Nicholas's page

October 2003, Dad and Nicholas relaxing at home


It's a Boy! (28/2/2000)

After a difficult eleven hour labour, Karen gave birth to Nicholas Steele David at 8:46pm on February 26th 2000.

He is just amazing, and so is Karen.

Nicholas is 48cm (around 19in) from head to foot and weighs 3.268kg (around 7lb 4oz).

First Photos (28/2/2000)

These were all taken the day after Nicholas was born.

I'll improve the images later; I was falling asleep at the computer when preparing this section. :-/

Watch this space as there'll be more pictures later...


Our baby

Karen and I are expecting our first baby on February 20 2000, and no, we weren't planning a Millenium baby! Besides, if we really wanted a Millenium baby, we would have had to wait until 2001.

This page will contain baby-related images and information as time goes by. Enjoy.

Useful web pages

The Ultrasound

This single image doesn't do the ultrasound justice. Luckily we have a few minutes of it on videotape. It's wonderful. The ultrasound was done at 19 weeks. The head and a hand dominate the left side of the image. The spine is at bottom and part of the leg is in view on the mid-right.

We decided not to find out the baby's gender. We wanted a surprise. The downside is that we don't know what colour things to get!

Mum and Dad

I've been on a Jenny Craig weight loss program since July 1999, just before we discovered that Karen was pregnant. This has actually helped us both. Here's three photos of us taken back-to-back when Karen was 21, 29, and 40 weeks pregnant. I started at 90.5 kg and am now 71 kg. The 40 week image (taken two days ago on February 17 2000) doesn't show my true weight loss because of a loose T-shirt. We like to think of what's happened as a mass transference between us, the end result of which is a baby. :-)

Umm, that is how it works, isn't it?

ps - Sorry about the poor image quality. I didn't want the page load to take forever though.


If we have a baby boy, should he be circumcised? Here's some links that I've been visiting to help me think about the issue...

If you have comments to make on this subject, feel free to e-mail me.

24/4/2000: We didn't do it! We could find no good reason to do so.