H.M.A.S. Leeuwin 44th Intake - July 1973

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Welcome aboard the Website of the 44th RAN Junior Recruit Intake - 16 Jul 1973 to 11 Jun 1974 - Walton & Collins Divisions.

If you have just found this website, please take a look around, I'm sure it will bring back some fond memories. It's been slow ahead contacting ex members of the Leeuwin 44th intake. Take a moment to send an email to let us know a bit about your Navy days. If you wish to post a G'Day message to your old Leeuwin 44th mates, send us an email and we'll post it on the Members Comments page. We also have a Facebook Group dedicated to the Leeuwin 44th intake of 1973.

Between 1960 and the end of 1984 the Royal Australian Navy Junior Recruit program saw 13,000 boys between 15 and 16 years of age, pass through the gates of the H.M.A.S. Leeuwin naval training facility located at Freemantle Western Australia. Of the 13,000 that joined, over 12,000 made it to the their intakes pass out parade one year later. During the 1 year program the junior recruit would continue academic studies and commence naval subjects such as navigation. Not all JR's received their training at H.M.A.S. Leeuwin. Some completed the course at H.M.A.S. Cerberus located near Western Port Bay south east of Melbourne Victoria. More


16 November - Get together at the Bear Brass restaurant/pub (Melbourne)

Hi Gents, First up sorry for the radio silence as I have been away for 5 weeks. Also sorry this may take up some reading space on the 44th FB page but its the best way at the moment to reach most of our division. Re-capping for those that are not a regular on this site or social media savy like me, a few of us had an impromptu get together late last year in November. We floated the idea of a reunion in 2019. As it stands we are having a get together for anyone who wants to attend on the 16th in November in a few weeks and anyone interested drop me a line on CollinsWalton44th@outlook.com. The get together is so we can put a plan in place for a reunion for 2019. We have all now hit the 60s and talking to many of the guys (mostly via emails from those I havent seen since my HMAS Leeuwin days), the consensus is many of the us would love to catch up with as many of our mates before we start slowing down. Last year 5 of us got together in Victoria. It was great sharing stories and noticing how none of us have aged over a few beers. It was the inspiration to at least try for a reunion sometime in late 2019. July is a little too close as we have at least 5 of our lads living overseas and they needed advanced notice for planning. So far well have about a dozen attending in Melbourne and about 30 interested for next year. The number of course will probably increase as we become more effective at getting the word out. Finally even if your not able to come along this November, put your name on the list for next year at the above email, also send me your mobile number as well and we can keep you posted. We may need to confer with everyone as to whens a good time, not that one date will suit everybody. Spread the word to any known member of Collins/Walton 44th and get them to drop us a line. Ill be trolling the navy sites to see if I can spread the word. If you see or know of anyone from the 44th let them know. Marty Dalton.

If you were a member of the H.M.A.S. Leeuwin 44th intake and would like to contribute to this web site, please contact us


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