Master's work

Coursework Masters Thesis: An Implementation of Conceptual Graph Processes

Here's my initial thesis proposal as a PDF file.

On September 20 2000 I gave a talk entitled Progress Toward Implementing CG Processes to the Intelligent Systems Group at the University of South Australia. Here's the presentation in Powerpoint. The actor graphs in these slides were drawn and visualised (after activation) using Harry Delugach's excellent CharGer CG editor.

I delivered my final thesis talk on December 13 2000 to the Intelligent Systems Group. Here's the presentation in Powerpoint.

The complete thesis is available for download in PDF format. Here is the cover page, and the thesis.

The major outcome of the thesis work is an interpreter for a CG language designed for working with Mineau's processes: pCG.

pCG underwent further development leading up to the ICCS 2001 conference at which I presented papers on it, at the main conference, and the CGTools Workshop. Here is the ICCS 2001 version of pCG and accompanying workshop demonstration files. Some presentations and papers can also be found in this directory as PDF files. Here is the bug list.

Since pCG has been released under the GNU Public Licence (go to, you can modify it to suit your needs, but you must make your changes available to everyone else. If there is sufficient interest, I will fix bugs and enhance pCG as time permits.

I have recently updated pCG, and in particular, the June 2001 compliant CGIF parser to be compatible with the latest Notio version. The CGIF generator still needs some work. I will make both available here in the near future.

Useful Links

Brooks Presentation

I gave a presentation on the work of Rodney Brooks in second semester 1999 as part of a knowledge based representation course.