FAQ update soon for new FAQ page
Q 1: Where am I from ? 
A: I live and work in Australia.

Q 2: Can I export to your country ?
A: I have exported weapons and tools to the USA, Japan, Belgium.You will have to check with
your local  authorities.

Q 3: Can I post it to you ?
A: Yes at your cost, if it is legal to post.

Q 4: Do I accept paypal  ?
 A: Yes
in some cases , please CONFIRM via email before payment thanks.

Q 5: How else can I pay ?
A:   Cash , Money orders , Direct debit to my bank if you're local.

Q 6: Can I buy a weapon/Tool off  you ?
 If you can vote and are a Bujinkan member or a member of any genuine Martial Art and can prove it you welcome to contact me to see if I can make what you want.Special orders like shuko Kyoketsu etc are for Bujinkan members only and you must prove your membership, if I don't know you or your instructor.

Q 7: What weapons/tools can I make ?
A: See my weapons for sale page. I will list weapons and prices are for sale on this page. If you see something you want please email me and I will EMAIL you some pictures of that weapon/tool
Q 8: Do you make swords ?
A: No

Q 9: What else do you make ?
A: Art , gates , fences, tools , candlelarbra's  .

Q10: How much do you charge ?
A: Some things are a set price others by the hour

Q11: Will you give me a set price quote ?
A: In some cases yes

Q12: How long will my weapon take to make ?
A: As long as it takes is about the best I can answer this.I don't make weapons full time . I am a Blacksmith who trains and make weapons in my spare time for myself and other Buyu.

Q13: How do you make tools/weapons ?
.Most of the things I make are forged using Fire hammer and Anvil.I also own a small Lathe so can also machine Steel as well.

Q14: What do you make weapons from ?
A:  Hicarbon steel
or Mild steel , depending on what the weapon or tool I am making requires.
I make most my own weapons and tools from recycled carbon steel such as old files , springs , tools , saw blades etc.