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Use the volume keys to set the game volume. Use the hardware "menu" key to cycle though the available meta-menu options. Use the hardware "escape" key to activate the selected meta-menu option.

Keys (bada)

When displaying the game launcher, the volume keys set the media volume. When a game is active, the volume up key cycles through available actions and volume down activates the action. Long pressing the volume up will set max volume, long pressing volume down will mute sound output. If your phone has a camera button, this button will display the virtual keypad. The swipe action can be used to skip dialog text in a game.

Keys (bada, old version)


The launcher includes the full set of options which are available in the desktop version. However only some options are used (or useful) in the bada port:



12 July 2014 ScummVM 1.7.0 for tizen released. Obtain ScummVM 1.7.0 here and use the sdb install command the push the package onto your device. Enjoy!

5 August 2013 The tizen port is now on the yet to be opened tizen store. In the mean time, if you have a tizen developer handset, you can obtain ScummVM here and use the sdb install command the push the package onto your device. Enjoy!

13 June 2013 The Tizen port is almost completed.

8 June 2013 I've started converting the bada port to the Tizen platform.

14 July 2012 Version 1.4.1 is now available on the Samsung app-store. Note this is only available for bada 2.0 phones. If you are still running 1.2 you will either need to upgrade or else just keep using your previously downloaded version of the app.

14 March 2012 My second bada app TapWrite has just been added to the app-store. TapWrite is a fast and light-weight spreadsheet application intended for everyday lists and calculations. The app is based on a hobby project I worked on for another hand-held device a long time ago.

18 February 2012 I'm planning to release an update soon(ish) for version 1.4.1. This will be based on bada 2.0. I'm now running the XXKL6 rom on my S8500 and it's pretty nice, but some 1.2 based apps (including ScummVM) appear to crash upon exiting. Hopefully ScummVM will run just as well under bada 2. There will be a slight change to the (complicated) keyboard handling using hardware buttons mechanism to allow for the new wave which does not include a camera button. If I find some spare time I may look at doing something fancier.

I'm currently working on a for-sale app which hopefully you will consider purchasing once it is released. I will tell you more about this in the next couple of weeks.

12 November 2011 ScummVM version 1.4 is now generally available for most platforms. I have updated the bada version and this is currently being re-certified by Samsung. This version includes support for several new games, see www.scummvm.org for details.

11 October 2011 The application passed certification and is now available on the app-store.

27 September 2011 The application was rejected again. This time due to a bug in the Humongous game engine and some other startup edge-case where the application appears to crash if you press the hold/mute key during startup. The Humongous engine problem was a simple null pointer fix. I was not able to replicate the mute problem so have just added some defensive coding around this area. I will try re-submitting again. The Sellers Office web-site seems to be down at the moment.

25 September 2011 The application was re-submitted to the Samsung Seller Office over a week ago, so just waiting now to see whether it will be accepted. The initial submission failed due to a couple of minor issues; the virtual keypad did not automatically appear when focusing on the launcher filter widget and sound could not be enabled if started while system mute was active.

3 September 2011 I discovered someone else has released the App on an anonymous download site. Please let me know if you have tried it and have any feed back for the proper release. I don't know who did it and whether it has any hidden surprises. I have found a work-around for the problem (mentioned in the forum) with running the app based on the 1.3 codebase. I believe there are no longer any remaining technical issues with getting this officially deployed.

23 August 2011 Good news and bad news. The bada code has been included in the main scummvm source code repository. Bad news is any potential release will need to be based on the earlier 1.3 branch. This will take more time and effort, so not sure when this will be ready now. The app based on main/trunk was working very well.

15 August 2011 I tried running Kyrandia 1 and Broken Sword 1 which led to a few more bug discoveries. I fixed the choppy sound problem with Monkey 3 by increasing the audio thread priority. Also, I just noticed the ScummVM team lead has given a number of code review comments for my GIT pull request (this is a positive quality assurance step) so hopefully you won't be waiting much longer.

11 August 2011 I fixed the problem with Full Throttle and have played a little way into the game; it's really great. I think the product is good enough for an initial release. The git request has been through a few review iterations and so hopefully the project will be at the last step soon.

6 August 2011 The .bun file thing I mentioned last week turned out to be kind of important [edit: it was caused by...] some missing functionality where the timer-manager was not setup to fire timer events. The DIG now works well, MI3 plays but the sound is choppy. Unfortunately Full Throttle still gets a memory error; this could just be a system limitation but there might still be a workaround. I also fixed another problem with the file-system code which prevented Space Quest 1 from running. Given that everything is now more or less working, I have issued a GIT pull request to ask the ScummVM team to merge my code.

30 July 2011 Almost ready to go... Monkey Island 1+2, Flight of the amazon queen, Day of the tentacle all seem to be working fine. Unfortunately Full Throttle gets an out of memory error once game play starts (when Ben starts the bike). There is a problem with .bun files (used with DIG and Monkey Island 3), not sure what the problem is yet. I think this might be a problem to solve in an update release. Leasure suit larry 1 seems to work, just can't get past the questions lol...

20 July 2011 Great news! I discovered the cause of the last major bug: loading save game files. This was caused by the default compiler option to use 8-bit enums. I'm still investigating how to get around this, hopefully just changing the compiler options will make this problem go away. I'm sorry this is taking so long. I'm only working on this in my spare time, but I don't think it will be too much longer now.

