t h e   m a v e r i c k s

 v i d e o g r a p h y

t o    h a i r   a n d   b a c k    a g a i n


1. Dance The Night Away
2. Because Of You
3. Think Of Me (When You're Lonely)
4. Things You Said To Me
5. Here Comes The Rain
6. Fool Number One
7. San Jose
8. I Want To Know
9. I'm Wondering
10. Love Me
11. What A Crying Shame
12. All That Heaven Will Allow
13. Time Goes By
14. Pretend
15. There Goes My Heart
16. Shine Your Light
17. Save A Prayer
18. Besame Mucho
19. Siboney
20. I Said I Love You
21. Every Little Thing About You
22. Volver Volver
23. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

24. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

The Mavericks - Live In Austin (DVD)

USA - Sanctuary  06076 88391-9 (09/04)


1. O What A Thrill
2. What A Crying Shame
3. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
4. Missing You
5. Dance The Night Away

Best Of The Mavericks (DVD)

USA - Universal B000198609 (03/04)



DVD-Audio Content
1.  I Want To Know
(Raul Malo)

  2.  In My Dreams (Raul Malo, Miller, Rick Trevinho)
  3.  Shine A Light (Raul Malo)
  4.  I'm Wondering (Raul Malo, Dale Watson)
  5.  By The Time (Raul Malo, Miller, Jaime Hanna)
  6.  Would You Believe? (Raul Malo, Miller)
  7.  Too Lonely (Raul Malo, Miller)
  8.  Time Goes By (with Willie Nelson)
(Raul Malo, Miller, J Hanna)
  9.  San Jose (Raul Malo-Dale Watson)
 10.  Because Of You (Raul Malo, Miller, Rick Trevinho)
 11.  Air That I Breathe (Albert Hammond,Michael Hazelwood)

DVD-Video Content
1. Would You Believe Music Video
2. Behind the Scenes Footage
3. Artist Photos
4. On-Screen Lyrics

The Mavericks (DVD-A)

USA - Silverline B0000EMY97 (11/03)


Dance The Night Away (live '98)
The Mavericks

Best Of Sessions at West 54th Street (DVD)
by Various Artists

USA - Sony (05/01)

Dance The Night Away
Tell Me Why
Tonight (The Bottle Let Me Down)
The Mavericks 
Party In The Park 1998 (Long Play Video)
by Various Artists

UK - STX2001 (1/00)

The Mavericks perform for the Prince Of Wales in the summer of '98. Three great performances, with the irreplacable Jerry Dale McFadden (in shorts) burning up the piano, especially in his regular showpiece Tonight (The Bottle Let Me Down). Nick Kane fires out some great solos (dressed immaculately in an Elvis shirt) and Raul Malo takes full advantage of this open-air concert to really belt out the numbers - he is relishing the sunshine!!

Here Comes My Baby (promo)


Things I Cannot Change
( promo + Enhanced CDS - refer picturespage)


Tell Me Why / I Should  Know / Someone Should Tell Her / I Should Have Been True / Blue Moon I've Got This Feeling / Tonight (The Bottle Let Me Down) / I Hope You Want Me Too / Dolores  Save A Prayer / Dream River / Fool #1 / Moon River / From Hell To Paradise/Guantanamera  Swinging Safari / The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ What A Crying Shame / Dance The Night Away / The Things You Said To Me / There Goes My Heart   La Mucara / It's Not Unusual / A Man Without Love / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1998
by The Mavericks (Long Play Video) 

UK - VVL 0442083 (110 mins) (5/99)



I've Got This Feeling(promo)
Hey Good Lookin' / This Broken Heart / What A Crying Shame / O What A Thrill / There Goes My Heart / I Should Have Been True / Here Comes The Rain / All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down / Missing You / I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore #1 / To Be With You / Dance The Night Away

Videos For All Occasions
byThe Mavericks (Long Play Video)

Europe - MCA UMV70044 (6/98)


Dance The Night Away

(promo + Enhanced CDS - refer singles  page)

To Be With You(promo)


I Told You So
Enhanced CD from All The Kings Men
( refer  pictures  page )
I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore #2 (promo)

(remix video footage with excerpts from the film 'Michael' starring John Travolta)

I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore #1 (promo)


All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
(with Flaco Jimenez) (promo)
Missing You (promo)


Here Comes The Rain(promo)
Blue Moon (promo)


Matchbox (Carl Perkins)
The Mavericks with Carl Perkins & Duane Eddy *
Red Hot And Country byVarious Artists
PolyGram Video 800 632 389 3
NTSC (94)
The Mavericks perform the song live with Carl Perkins and Duane Eddy for this video, which was also televised.
O What A Thrill (promo)
I Should Have Been True(promo)
What A Crying Shame(promo)
There Goes My Heart(promo)
('starring' Jerry Dale McFadden)


This Broken Heart(promo)


Hey, Good Lookin'(promo)


c a m e o s    a n d    c o m r a d e s
(they actually 'appear' in the video, but not necessarily play on the song)

Kevin Montgomery - Another Long Story (promo)
  (cameo appearance by Robert Reynolds)

Trisha Yearwood - Perfect Love (promo)
  (cameo appearance by Robert Reynolds)

Bob Woodruff - Almost Saturday Night (promo)
with Paul Deakin on Drums

John Jennings - Everybody Loves Me (promo)
  (cameo appearances by Robert Reynolds - with Trisha Yearwood
and Raul Malo)

Dolly Parton - Don't Let Me Cross Over
with Raul on vocals

Kevin Welch - Life Down Here On Earth (promo)
  (cameo 'dancing' appearance by Jerry Dale McFadden)

Flaco Jimenez - Seguro Que? Hell Yes! (promo)
with Raul on vocals

Trisha Yearwood - Thinking About You (promo)
(cameo appearance by Robert Reynolds)

Mary Karlzen  - A Long Time Ago (promo)
 with Robert and Paul playing