Bullet-Cloud:Reign of Firepower!


My amazing* new side-scrolling shooter with amazingly detailed* graphics, addictive* gameplay and awesome* soundtrack.

*ok, not really, disregard these, or exchange these words for "rubbish" instead.

Ok, now the honest bit. It's a side-scrolling shooter written in freebasic. I'm using it mostly as a test bed for things such as timing and state machine type stuff. At the same time, I'm practicing my programming skills and keeping my brain active. Everybody should program! :)

Currently the only thing is released. Download that Here!

And now, to distract people from the truely horrid (designed in Notepad) webpage design, here's some screenshots!

Fight really dangerous gun turrets! Look out!

A Mysterious blue power-up ship sneaks onto the screen!

The ship with a jazzy looking power-up! Exclamation mark!

As you can see, it is still very much work in progress. Still, it's showing more progress than another game I can think of...

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