About me

Hi! I'm David Benn, among other things, the developer of ACE BASIC for the Amiga and LittleLisp for the Newton PDA, both somewhat ancient history now.

I currently work for the Australian Semiconductor Technology Company developing hardware (SoC) simulations.

Before this I was an Analyst/Programmer with Internode from May 2006 to June 2007, working with various Java technologies such as Java 5, Spring, Hibernate, and JSP.

Until March 2006 I was employed as a Software Engineer at Freescale Semiconductor, a spin-off of Motorola. Motorola was located in Adelaide, South Australia and I worked there from April 7 1997. My transition to from Motorola to Freescale happened mid-2004. Unfortunately, Freescale decided to focus upon large centres of 500 staff or more, and we were only around 150.

Prior to working for Freescale and Motorola, I lived in Tasmania for 10 years where I spent 2 years as Vision Internet Service's Unix System Administrator and Programmer, 4 years prior to that as a junior academic with the Department of Applied Computing and Mathematics (now the Department of Computing) at the University of Tasmania in Launceston, and a year prior to that as a Computer Systems Officer at the same institution. Before that I was a nurse for 9 years working in a variety of places including Intensive Care and Recovery.

I graduated with a Master of Science (Computer and Information Science) degree in April 2001. I commenced this degree at the University of Tasmania and completed it at the University of South Australia.

Some of my computing interests are: programming language design & implementation, programming paradigms, Design Patterns and Pattern Languages, scripting languages, astronomical computing, social and psychological effects of computing, and the history of computing.

I'm a member of the Australian Computer Society and a contributor to the Adelaide branch of the Australian Java User Group.

I'm a regular attendee at SA PIC User Group meetings and enjoy fooling around with PIC microcontrollers. Why? Because they're cheap, have a nice simple RISC instruction set, and present resource challenges.

Apart from enjoying programming in general, I'm an amateur astronomer (member of the Astronomical Society of SA) and Sci-Fi buff. I live with my tolerant wife Karen (who also enjoys Sci-FI), various computers, telescopes, and books.

Most importantly, Karen and I are the proud parents of Nicholas Steele David and Heather Jean Elizabeth who came into the world on February 26th 2000 and October 25th 2003, respectively. They provide us with a great deal of joy while challenging us 24/7.

December 2005 at the last Freescale Australia Christmas party, after an ale or two.
February 2000, less than an hour after the birth of our son Nicholas.
Circa 1994, taken during the period of core development of ACE BASIC.

My e-mail address: dbenn@computer.org