9 July 2011 Still making slow but steady progress. I've overcome a couple of show-stopper bugs and I have a reasonable idea of how to fix the remaining ones. There was a problem with the audio driver where the sound lagged the display. There were a few problems with getting the application to shutdown correctly to avoid needing to reboot the phone; I still have one remaining issue in this area. I have also fixed the problem with random pixels appearing in the bottom and right edges of the display. I've read that to get app-store approval, applications need to avoid showing a black screen between display the splash screen and completion of application initialization. The application now displays a solid background color until the launcher is ready.

There is still a problem with setting the mouse co-ordinates and I still need to implement some UI controls. The current scummvm on-screen keypad is too small for the display so this will also need some attention.

I think I've gone past the point of worrying about whether the project is technically viable. The next big hurdle might be to ensure samsung allow this on their app-store. Clicking the "like" button on the facebook page will hopefully ensure they are happy to get onboard.

26 June 2011 I had a few hassles earlier this week with Git. This was mostly related to my lack of experience with the tool, but also because my cygwin PATH was pointing to the samsung arm tool chain (required for compiling the code). The cygwin Git seems to use various shell commands, eg rm but the arm tool chain version of these commands must have subtle differences.

The next problem was trying get a game to run (on the phone). I was getting some strange exception in a fairly innocuous looking area of the scummvm innards and I thought maybe this was some kind of internal corruption of the ARM state. I tried removing the dependent libraries (MAD, ogg etc) just to take these out of the equation.

Then I tried commenting out the problem code (really just a log statement) but ran into some other weird malloc error further down. This error was the audio module trying to re-display the launcher to allow the user to select another audio option. hmm not looking good.... then I tried just changing the audio driver in the config prior to launching the game... and presto... Johnny 5 is alive :)

The game colors look fantastic on the super amoled screen. Next I need to add back the dependent audio libraries, then implement some more usability features. If you would like to try this now/soon you will need to install the bada SDK, cygwin etc. I don't think there's any other solution for beta-testing other than waiting for this to appear in the app-store.

20 June 2011 TA-DA !!!

19 June 2011 I ended up flashing my wave with the European version (S8500XXJL2) as per these instructions. It all seems to be working fine and the T9 trace function is great. So far I have built and installed a sample app and it runs nicely on my handset. I have rebuilt scummvm and the dependencies to cross-compile for arm-samsung-nucleuseabi. Now to transfer the EXE to my phone...

15 June 2011 - Still no bada version 1.2 running on my phone. I was beginning to wonder whether the lack of support for anyone wanting an official upgrade was a bad indicator for the bada platform. The problem seems to be they need to release a special build for each mobile carrier, which is obviously going to take a very long time. The instructions here will most likely work, so I'll give that a try if I need to wait much longer... of course, if I brick my phone that will be the end of my bada journey lol... The samsungbada twitter account has mentioned the plain 1.2 version is already available for unlocked phones; my phone is unlocked but kies still doesn't offer any upgrade.

8 June 2011 - Success! audio is working. Well, at least in "Flight of the amazon queen", I haven't yet tried any other games. There is a slight problem with the sound lagging the game play. I think/hope this is just related to running inside the simulator. My little development laptop probably only has slightly more CPU than the wave handset lol, but the handset doesn't need to run windows/eclipse/emacs etc. Now just need to somehow get bada 1.2 on my wave...

5 June 2011 - Completed the first step towards enabling sound - The dependent libraries now build successfully; still not sure whether it will actually work. The instructions for building the MingW port were useful.

'Building target: ScummVM.exe'
'Invoking: bada C++ Linker'
'ldflags: -L"C:/bada/1.2.1/Model/Wave_LP1/Simulator" -Lc:/cygwin/usr/local/lib -Lc:/src/scummvm -shared -o"ScummVM.exe" ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/application.o ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/form.o ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/fs.o ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/graphics.o ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/main.o ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/missing.o ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/sscanf.o ./scummvm/backends/platform/bada/system.o '
i686-mingw32-g++ @ldflags @ldobjs   -lscummvm -lFLAC -lmad -lvorbisenc -lvorbisfile -lvorbis -logg -lz -losp_rt0 -lFOsp -lFGraphicsOpengl -lFGraphicsEgl
'Finished building target: ScummVM.exe'
' '

1 June 2011 - No screenshot today, just a note to say I have implemented buffered file stream reading. The virtual keypad now loads very quickly. Previously it look around 30 seconds, now there is no noticeable delay. BTW, I called the samsung help line the other day about the bada 1.2 upgrade, he said the delay is caused by the carriers; not sure whether to believe this, anyway hope they get their act together soon.

30 May 2011 (2) - Fixed the scaling problem.

30 May 2011 (1) - A screen shot from flight of the amazon queen. The graphics manager needs some more work to adjust for the available screen size. Unfortunately the bada 1.2 release for the S8500 is still a couple of months away (in Australia) so it's still going to take a fairly long time before this gets deployed.

29 May 2011 - Getting the modern theme to display correctly required a few fixes to the BadaFilesystemNode implementation. Note, the build date is based on the last time the scummvm core was build (as a static library). The bada platform source is built inside eclipse.

28 May 2011 - Passing touch/move/release events as scummvm button messages from the application context to the game thread is now working. I discovered a handy feature of the simulator - right click / save image. The app will probably run best in landscape mode, this will be hardcoded for now.

25 May 2011 - The game selection GUI now displays in the simulator.

Development outline