo!

USA - It's Now Or Never Elvis Tribute Special  - 1994
Song played:
Love Me

The Mavericks provide one of the highlight performances (although the Australian network who aired this special didn't think so, and edited it out when originally shown here! ) with and early Presley tune, the slow bluesy Love Me. Raul fights very hard not to fall into true 'Elvis' mode (the swagger, the stance and the sneer!) but does manage to provide yet another soulful performance, equally matched by Nick Kanes's aching solos.

Other noteable performers on the night include the cool Chris Isaak doing his own stirring rendition of Blue Moon and the courageous John Cale doing an absolutely amazing and mesmerising version of Heart Break Hotel.

USA - TNN - The Marty Party - 1994
Songs played:
What A Crying Shame / I Walk The Line (refrain) / Cold, Cold Heart

The Mavericks appear with Marty Stuart performing their current hit, a quick refrain of I Walk The Line, followed by Hank William's Cold, Cold Heart, the latter two joined by Marty himself.

USA - Rockabilly Special  - 1994
Song played:
Make The World Go Away (Raul solo) / Matchbox

Raul gives a stunning solo performance of the classic Make The World Go Away, that makes the whole body tingle with emotion and brings a tear (or two) to the eye. He should record this for posterity!!
The Mavericks blast out another live performance of Matchbox with Carl Perkins, but this time ably assisted by Lee Roy Parnell on guitar.

USA - Red, Hot and Country Special  - 1994
Song played:

Recorded live with the late great Carl Perkins and Duane Eddy, The Mavericks perform a shortened version (as compared to their collaboration on the Red, Hot and Country album) of Carl's Matchbox. Raul actually wears a cowboy hat too!!

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